Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ex-Prabhavishnu / and Evildas

Disheartened (ex-Prabhavishnu devotee) says: To think I drank his caranamrita, ate the remnants off his plate and gave him my money! What the hell am I supposed to do now? How many years have I wasted???

I was cheated and used! How could you all lie to me by telling me he was a pure devotee? You freaking liars! I will never ever listen to the GBC or any Temple authority ever a freaking again! If I hear one more bleeding devotee complaining about poor Maharaja I’m gonna puke. If I ever step foot in a temple again it will not be for the cheating lying …tards in ISKCON it will only be for Prabhupada!

[PADA: Goody, just worship Srila Prabhupada. Agreed! ys pd]


PADA: Dear Evildas, Yes, that is why we kicked you off. You kept saying / implying that there is another live guru hiding out there somewhere, just like the GBC does, so — is he hiding under a dumpster in Los Angeles, or is he on the North Pole, or is he sitting on the Himalayas, …. can you please stop with all your speculation that there is a living guru somewhere, and just get over it, and tell us where he is and I will go there and wash his feet?

You are a bluffer, you have no live guru you just want to stop others from worship of Prabhupada, saying this is bogus Jesus worship. That is what Tamal says!

You keep forgetting to mention what his name is, where he is, what books he wrote, or even … if this living guru exists at all? You say we need to worship the living person o else we are bogus Jesus worshippers, but you never give his name, that makes you an impersonalist / atheist.

It THUS seems like you want us to worship nobody, and that is better than worship of Prabhupada. You keep saying, there is a living guru, worship of the pure devotee is bogus because that is like Jesus, so stop worship of the acharyas or Jesus and worship …. nothing? Nobody? Read the books of — no one? Worship — not anyone at all?

This is atheism, worship nothing?

That is why we kicked you off, you are envious that people are worshiping a pure devotee, and you would rather have them worship nothingness, no person, no books, no temples, no deity, no nothing, you worship zero, nothing, nobody, and you think that is better than worship of Prabhupada.

This makes you actually worse than the GBC, at least some of them — sometimes — promote that they are minor league agents (ritviks?) and the real guru is Srila Prabhupada.

At least some of them are right some of the time, you have no guru at all, this is called atheism by Srila Prabhupada. You keep saying there is a live guru, but you never say where he is, or even if he exists, you are a total liar an bluffer, you have no live guru AT ALL you are just envious that we and others are worshipping an actual guru. ys pd

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  1. Would be informative to get the details how much money was off-shored this time. Of course the GBC will answer, we have no access to all those accounts and finally it remains hidden.
    So this is pretty repeative hogwash, first they appoint gurus by vote and then they allow those "gurus" to leave with so much money that they dont have to work anymore for the rest of life and probably even more. If you boil it down, would PVS have left like that without $cash$?


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