Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bhakti Tirtha Swami at Interfaith Festival

[PADA: Yep, here we go folks, all we really need is some really whack-doodle head gear, lots of gold chains, and voila, the ISKCON GBC will vote us in as one of their co-messiahs! Here he is, the sum total of the demigods! And he got his helmet from the Hollywood and Vine stage props store? 

I heard a Bhakti Tirtha lecture way back in the day, and he was talking about the alleged Lost Continent of Mu, which apparently sank into the ocean some ages ago, and how their culture was so advanced. Well they were not advanced enough to make lifeboats were they now? 

Anyway, this is a classic example of the type of people the GBC hand selects to be voted in as one of their co-gurus, someone who has a whole lot of new age psycho-babble baggage. Did we forget to mention that Srila Prabhupada told us many times, we are not qualified to be diksha gurus, in part because we will take the sins of others and that will make us get sick, fall down and fail. And this person was Krishnapada no less? Yes as a matter of fact my feet are as good as Krishna's feet! Krishna's padas! Oh really! 

Bhakti Tirtha eventually got a case of melanoma cancer, which he died from. Oddly, his followers were telling us to pray for his health, what, we have to pray to make a neophyte become able to absorb sins by some sort of magic tricks? And we can become some sort of pure devotee by a 2/3 show of hands vote from the GBC? Nope! Not how it works! Worse, the GBC goes to interfaith meetings, meanwhile, apparently saying worship of Jesus is the bogus ritviks idea! 

Anyway, this is the type of person the GBC thinks are the successors to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, which means, they have no idea who Krishna and Prabhupada are. ys pd

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