Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thanks Bangalore Temple -- Heaven on Earth

V K Reviewed Iskcon Bangalore — 5 stars!

Home sweet Home..
"Heaven on Earth"

ISKCON Bangalore has transformed my life in a very significant way and I feel very fortunate to have connected to this Heaven on earth.

* I see the most glorified souls who are always ready in uplifting others in this temple.

* I see there is always a reason to smile and spreading the Love when I'm in the temple.
* I see the wonderful divine activities which the temple is initiating and distributing it freely to Everyone.
* I have no where seen how beautiful God can be until I saw the beautiful Divine form of the Lord in this Bangalore Iskcon temple --
Sri Sri Radha Krishna Chandra.. And all other deities in the temple.
* The most palatable Pradadam (food) I have ever known and tasted is being served here.

* Thanks to Folk Bangalore and All my Folk Friends. (Friends of Lord Krishna)

Above all Iskcon Bangalore has shown me how to live a Happy life not just for this life but for Ever! And Ever..

All glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.

... I Love this Iskcon Temple ...

[PADA: Well at least some souls are being saved out of this post-1977 mess. ys pd]

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