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Jadurani Promotes the "Kill Guru and Become Guru" Program

Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Maharaja (disciple of Madhava Maharaja)

NO CONTRADICTION (by Jadurani Dasi aka Shyamarani didi)

[PADA: First of all, Narayan Maharaja says that the false gurus of the Gaudiya Matha, like Madhava Maharaja, Sridhara Maharaja, Tirtha Maharaja and others are "poojaypada acharyas" just like Srila Prabhupada. Nope! Madhava Maharaja was the person who stuck his finger into Srila Prabhupada's face and yelled at him that he has no authority to call himself "Prabhupada." Did we forget to mention that Srila Prabhupada says "among my God brothers no one is qualified to be acharya"? 

And that Srila Prabhupada says these Gaudiya Matha ilk are the "kill guru and become guru" program? And there is a perception they did factually kill him, Srila Saraswati was "given injections by a doctor" which he objected to. And Brahmananda said we should not eat at Tirtha's ashram, because Srila Prabhupada told him he killed his guru, and he might kill you as well?

I was there in Mayapura at the time, when Madhava Maharaja insulted Srila Prabhupada. At the time, we were very fearful, we thought Madhava Maharaja was actually going to punch Srila Prabhupada in the head, he was very vehement. And this is the person Jadurani is promoting now, the Sisupala people who yell insults at pure devotees? 

And according to BV Puri Maharaja, NARAYAN MAHARAJA was at the 1971 meeting with Madhava Maharaja just before they came over to insult the pure devotee, and NM was encouraging them to PROTEST Srila Prabhupada's using this title. Of course NM boycotted the meeting according to BV Puri and he was angry the others went at all. He wanted a full on boycott of Srila Prabhupada. 

We need to worship the people who protest and harass the pure devotees of Krishna? Later on Jadurani cites Sridhara Maharaja, oh great, the founder father of bi-sexual acharyas is our Lord and Master messiah too? Why does Jadurani hand select some of the worst deviants and insulting of pure devotees party for others to worship?

Worse, Jadurani actually wants us to worship the people who spit in Prabhupada's face and almost physically threaten violence on him for using his own title, and / or worship their cheer leaders like NM? Jadurani promotes worship of the sub-violent attackers of pure devotees as acharyas? Did we forget to mention that Narayan Maharaja has been the biggest promoter of Tamal Krishna Goswami, the apparent Judas of ISKCON? And Tamal is the prime suspect of the poisoning of Prabhupada, creator of the debauchee acharya's program, and so on and so forth? And this is the "dear Tamal tree of Radha," according to NM? Why is Jadurani with the "promoting of Judas worship" crew?

Yep! Why does Jadurani want us to worship Sisupala and his envious sabha, and / or the Judas of ISKCON sabha and so on? Worse, she is teaching little children to worship this bogus Sisupala sabha, which is why Srila Prabhupada says false teachers go to hell, they not only worship Sisupala themselves, they teach others to do the same, so they drag many others with them down, and this is very sinful. 

Almost cent percent of the ISKCON children are alienated from the society thanks to folks like Narayan Maharaja cramming his idea of worship of a debauchee GBC guru's sampradaya down their throats. And then NM says these children just got their karma, he is authorized to cram a molester regime down their throats, by promoting the biggest leaders of that program like Tamal? 

Yep! The same people who attack and insult pure devotees are our poojyapadas. And then Srila Prabhupada said, post a guard here, my God brothers might try to HARM me or KILL me. Nice association here! As soon as these Narayana Maharaja people find some of the worst examples of insulting of pure devotee rascal's party on the planet, they are licking their jack booties and crying in ecstacy, they found their masters! 

Same type problem we have had with the Sanat / Mukunda/ Prahlad people, they find a guy who goes to Israel to play harmonica for Bar Mitzvahs, and they declare he is their worshiped hero! As Sulochana said many times, "Birds of a feather -- flop together."]

The Sisupala Lover's Club

Compiled by Syamarani dasi

In my travels over the last two years, several devotees approached me, sad and confused, because they’d heard that Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Gosvami Maharaja differs from our Srila Gurudeva Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja and our guru-varga in his view on the svarupa of the jiva. 

They begged for clarity, reconciliation, or whatever it would take to free them from this obstacle to their faith in him. Some confided that there are pockets of devotees around the world who won’t even begin to hear from him due to this doubt. When I explained in detail how there is no difference at all, a few of them asked me to write an article that would include Srila Maharaja’s direct statements alongside Srila Gurudeva’s. 

As I had previously written several articles responding to challenges in relation to Srila Gurudeva’s oneness in heart and siddhanta with our Srila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaja, as a service to the Vaisnava community and especially to Srila Maharaja and Srila Gurudeva, I agreed.

Both acaryas often quote this verse, which states that the jiva’s rasa is eternally fixed in the heart:

Srila Maharaja is, in effect, saying that there is only one view here, not two; both Vaisnavas are saying the same thing. With this understanding, we would like to suggest that the following statement, the combination of the so-called two views, is actually the one view of both pure Vaisnavas: The svarupa of the jiva is eternal; it is fixed. 

[PADA: Right, these Gaudiya Matha folks combined and complained that Srila Prabhupada says we originated in Krishna's leela or sport. They objected to his "Back to Godhead" idea, saying we were never there -- with Godhead. Srila Prabhupada was asked about their objection and he said they are TINGED WITH MAYAVADA, and this is why they cannot understand that we were formerly with Krishna. And now Jadurani is promoting these mayavadas? Jadurani says people are confused, and she is the ring leader of the confusion. We have posted many articles here on the bogus Gaudiya Matha's jeeva tattva, you can find them on this blog.] 


[PADA: This is more foolishness? We are all eternal servants of God, but we do not start out as His eternal servants of God? Nitya means eternal, and they think we did not start in the eternal realm? Some of these idiot Narayana Maharaja people told me we started in the tatastha region, nope, we are the tatastha, we are not a place, we are jeeva beings. We were eternally in the tatastha, whatever that is, this is mayavada for sure.]

Similarly, the main thing is that we are all servants, eternal servants, of Krsna. It is stated, ‘Jivera svarupa haya krsnera nitya-dasa. the svarupa of the living entity is that he is the eternal servant of Krsna.”

[PADA: But we did not start out serving Krishna? Others did? So Krishna is biased and bigoted, He launches some souls with Him, and some not?]


[PADA: Really? And worse, Narayan Maharaja endorse the GBC as diksha gurus (servants of the gopis). Illicit sex and serving the gopis? This is sahajiya-vada, clearly. And this also enabled their criminal empire.]

SRILA MAHARAJA: “Many questions come. There is one question that comes again and again. Because we are not qualified, we are not able to comprehend or understand; confusion arises. 

[PADA: We are not confused at all, Narayan Maharaja is promoting mayavada siddhanta, and he promotes debauchee guru programs.]

SRILA GURUDEVA speaks similarly: “We are all eternal servants of Sri Krsna. The soul is perfect in itself. Its relation with Krsna, its particular name, qualities and specialities are already present within it. This perfection is not brought from outside; rather, it is within each soul in a dormant state. Unfortunately, maya, the Lord’s deluding potency, covers the soul. Sri Guru removes that maya, and the soul’s perfect, true, constitutional form, qualities, services and so on manifest automatically. (Gaura-vani pracarine, chapter 7)”

[PADA: We are all eternal servants of Krishna, but we did not start there, we spent eternity up to now -- in purgatory, or hell? Or what?]

SRILA MAHARAJA: “While it is correct to say that sri gurudeva gives the seed of bhakti, the true purport of this statement is that the seed is already present, but it has been kept in a place where it can never grow. For example, if we keep a bag of seeds in a cupboard, can we expect them to grow? Certainly not. But if someone reminds us about the seeds, we can take them out from the cupboard, place them in earth, provide them with sunlight and water, and they will eventually turn into enormous trees and bear fruit. 

[PADA: The seed is already present, but was never manifested, for all eternity going back in time, all the way to now. How do they know this? Krishna starts us out "in a hidden place"? Why does Krishna hide Himself for some of us and reveal Himself to others, is this fairness? No, they think God is biased and unjust. How does the soul become fallen in the first place? Where does he fall from? They do not explain, this is mayavada in itself, no explanation.] 

SRILA MAHARAJA (during hari-katha of July 21, 2015): “Because of our karma, we are stuck in this material world. Therefore, we need to do sadhana, under guidance, in order to be released from here. By doing sadhana, we can go towards our goal. We can only achieve our goal by the association of devotees. Whatever rasa we are by our constitutional nature attracted to, we should associate with that type of devotee. We should associate with a sajatiya devotee, meaning a devotee who is an ocean of the mood for which we aspire. If we associate with devotees in dasya-rasa, we will acquire their mood; in sakhya-rasa, we will acquire their mood. If we associate with devotees in vatsalya-rasa, we acquire their mood.”

[PADA: We have an already existing eternal rasa, which was never manifested, how is it eternal then?]

SRILA GURUDEVA is in accord with this. Speaking thru the lips of Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Gosvami Maharaja, he writes in his biography of our Parama-gurudeva: “One noteworthy point here is that, according to our Gosvamis, Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati is Tungavidya Sakhi in vraja-lila and Gopala Bhatta Gosvami is Sri Guna Manjari. For pastime purposes, they both appeared in South India and were performing their sadhana-bhajana after accepting initiation in the Sri sampradaya [and the worship of Laksmi-Narayana], but constitutionally, they were gopis of Vraja. 

[PADA: Oh great, the founder father of the 1936 bi-sexual acharya program, the later on supporter of the GBC guru program -- is our authority. Why does Jadurani always promote the people who create the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children acharya programs? Then she has no idea why so many women and children are victimized, when her NM program promotes worship of the leaders of the victimizing process sabha?]

"One who worships only Madhava is ignorant and one who disrespects Sri Radha is simply conceited.”

[PADA: Right, imagine the karma of telling little children they need to get their bhakti lata beeja from the Gaudiya Matha / GBC illicit sex with men, women and children acharayas sabha, and that these people are the servants of Radha, or as NM says "the dear Tamal tree of Radha"? Judas is the dear tree of Radha?]

I think there is no need to quote Srila Gurudeva confirming that he is in accord with Srila Maharaja’s statements in this connection. Srila Gurudeva’s disciples and followers already know how numerous these statements are. I pray that this article will assist the honored reader in clarifying the oneness in siddhanta of these acaryas. 

[PADA: Yep, they are all promoting deviants as acharyas, they are all mayavadas, they are one!]

May we all be blessed by their combined mercy. If there are any further questions, I can be contacted at

Credits: Several devotees have kindly contributed to the fruition of this article, in the realms of sound-file recordings, transcription, editorial, written and spoken translations, consultation, coordination, research, and so on. Special thanks to prabhus Madhava-priya, Sundara-gopala, Nava-kisora, Pankaja Vasisth, Kesava, Ananga-mohana, and Ramacandra, and to didis Bakula, Vasanti, Lalita, Jagat-mohini, Raga-lekha and her assistant, Vraja-kisori, Vaijayanti-mala, Krsna dasi, and Nagari.

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  1. Yes we really have to thank Jadaurani / Shyamarani for connecting all the dots here. The people who are envious of Prabhupada are the same people who created a debauchee acharya's program in 1936, they are the people Srila Prabhupada says caused a fire in the Math, and they burnt it down. And maybe they poisoned Srila Saraswati?

    Then our GBC folks went over the Mayapura river to those bomb throwers and introduced them as our shiksha gurus, and they started the same false guru fire in ISKCON with false gurus and subsequent banning, beating, molesting, murders, and bad media publicity, same basic program they had in 1936. Jadaurani wants us to follow that process, because she has sympathy for that process.

    So Tamal was a ring leader of going to these people, and Jadurani has simply become his top disciple and follower, Tamal went to these people, and then she went to these people. She is their bucket boy. They said that acharyas fall into sexual predator behaviors and then the GBC said that, and Sridhara said that and etc. So the GBC went to these envious people, accepted them as advisors, and they ruined the Gaudiya Matha and they were then given the keys to Prabhupada's house so they could burn that down as well. And they did.

    Sulochana said these false 1936 gurus are like termites who ate up their guru's house, and Tamal brought in the termites to eat up our house, and they did. At least Jadurani admits she is totally with these people who want to punch pure devotees in the head, and as Srila Prabhupada said, they may harm or kill me, and she is with them. This is a very honest admission on her part, she is following Tamal and licking his boots, she has found her home to be with them, and she will go where they go. At least she openly says, I am with the people who attack pure devotees, harass them, and threaten them, and they destroy their missions. The GBC made pretend they rejected the Gaudiya Matha while keeping their bogus ideas, while she simply stays with them and openly expresses their bogus ideas and that she is with the party that wants to beat, harm and kill devotees, and that is how they treated the devotees, even us. That is more honest. She gets some credit for that. She has connected all the dots of these people, the bogus Gaudiya Matha, Narayana Maharaja being their groupie, Tamal being their groupie and etc. Very good, they are all birds of the same feather and she has painted that picture wonderfully! ys pd

  2. Thanks prabhu, yes this all seems to fit together from historical point of view. (A) The Gaudiya Matha people were envious of their guru, so (B) they made false gurus, then (C) Narayana Maharaja says they are bona fide acharyas, and then (D) Tamal and Jadurani etc. agree, and they support that view.

    That means Jadurani is agreeing with NM, saying these people identified by Srila Prabhupada as: Bugs biting the king; Envious serpents; Cock roach acharyas who think they are Garuda bird; Giving me depression, repression, oppression; Hogs and dogs; Called me paccha grhastha; Objected to me using the title of Prabhupada; Rogues; Kali chelas; Most dangerous elements in human society etc. -- are the people she has joined NM in supporting as acharyas. Yes! That means she is directly or indirectly stating that various "snakes with jewels" and deviants are the successors to Krishna.

    So yes, this is a direct attack on PRABHUPADA and Krishna. Yes I did talk to Jadurani once at the start of this and she said she could not keep her hotel maid job, she needed to be with "devotees." I on the other hand decided to stick with the so-called non-devotees, because I considered them to be FAR superior to a false acharya programs.

    The Isopanisad confirms that, these false acharyas are going to a way worse destination than the ordinary karmis, and for them its better they never heard of the Vedas. That means its far better to be associated with mundane people than these charlatan messiahs. Its sad but we have another God brother as well, he still cannot say that sexual predator gurus are bad, because he still has to eat from their free food and board program at the bogus guru camp, so some of our brothers and sisters went off to get some economical benefits from these so-called societies and they had to accept their bogus siddhanta in order to keep their belly full and have a residence. I'd rather die than have to do that. I feel sorry for these people and its too bad they fell into this giant pot hole, but they have to be taken to task for the ruination they have created for others. ys pd

  3. Thanks prabhu, Jadaurani now says she is not happy her paper became public, it was meant for a few people only. Well duh, she supports the people who want to replace, oppress, harass and imitate pure devotees, and they even put bi-sexual deviants on Vyasa seats. And they create a program that can ban, beat, molest, sue and assassinate and harass us dissenters, i.e. anyone who worships pure devotees. She is Gaudiya Matha pt. 2 all over again, and that is all there is to it, and no wonder she is not happy people are putting that impression together. She has exposed her real nature, she is with the envious God brothers who give our guru "depression, repression, oppression" and anyone who treats pure devotees like this will face the same in their future life. Its simple. ys pd


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