Thursday, July 6, 2017

Romapada Still Wants to Sell Brooklyn Temple

Shakti Assouline Benedict: 

Sad News NY Devotees!

But you can do something. Even though the GBC told Ramabhadra they do not want Brooklyn Mandir sold, he just applied again for permission from the attorney general to go over GBC authority and the will of the devotees. This means a vote of the community will be called, and will determine if the temple is to be sold or not. 

NY devotees please stand up for the GBC's will and for what SP wanted (read his room conversation while writing his will) and vote no when the day comes. Brooklyn temple is worth $60 million because of it's location - Radha Govinda brought the people and wealthy area to Them, and instead of staying and preaching and growing a HUGE community, the TP wants to leave and start a 10 year project in the middle of no where, which he is ill equipped to complete.

PLEASE don't Risk Radha Govinda's home to be in limbo for years. Let's fundraise and fix what we have, and serve Them in the wealthy neighborhood They created!

[PADA: Hee hee, right, lets challenge these fools posing as acharyas, goody!]

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