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Changed books are the GBC's worst deviations

[PADA: We agree with this author, Rocana's "living gurus" have deviated into every field imaginable, and they have changed-up the whole process given by the acharya. Yet their propensity to re-edit all the books is the worst of all their deviations. And its furthermore true, that people like Bhakti Vikas swami and others do not seem to be protesting these changes very substantially. In fact it looks like most leaders are compliant with the deviations and the leaders of these deviations. ys pd] 

More Serious than Serious


Very often, we have articles in the Sun describing defects in ISKCON or deviations from this one or this one... sahajiyaism, impersonalism, materializing Krsna Consciousness, etc. All those tendencies are very serious but, in one sense, can be considered somehow as possibly temporary. In the worst case (or best one) they will maybe die with their "author" and compromise only the person who generates them and, at a lighter level, those who follow this person. Those deviations may possibly not have long term serious consequences and disappear with their leader. We don't really know...

But still, on the basis of the bona fide books of Srila Prabhupada, anyone has the choice not to accept those deviations if he (she) is lucid enough to understand the real nature of Krsna and Krsna Consciousness. And this refusal can still be or become collective. So, intrinsically, things stay the same and it is more the affair of people who are deviating. Those things unfortunately always happened and we can not really interfere with others' free-will. We can only eject them from being officially ISKCON and Prabhupada's representatives. We still have the possibility not to follow them and to take the right way.

But when the deviation takes the form of changing the last acarya's books, that becomes more serious than serious and deprives people from this choice, or at least makes this choice become much more difficult. Or impossible in the future... That's the reason why this activity of changing books is spiritually the most criminal one! Personally, I am very grateful to Bhakta Torben for systematically exposing those changes in a very precise way. If you go on his site about those changes, you will be terrified! Sometimes we perceive the consequences of Jayadvaita Swami's changes. Sometimes not, because they appear as insignificant... But who knows their possible effects? We are not omniscient. Some changes may have absolutely no effect on us but what about other persons with completely different conditioning and psychology? We absolutely don't know their possible effect. So, the best is to stay on the last edition when the acarya was still on this planet and basta! No need of any so-called improvements.

The surprise of all that is that it is coming from a person whom we could suppose was very straight and honest. But to know the truth about an individual, you have to go to the really deepest core of his heart. And at this level only, you will find the original and first reason of his coming into this material world. And if this person does not really want to rectify that and go to Krsna, at this level will start the real problems and the consecutive actions which go with. That is what is happening today. Someone can be a nice devotee till one point, because this kind of existence is convenient to his nature and idea of life, but when the time comes to reach the level of the real point of his reason of original non-acceptance of Krsna's supremacy, you can see if this individual is actually sincere or not. A devotee or not. Why was Jayadvaita Swami so much disturbed by Srila Prabhupada's pranama during mangala aratik or other kirtanas or bhajanas?

Jayadvaita swami saw so-called "wraps" in Prabhupada's books but ourselves, we were not disturbed by those "wraps". We are much more disturbed by the book changes! We did not ask for those changes because of "wraps" we could possibly perceive... What is the relation with wraps when Maharaja adds full passages in Prabhupada's purports, suppress others, changes even Krsna's words or according to Ajit Krsna das, even the Sanskrit! Nothing is more criminal than that...

Recently, the BBTI (with the name of BBT) published an article in the official ISKCON newspaper saying that in fact, they were protecting Prabhupada's books and were supplying the original edition to people who wanted it... Waouh! How glorious and generous... I am very curious to know at what price and how easy it is to get them? While the vast majority of books which are in people's homes at the moment are the new changed edition distributed ones. So, the normal thing became the still available exception. For still how long? Who will remember the original books within 50 years if we can not, soon or later, completely rectify and annihilate this phenomena?

Therefore, that is the way demons are acting, even in materialistic society. They are doing things little by little, very rarely in a fast way, because they are afraid of a possible sudden reaction of people and of a likely rebellion. So, by doing things slowly, little by little, they get people to become used to their new condition, and nothing happens. People are not happy about what is happening but they stay mainly quiet, because a revolution requires extreme events where people have much more to earn than to lose.

That is what the BBTI is doing. And the GBC Body is the more or less passive accomplice of it. A shame! How can they still see themselves in a mirror?

But that and other things can not and will not be solved only through rhetoric and reason.

P.S.: Even the materialists don't change any work in literature. They keep the original text from the author and if there is an obvious issue, they just add some "note of the editor". That's all. They respect the original text and keep it as it was given to the public. With their eventual notes, still they let the choice to the reader.

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