Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taking sins like Jesus is not for neophytes

PADA: More and more ISKCON temples are sort of "allowing" our associates to go there and do service, because there is basically not many folks left there, its come down to, in certain instances, they need us and our services. So there is a sort of amalgamation taking place by grass roots. In some places like Malaysia we have the big temples and they need to come to our places. So a sort of mixture is occuring gradually. As for diksha, the diksha guru has to be a pure devotee because he has to absorb the sins of his followers, like Jesus is doing. Srila Prabhupada says when a neophyte tries to take the post of acharya / messiah / Jesus and he absorbs the sins of others without having the sufficient brahmana tejyas to burn off those sins, those sins will drag him down, so -- unless he is an uttama who has the purity to burn them off, they will stick on him and take him down. A neophyte does not have to power to absorb the sins of others, so those sins will make him deteriorate. This is explained in the Nectar Of Instruction, by imitation one will eventually become degraded, not maybe, will become degraded, because one has to be very powerful to accept the sins of others, or those sins will bring him down, and he will degrade. Jayatirtha almost took my breath away when I passed by him, he was covered with so many sins he had an aura of dark energy, he was like a ball of darkness. Satsvarupa was told by a psychic he is covered by a dark cloud, etc. so unless one is pure he cannot give diksha, he will have troubles, such as getting very sick and falling down, as occurs left, right and center with such attempts. The diksha guru has to be pure, otherwise taking sins without being pure means one is imitating Jesus, this is not acceptable. And that is why we see these people in trouble over and over and over. ys pd    

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