Monday, December 28, 2015

Krishna West Reveals Ugly Face

[PADA: Secretly recorded conversation where Hrdayananda says he will never work with the GBC. Well, why doesn't the GBC get rid of this renegade fully and publicly? He says, "We are done with the GBC." He was done with the GBC the whole while, he has always been a maverick. 

Sivarama swami has simply not been effective in countering this because, he would have to declare that Hrdayananda was never an acharya in the first place. Hrdayananda reveals his plan to hi-jack ISKCON and take devotees away from the GBC. Hi-jack them to, where? 

Hrdayananda also is "chanting in his mind." Hee hee. That is what Satsvarupa was saying, he cannot chant loudly because "it gives him a headache." This is one of the reasons ISKCON is falling apart, these "gurus" are splintering off, and when that happens, they take "their" people and assets with them. PADA is not too worried, the mass of people are not going to run off and take shelter of Krishna West, ok he might take a few people with him, but not enough to be of much significance. As the commentator says, this is all very sad, the GBC cannot even control their ping pong swami. ys pd]      

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