Tuesday, July 11, 2017

India's diabetes problem vs Krishna's devotees

PADA: Thanks prabhu, you are right. Many "60 years old or less" devotees are suffering at an earlier age from severe physical ailments, including cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and other potentially fatal problems. Never mind there are many drugs, alcohol and smoking etc. problems. Is it their bad diet, lack or exercise, or both?

Are there psychological (stress) issues as well?

We think there are a lot of associated issues that combine together to make health troubles. But it is interesting that India has been named as a diabetes capital. So yes, devotees need to try to re-evaluate their diet and exercise regimes, for sure. Personally I am getting more into juice mixes (fruits and things like Kale), plain yogurt, mild amounts of nuts, whole grains, fresh fruits; and cutting back on fried foods, processed foods, and for sure -- sugary foods. Its helping.

You are also right, many devotees have had worse health results at age 65 than many materialists have had at age 75. Its a problem. As for exercise, yep, that certainly would not hurt. Some sort of health and welfare committee should be made to study this, agreed, but who will do it? ys pd    


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