Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Madhusudan Blumert (by pada)

Dear Michael Madhusudan Blumert: So what you are saying then is: that the more or less 1,000 devotees of Bangalore should be kicked out, so we can have empty temples (like Boston) with rats passing stools on the altars at nght? Why is that a good idea? Have you no idea your policy of kicking out all the poojaris and their assistants is an extreme offense to the deity? And the 1.5 million children Bangalore is feeding should not get fed anymore, they should starve, this is all "food for death" as Jayadvaita said, all so you and you pals can sit around eating huge feasts and drinking lassis, while these children have no food at all? Why do you want to do that to poor children? Why do you endorse the policy of kicking out all these vaishnavas? Right here in Berkeley we have yet another empty temple. Berkeley once had over 200 devotees and three big temple houses chock full of devotees, before your pals removed almost all of them and sold the houses, and now there is not even ten devotees here. I myself had to go to the temple and help paint the Jagganatha deities for Rathayatra here because, you kicked out all the other people who could paint them. Now you want to kick out more people who can paint the deity, so there will be no one left to paint them -- at all? Why do you want nobody left to serve the deity? Why do you advocate for these things? If not for a few of my friends volunteering to help here, the deity program would collapse altogether. OK lets not forget the temple has all kinds of maintenance problems just like Boston does, like a big hole in the roof over the deity, and this is because you folks kicked out all the devotees who were maintaining the building. Why do you want Krishna to live in a slum with no servants, a hole in the roof over His head, and instead -- you want to spend $4,000,000 buying new Mercedes for your lawyers, all because you want to see the children we are feeding starve? What kind of program is that? And your program promised to pay the gurukulis here in the USA, then you cheated them by declaring bankrupt, ooops, but while you have no money for the ex-ISKCON children, or to fix the holes in the roof over the diety, or to get the rats from passing stool on the deity feet, you DO have a spare $4,000,000 to make sure your lawyers are getting their chicken tikka lunches? OK I go it already. YS pd 

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  1. strange waffling of Rocana,

    As usual he talks down to everyone as if Rocana is gray eminence and ultimate authority to judge everything. When reading his exposé it's like he wants to tell, I'm Prabhupada's successor, I'm the chosen one, why nobody understands?
    Pretty much same caliber of what we have experienced in great profusion, typical GBC ISKCONite egomania.


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