Monday, January 16, 2012

Nilacala: apologist for the GBC

Niscala Devi Dasi: So, he (Prabhavishnu swami) is no longer perfect in their eyes. They feel cheated, but they are only cheated out of their illusions. He never claimed to be perfect, but on the question of perfection, we are advised to be perfect in our position. The ashrama or varna does not matter. One can become perfect in KC in whatever ashrama one is in. One can also be a guru in whatever ashrama one is in, (kiban vipra, kiban 'nnyasi, sudra kene naya...yei Krsna-tattva vete, sei guru haya) and as he plans to continue preaching KC, he is not giving up the mission. So who has he crushed, hmmm? When people identify with their illusions, they will certainly feel crushed when their illusions are crushed.

I plan to write to him and applaud him for his sincerity, openness and honesty. I hope it will help counteract all the garbage claims of being crushed. I am his disciple, in a sense, though I had a philosophical fallout with him at one stage, on the point of authority and obedience. I was disappointed then, but not now. Then, as now, I resolved to follow my guru, but not blindly (as is recommended anyway)

Whatever ashrama one is in is utterly irrelevant. In vedic times, most gurus were grhasthas. So....don't let your past cloud your vision with anger. If people are crushed, maybe it's good for them. Kind of like a child growing up and seeing Daddy is not perfect. The very small child needs to see him perfect in every way, to trust him, respect him, listen to him, etc. Not so with the adult. So let's all grow up- in fact so tall that our feet touch the ground. Living on cloud 9 does not foster the dispelling of illusions.


PADA: Dear Niscala, Prabhavishnu not only claimed to be perfect, he claimed he was as pure as Jesus because he was a diksha guru who could absorb sins. He supported many others who made similar claims. He supported having me removed from ISKCON when I said they are not as pure as Jesus and they are not qualified to absorb sins like Jesus. He supported having me removed because I said the children are going to suffer under their jack boots. 

He has not been honest all along, Srila Prabhupada said they are not fit to be sannyasa, and Prabhavishnu said they are going to make 250 more sannyasa, and not only that, claim these sannyasa can absorb sins like Jesus. If thousands of children are molested because Prabhavishnu supported a child molester guru regime "maybe that is good for them"? Dear Niscala, please re-read what you just said. ys pd

Nathalie De Miras: oh boy what brought this on.

PADA: Incidentally, Prabhavishnu has been a huge supporter of the GBC's $15,000,000 expenditure of suing us, yep that is correct 15 million dollars is what the Prabhavishnu program / GBC has spent so far (its over a million per year suing us since 1997), ... meanwhile there are rats running on some of the ISKCON deity altars -- because there is no funds to fix that, no place for the gurukulis to go, cows have to be sent to slaughter because there is no money to keep them, and this is what Nilacala says is "a very humble guy." And yes, the Prabhavishnu team plead bankrupt over here so they could avoid paying the kulis (they cheated the kulis). Why is Prabhavisnhu's guru program sending cows to slaughter, citing there is no money, and Prabhavishnu program is meanwhile spending $15,000,000 usa dollars, so he can buy new Mercedes and chicken tikka take out lunches for his lawyers? 

Oh yes, forgot to mention, the reason Prabhavishnu spends all this money is to shut down our free food for starving children program. What kind of person sues the free food for starving children program? Oh its Nilacala's humble and sincere people who claim they are also messiahs who can absorb sins like Jesus, how humble is that, I can absorb sins like Jesus? This is as puffed up as it gets, I can do what Jesus is doing. No wonder he fell down like this, he was offending tens of thousands of people, and insulting Jesus too, by claiming to be his equal while hanging out with his girl pals. ys pd


  1. Dear Mataji,

    You err in stating that he never claimed to be perfect. By dint of his acceptance of the role as 'most intimate servitor of the Divine Couple' he certainly did so.

    Your relationship with him is thus based on sentiment. Please don't try and advise us who can see that you are being still further cheated.

    Even today, ex-'disciples' of Bhavananda still have his picture on the altar and worship him as nitya siddha. You seem to fall within that category. It is exactly your attitude towards him which has been the cause of the continuation of the 'guru business.'

    The criticism of Prabhavisnu is based on the following statement of our revered Founder Acarya, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja Prabhupada
    Letter to his London disciples, July, 1969:
    ...And unless the spiritual master is a pure devotee of Krishna then he has no potency to give you Krishna. He is simply a cheating rascal."


  2. Nilacala dd seems to represent all the rank&file devotees of present ISKCON / GM. Therefore things remain silent you can hear a pin drop, no response.

    As soon we reject Prabhupada as current link of Krishna's parampara there is no other option left than to establish that diksa-gurus are conditioned souls who stumble along like any other conditioned soul, intoxicated rascal.

    So there is no but and if, this is what they want a guru who is like all of us. Of course, good looking, nice voice, learned, charismatic, and if he doesnt like the 4regs so much it makes him even more human. And when he writes a notice, hi folks, I'm gonna leave with my girl-friend, then this is his right. He can do that.

    In sum, it is a futile attempt to teach these folks what is a liberated pure devotee who is authorized by previous acarya to be diksa-guru.
    They rather get furious like a volcano explosion.

    They heard it again and again since 20 years and wont accept.

    However, why they want to call this conditioned soul, spiritual master, diksa-guru, saksad-dhari - to be worshiped as good as God?

    This doesnt make sense, they should at least accept this, call your so called guru, ritvik-priest, but dont call him something what he is not, a pure devotee, authorized by previous acarya to be diksa-guru. It is a blatant lie.
    Dont base your life upon a lie.

    Besides, people in general would be also thankful if this artificial worship of pseudos is stopped. Nobody believes that these gurus are real, when do you get it? Call them officiating priests and once and for all this nightmare of fallen "acaryas" is over!


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