Sunday, December 27, 2015

PADA worldwide readership is -- up again!

PADA: Since our sister site -- -- has been updated, with a link section for this blog, readership on both sites has increased in 2015. We are also getting nice questions from all over the place on "the issues" and -- getting brand new readers who tell us from time to time "I just found out about you folks only a few weeks ago, and thank God I did." 

We also have people living inside ISKCON temples who report they are reading our materials, and some are writing us from time to time. Meanwhile the GBC itself is having to say, Srila Prabhupada is the main link we have to Krishna, more or less our idea. 

At the same time our "original books" idea is increasing, even within the official ISKCON movement. Meanwhile the GBC itself is having a big cat fight with "the moderates" challenging Hrdayananda, which itself means that they do not have any acharyas because acharyas do not have to challenge and fight with one another for deviations.

At the same time, the problem we were having with HKC Jaipur seems to be dwindling down to almost nil, since they recently announced that PADA was right the whole while, they have been promoting Kali Chelas into the vaishnava community and creating an unwarranted disturbance and artificial schism for no good reason. Good admission. They should try to work out their differences and move on, we need to save the conditioned souls and forget about these Kali Chelas who are promoting Hitler etc. 

Meanwhile, various Prabhupadanuga programs have been expanding and making more people interested in our idea. Meanwhile, more of the GBC gurus are being rejected and our idea is rising up. So overall, much progress has been made this year and we hope to make even more next year in 2016. ys pd

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