Sunday, July 23, 2017

Brooklyn Temple Imbroglio (Update)

PADA: Not sure what really happened here. Initial report is: Bhakti Caru swami, Jayadvaita and a few other GBC-ophiles tried to remove Ramabadra from the temple and ban him from ISKCON. And Ramabadra resisted and started lecturing that he is not going anywhere. Then he turned off the lights and shut down the A/C and told everyone to leave because the temple is now closed. OK apparently a big cat fight right in front of the congregation.

Ramabadra also apparently called the police and asked them to remove everyone, but the police said they do not get into religion disputes. In any case, it looks to us like the GBC has little or perhaps no real legal authority to clean up this mess, or it would have been sorted out a long time ago. It appears that the GBC may have signed off this property to the Bharatia Society, and its no longer ISKCON. This gives ISKCON GBC no factual claim of authority there? 

This seems to be simply another example where the "ultimate spiritual managers of the society" cannot "manage" a paper bag. Why have they allowed this situation to develop for so long when they knew there were problems with these guys ages ago? 

Who knows, anyway, if anyone has more details send to: 

ys pd  


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