Friday, January 27, 2012

ISKCON temple president arrested

PADA: This is in Hyderabad India

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  1. This is criminal law and since police is involved things will be settled by state law.

    Unlike USA where corrupt ISKCON individual are chauffered to the airport by temple taxidrivers - with trunks of temple laxmi - this doesnt seem the case in Hyderabad.

    Those black sheep will be delivered to custodial judge and adequately sentenced.
    If this violation of law has anything to do with people not following Prabhupada remains to be seen.

    Of course people in general with poor fund of knoweledge will gradually figure that wherever there are ISKCONites there is trouble, corruption, internal conflicts, punishable acts, misuse of funds, abuse of office.

    Once again, Prabhupada's movement on the eve of being destroyed by bad propaganda.


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