Sunday, January 22, 2012

Legal case against the GBC (Devaprastha das)

[PADA: Hah hah, this guy caught his "guru" reading porno and masturbating, and he took some of the porno as LEGAL EVIDENCE of fraud, and he is having the fingerprints LEGALLY checked so he can LEGALLY prove his guru is a fraud in COURT. Its about time! ys pd]

Open Letter to ISKCON GBC and Members BY: DEVAPRASTHA DAS

Jan 21, 2012 — UK (SUN) — Dear Members of the GBC and ISKCON, we have seen that another diksa guru has fallen, one of many. We are told that the GBC is the ultimate authority, yet many times you fall publicly. What are we members to think? It's lila? Three of you dismissed me as an aparadhi after I told you I found my guru masturbating with pornography. What will you do when evidence is presented? How will you take care of devotees whose gurus fall?

[PADA: This is great news, it looks like another "ISKCON guru" is about to be exposed for masturbating and watching pornography.]

DD: Are we to continue to see GBC as ultimate? Are we to continue surrendering? Prabhavisnu has 1,500 disciples, how are they feeling now? Harikesa had far more than that, and my guru has half as much as him, maybe 3,000. Please know that I have taken one item of pornographic magazine, and will request you to check if his fingerprints match on it. This will be a legal case -- me against the so-called guru. I have one godsister who says she feels uncomfortable in his presence, like he undresses her with his eyes.

[PADA: A "legal case" against the ISKCON gurus for their FRAUDLENTLY promoting a guy who is reading porno as a messiah? Hah hah, this is getting to be great stuff indeed. Long over due mind you, the original disciples of Srila Prabhupada should have cleaned this up 35 years ago. Anyway, better late than never.] 

DD: I agree with Rupanuga Prabhu, let's take shelter of Srila Prabhupada and forget these other people. When will you allow us to do so without us becoming labeled aparadhis? And I want to suggest you stop these guru seminars on how to be a good guru. It doesn't make sense, Anuttama is one instructor of those classes and he is grihasta. How silly is this?

[PADA: "Guru seminars" on how to be a good guru, hah hah, this is ritvik-diculous. The good news is that more people are standing up to oppose them, and so it seems every day another person wakes up and says, lets expose these rascals posing as acharyas!]

DD: I am not upset, I'm relieved, I now know what the truth is and how to worship, and who.
Devaprastha das

[PADA: OK good. Except we need to know that Rupanuga's suggestion that Srila Prabhupada is the spiritual "grand father" -- and these criminals, deviants and perverts are the spiritual "fathers" falls way short of what needs to be done. And yes RM, if this were Vedic times, and this Rupanuga clan was saying their child molester sabha were the "spiritual fathers" of human society, this Rupanuga clan would be dealt with VERY severely -- if Manu Samhita is any gauge. 

In Vedic culture NO ONE is allowed to say that a pedophile messiah's program are "the fathers of religion," this would never be allowed for one second. And indeed, the people promoting that sabha would be dealt with VERY severely by the pious king of that age. And of course lest we forget, they will be dealt with severely eventually, because when the time comes, the dogs of Yama will bite these people's behinds. Sri Isopanisad says these false gurus go to the MOST OBNOXIOUS and lowest regions of the universe, and THUS -- so are their supporters and apologists destined to go down with them. Vedic culture will thus be the final say on this because that is the underlying reality of the universe. ys pd] 


  1. Who is the so-called guru who's about to be exposed?

  2. It's a shame. PADA is exposing and preaching since 20 years - nobody could understand what they were talking about.

    Now gradually when "gurus" are one by one pulled down from the vyasasana by the modes of material nature people wake up.

    Of course, since this is all published for everybody to read, people in general figure that Prabhupada's former ISKCON movement is completely destroyed for ever especially in USA.


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