Sunday, January 29, 2012

RE: Gaura Govinda maharaja

PADA: Yes, Gaura Govinda maharaja was another deviant who supported the GBC gurus. He told me in person that he has to "cooperate, tolerate and work with them (the GBC gurus)." Anyway, here is a video I made of my meeting with him:

This is another "pure devotee" according to people like Narayan Maharaja and CC crackers, because GGM was "voted in as guru" at the March 1986 recoronation of Bhavananda.

Gaura Govinda is one of the few "acharyas" to be voted in at the simultaneous re-instatement of a known sexual deviant and molester posing as an acharya. Bhavananda was having sex with taxi drivers in Vrndavana, and Gaura Govinda maharaja fell off his chair and licked Bhavananda's feet so he could get his guru certification from this sabha. ys pd

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  1. krishna1008 has left a new comment on your post "Rasamanjari dd RE: Prabhavishnu's falldown":

    Dear Gauragovinda sevak prabhu, I cannot print your swearing and cursing words and so on. Its just not my style. I you have an intelligent point, you are not making it.

    Lets deal with a few issues, GGM did not help me on the molesting issue. He helped keep the molester messiahs program going:

    I also met with GGM, and he admitted to me that he is working with the bogus GBC gurus:

    Answer these points please, then we can procede from there. ys pd


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