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How Did GBC Gurus Become "Another Jesus"?

The bogus GBC are publicly promoting their program which claims their gurus can accept sins like Jesus. Why is the GBC and their guru program juxtaposing themselves with a depiction of Jesus on the cross all the time? 

[PADA Note: Not really a fan of the above "Jesus on the cross" picture, however it has to be identified clearly so we can visualize what the GBC gurus are REALLY saying when they claim to be able to absorb sins like Jesus.]   

Jayapataka disciple: Mercy of the Guru is like Jesus Christ being taking crucified on the Cross !!!
Disciples are eternally indebted to their merciful respectful Gurudeva !!!

The Guru mentioned: "I am suffering because of my disciples, but I can recover from this by preaching to thousands of people, or if my disciples perform MORE DEVOTIONAL SERVICE,
then all this karma (reactions) will be burnt in no matter of time."


Dear Devotees and well-wishers,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Today Guru Maharaja’s health is much more on the positive side. He is very well rested and looks rejuvenated. He is responsive and giving his thumbs up.

One of the devotee-doctors reported to him, “Guru Maharaja millions of devotees are doing extra chanting, puja, kirtans for your recovery. Bhakti Caru Maharaja sends his well-wishes for your health to improve”. To this, Guru Maharaja touched his heart in sign of gratitude and then placed his hands together and touched his forehead, showing his obeisances.

[PADA: Bhakti Caru is telling JPS to take karma so -- he can get JPS killed from taking karma?]


Jayapataka says ISKCON's gurus are taking sins of their disciples (they are like Jesus) ...

[PADA: Wait a minute? How did Jayapataka, the leader of a criminal post-1977 guru parampara, become "like Jesus"? Why are his followers making claims he is "absorbing the sins of his followers like Jesus"? Why are JPS and his cronies getting their feet washed -- like Jesus? 

And! Why does the ISKCON GBC always allow its leaders to be compared to Jesus all the time -- by the rank and file of ISKCON? Didn't Srila Prabhupada order us neophytes NOT to act as DIKSHA gurus and take other's karma -- because it would make us get sick, fall down, or both? When was this order removed?

When Kirtanananda was hit on the head with a pipe by a dissenter, Satsvarupa Das Goswami wote in the GBC's official 1986 "Back to Godhead" magazine that Kirtanananda was suffering like "JESUS, Haridas Thakura and Prahlad." Kirtanananda is another Jesus? Didn't promoting Kirtanananda as another Jesus create a fanatical mood resulting in the murder of Sulochana? 

Why is this propaganda always being allowed? And is this not an insult to compare these fools to Jesus? Apparently, Bellvue Hospital guru-itis is a very catchy disease, which is why Krishna Balarama Swami is recently comparing himself to Jesus as well. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am equal to Jesus of Nazareth!   

Anyway! Why does the rest of the GBC promote or at least acquiesce with this foolishness? "I can absorb sins like Jesus." This illusion is promoted so much so, various GBC gurus recently buried Kirtanananda in a "samadhi" in Vrndavana, as if he were another saintly resident of heaven (like Jesus). A friend of ours who worked in Bellvue mental home for some years said there are always a few residents there who think they are another JESUS. And Srila Prabhupada said Kirtanananda should be sent back to Bellvue! We should declare a Bellvue patient as another Jesus? 

Of course, then again we have deviant folks like Jim Jones, David Koresh, and many other bogus Christian off shoot branch leaders who ALSO think that they too are like Jesus. Fine, but does anyone not notice that this creates crazy personality cults? Thus, in post-1977 ISKCON, as soon as someone thinks he can absorb sins because he is like Jesus, and he actually belongs in Bellvue under psychiatric care and medications, instead he is made into another messiah by the GBC. 

Bellvue Mental Home "Jesus" getting his feet washed.

Why does the GBC keep making more and more and more of these alleged "sin absorbing" Jesus like saints -- despite seeing them fail left, right and center? Why does ISKCON's GBC allow such levels of worship for people that they know full well keep falling down, if not they are getting sick from taking karma, if not they are dying from taking karma?  

Does it not seem self-evident that these people are not qualified to be advertised as "like Jesus"? Does the average person on the street think that Jayapataka is qualified to absorb sins like Jesus, when instead it looks very much like he was run over by a Mack truck, proving in great self evident detail -- that he is not qualified to absorb such sins? And is there not an epidemic of sick and falling down gurus in ISKCON post 1977, proving that they are not qualified to accept sins etc.? Why is this illusion still being perpetuated?  A few examples --        

BHAGAVAN GOSWAMI -- When he started to fall down and fail, some of his followers said he has "taken too much karma and this is causing him to fall into maya." Oh oh! Not only does Jesus absorb the sins of others, he falls down into illicit affairs from taking too many of the sins of others! Where was this idea cooked up? We know already, its in Satan's Bible. How can a person who is as pure as Jesus, fall down from taking sins? Oooops, ok lets face it, the GBC made a huge mistake thinking these people are capable of absorbing sins in the first place.

BHAKTI TIRTHA SWAMI -- When he got ill with Melanoma cancer, and he was laying in the hospital dying, his followers started saying "he got sick because he took our karma (he is like Jesus)." Why is the GBC allowing people to develop these illusions? Another devotee with some medical experience said to PADA: Nope! Although karma was maybe part of BTS's problem, people like BTS with black skin usually do not get melanoma, unless they are engaged in homosexuality. Oh swell!  

BHAVANANDA -- Yep how did you guess, was engaged in illicit sex with male taxi drivers because -- he "took too much karma from his followers, and it made him fall down." This argument justifies everything? 

GIRIRAJA SWAMI -- Had heart problems, and had to go to the hospital. Cause? According to some, he took too much karma.

GAURA GOVINDA SWAMI -- Died suddenly at Mayapura, although apparently in good health. Cause? According to some -- took too much karma.

GOPAL KRISHNA SWAMI -- Buried Kirtanananda's carcass in Vrndavana in "a samadhi." Pretty amazing really, the worst criminals posing as messiahs example on the planet is Kirtanananda, and the GBC guru's program (guided by Gopal Krishna swami and Radhanath) buries Kirtanananda's body in a SAMDAHI in VRNDAVANA where he will be worshiped as a JESUS like saint -- for all eternity, if it is up to these guys at least? Why is the GBC giving Jesus like burial recognition to criminals and sexual predators posing as messiahs? 

HANSADUTTA -- Chronic headaches for years, and his disciples told me over and over and over, this was due to his "absorbing too many sins" (just like Jesus absorbs sins). Question: when did Srila Prabhupada say to Hansadutta that he was going to be worshiped on the same level as another Jesus and that he could absorb sins like Jesus? Hansadutta admits, Srila Prabhupada never did, it was a scam! Both Hansadutta and Satsvarupa were apparently taking psychotropic drugs like perhaps percodans, ooops, and Jim Jones was taking all kinds of pills. 

HARI SAURI -- Now has apparently Parkinsons disease, after he has made it his life work supporting illicit sex with men, women and children on the sacred Vyasa seat. And he has supported the argument that the ACHARYAS fall down because -- when people LIKE JESUS absorb sins -- they may get sick and fall down. 

Yep, its like kicking Jesus with jack boots, agreed! Hari Sauri also encourages people like JPS to sit in a guru seat, have their feet washed like Jesus, and tell people they can absorb sins like Jesus so -- he can have his victims get sick and die? What kind of friends does JPS have?

HRDAYANANDA -- Says worship of the actual Jesus is bogus because we need to worship all his foolish pals who are falling down by imitating Jesus. 

JAYADVAITA SWAMI -- Admits his GBC messiahs are often illicit sex ... and yet now he is on a CHRISTIAN style mission of re-writing the Bible!

JAYAPATAKA SWAMI -- Yep, he is training his people to think he is another Jesus, as we see from their writings ...

JAYATIRTHA SWAMI -- Also said he was accepting sins like Jesus. At one time he said he was the "incarnation of the mercy of God who was giving Lord Chaitanya's newest dispensation for humanity" -- which was of course, the designer drug ecstacy, and LSD etc. Jayatirtha also said that LSD was "the foot dust of Radharani," and that his actual first guru was LSD cult leader Timothy Leary. Yep, and so later on his head was hacked off with a dull knife after he was caught having illicit sex with the wife of a follower. What kind of Jesus is the GBC creating here?   

NARAYAN MAHARAJA -- When he got cancer, some of his followers said its because "he took our karma." Another karma vacuum cleaner?

PRABHAVISHNU SWAMI -- Fell down, followers starting saying, how'd ya guess, took too much karma!

ROHINI KUMAR SWAMI -- Was making pooja offerings to counteract black magic curses put on Hansadutta by the other gurus, of course this begs the question, what kind of gurus place black magic curses on their competition?

SATSVARUPA DAS GOSWAMI -- Yep I know already, took too much karma!

SUHOTRA SWAMI -- Was starting to say -- maybe our gurus are not fit to take karma? Then he died suddenly?

SWARUPA DAMODAR -- Very sick -- you guessed it -- from taking karma!

TAMAL KRISHNA SWAMI He gave a lecture saying that very sinful people die in horrible car crashes, and a few days later, he died in a horrible car crash. Anyway his followers said it was from taking their karma.

VIPRAMUKHYA SWAMI -- Fell off a horse and broke both arms, oh no, I told ya, its karma of his disciples!

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