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Rocana: the new Joeseph Goebbels of ISKCON?

Prabhavisnu: the Latest Victim of Religiosity


[PADA: ROCANA DASA -- the new Joeseph Goebbels of ISKCON?]

Jan 12, 2012 — CANADA (SUN) — This is a commentary on the recent events surrounding Prabhavisnu Swami's fall from grace. -- This siddhantic issue is one of the highest principles at play here.

[PADA: Rocana has always been, and still is, a huge supporter of ISKCON GBC's "living guru siddhanta," i.e he has been saying ALL ALONG since 1977 that we all need to worship Rocana's "living body" gurus. And meanwhile Rocana says that anyone who worships a pure devotee like Srila Prabhupada is a bogus "religionist" (he calls such worship of pure devotee "The Church of Ritvik). OK Rocana has been, and still is, the number one propagandist (Joe Goebbels?) of ISKCON by his support of the GBC's living guru ideology. Actually most of the GBC writers have disappeared, Rocana is almost the last man standing holding the flag for the GBC and their living guru ideology. 

Of course, Srila Prabhupada says that "a living body" is simply a temporary assemblage of blood, mucous, urine and stools. Thus according to the Vedic siddhanta, we do not worship "a living body." We ONLY worship the ETERNAL vani or words of the guru. Rocana contantly forgets all about the actual "siddhanta" principle. There is absolutely not one word of mention of RD's idea that we need to worship "the living body" found in the Vedas?  

Why does Rocana still think we need to worship his "bags of stools" living person's idea? Rocana has has also not even noticed that his "living voted in Pope" idea is not catching on, rather it is being rejected daily? Worse, as it turns out most of Rocana's bags of stools messiahs, whom in 1977 Rocana was promoting as divine incarnations of Vyasadeva, mostly turned out to be perverts, molesters and deviants, because Rocana has no discrimination and thus he could not even select a good "live body" for ISKCON to worship. 

No wonder when Rocana met with me -- he ran away screaming when we asked him to name his living guru, he knows that as soon as he gives the name of his live guru, we will be able to link the name of his live guru to deviations. So RD hides the name of his alleged live guru, because he cannot just admit his "live guru" idea is a deviation. Rocana's idea that we have to worship a live bag of stools is not taught in any religion at all. 

Even the African Tribal society does not worship a living bag of stools in their religion, rather they worship some wonderful thing found in nature which Srila Prabhupada says -- that means they worship the universal form of God, even they know Rocana's "live body" pooja idea is a totally bogus fraud.     

This is essentially the same problem we had with our Bharat Ratna scholar Saksi Gopal of Australia. He was highly offended because we said that his "God-man" aka Ramakrishna is not really Rama and Krishna at all, because he is simply another material body made of blood and stools, who died of cancer. Sorry, but these people are thinking guru and God are some mundane collection of temporary material bodily arrangements. 

And in case you have not noticed, people like Mr. Saksi have simply made themselves look like fools for their supporting that the bodies of the incarnations of God are a pile of stools who die of cancer. And Rocana has made himself another fool by selecting deviants as his live gurus. Rocana has never admitted he has no authority to promote the GBC and their live guru idea, nor has he admitted that his idea caused mass molesting and murders etc. More to the point, where does Srila Prabhupada say: After I depart -- we will need to worship a living bag of manure promoted by Rocana dasa? And as for RD's Gaudiya Matha advisors, they also promoted deviants as their living gurus, which Srila Prabhupada says is a deviation.] 

ROCANA: Individuals who are involved in falldowns like Prabhavisnu's are the personification of a flawed siddhantic understanding of the process of initiation.

[PADA: Right, folks like Rocana are saying that the "initiation" comes from worship of the "live bodies" of deviants, i.e. "a living pile of manure" is what gives us pure divyam jnanam which destroys sins (diksha). No, the initiation comes from the pure words of the eternal guru.]

ROCANA: We have been exposed to many quotes in sastra and instructions directly from Srila Prabhupada in regards to the necessity of accepting a Spiritual Master and the importance of being connected to the sampradaya.

[PADA: OK, except as soon as someone accepts the eternal words of the pure devotee and is thus connected to the sampradaya, Rocana starts saying this is bogus because we are not worshipping his bags of stools / voted in Popes idea? Rocana thinks his idea, we need to worship a bag of stools, is superior to our idea of worship of the eternal words of the guru. Rocana repeats Tamal all day long, worship of the eternal words of gurus is bogus, worship of the bags of stools is bona fide, notice it is not catching on? He is simply repeating what the GBC has said all along. Of course the real problem for Rocana is that his living bags of stools worship project is smelling up the whole world so badly, people are literally running away from his idea of worship of a bag of stools body.]

ROCANA: After they depart, the inevitable evolution towards religiosity takes place. I have already written extensively on this subject, but it is again directly relevant to the current situation.

[PADA: Right, as soon as Srila Prabhupada departed Rocana has all along  supported the GBC and worship of their bags of stools living persons idea, ooops except they turned out to be homosexuals, deviants, and criminals. And then in 1986 RD started his "guru reform" where RD thought he was the overlord / pastmaster / grand wizard leader of the acharyas, and thus he was going to "fix and repair" the acharyas. In other words, Rocana thought that he was the new boss of the acharyas and he could "reform" them. Rocana does not even know that Krishna is the boss of the acharyas, not Rocana? Sorry, Krishna dictates to the acharyas, not fools who are trying to replace Krishna like Rocana.] 

ROCANA: Religiosity, especially in this context, comes about partly as a result of the fact that some of those holding power within the institution are granted power and position on an institutional basis rather than on the basis of spiritual qualification.

[PADA: OK except that even in mundane religions they do not promote the worship of pedophiles and deviants, and other assorted fools, as Rocana and his living gurus have been doing? In any ordinary religion, they at least worship someone like Jesus, who is a bona fide pure devotee, but Rocana says worship of Jesus is bogus --- ooopsee, because the Christians do not promote the worship deviants and / or a bag of stools like Rocana has been doing? Rocana always says he hates to see Jesus being worshipped, why does Rocana hate Jesus? We all know why, because the Christians will never worship a bag of stools like Rocana promotes since 1977.]  

ROCANA: ISKCON itself has done this as an institution.

[PADA: No, ISKCON's GBC alone could not have done this level of worldwide damage, the GBC are using compromised fools / individuals like Rocana who say the GBC is correct, we need to worship a bag of stools. Thousands of children could not have been molested without people like Rocana cheer leading the GBC on -- in the back ground. Rocana is the cause of all the troubles in ISKCON because he has promoted their idea all along and he still does.] 

ROCANA: The problem lies with the ability of the average person, especially neophytes or newcomers, to analyze or appraise some personality and determine whether or not they come up to the pre-requisite spiritual qualifications in order to hold these positions.

[PADA: No, the problem is that "elders" like Rocana have crammed the worship of their living deviants down the throats of the newcomers, and the children of ISKCON.]

ROCANA: It appears that in Kaliyuga, and especially when reinforced by an institutional paradigm, the average person and the less intelligent prefer to just acquiesce to the circumstances created by the leaders of the institution.

[PADA: And Rocana is one of these leaders. RD is the Joeseph Goebbels of the false messiahs, right now he is their main writer / defender. The GBC says you need to worship a live bag of stools, to fool and cheat the innocent, and Rocana has been their best cheer leader and he still is.]

ROCANA: Here in the Pacific Northwest we had Jagadisa, who could have written the very same letter as Prabhavisnu. It's a cookie-cutter mentality. Then we had Vipramukhya Swami, who did the very same thing. Each circumstance is individualized, of course, but one thing is always the same – these individuals are suffering, and so are their disappointed followers.

[PADA: Right, despite that Rocana sees thousands of victims of his live guru program, he still promotes that deviation because he wants to see more people suffer, therefore he is now emerging as the number one supporter of the GBC's bogus living guru ideology.] 

ROCANA: What I want to bring to the reader's attention is that in most cases, these falldowns are easily detectable well in advance if one is a serious follower of Krsna consciousness as it is presented by the most recent manifestation of our Sampradaya, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

[PADA: OK, except as soon as we say that this living guru program is bogus, Rocana immediately throttles us down and he tries to uphold the bogus living guru program and their siddhanta.] 

ROCANA: Now, the question of initiation or accepting a Spiritual Master hinges on our appreciation and understanding, and our commitment to following in the footsteps of these exalted Acaryas, namely the Sampradaya Acaryas. None of these great Acaryas in our Sampradaya, including Srila Prabhupada, advocated stopping the traditional process of diksa initiation, like the Rtviks suggest.

[PADA: OK, so we need to worship a living bag of stools and STOP the worship of the pure devotee? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we need to stop worship of the pure devotee and worship RD's living bag of manure, like Rocana and his pals promote? Rocana is stopping the parampara, because as soon as he find someone is worshipping the acharya he hates that and attacks that, in fact he is now the number one writer for the living gurus.]

ROCANA: They presented definitions not only for diksa gurus, but for siksa gurus, vartma-pradarsika gurus, etc., and they focused on the importance of understanding sastra as presented by the great Acaryas, and following the process that has been produced by the Acaryas for sadhana.

[PADA: OK, now Rocana is giving the ritvik argument, he says that we need to have shiksa gurus (aka priests or ritviks).]

ROCANA: In ISKCON, religiosity has crept into both the philosophy and the sadhana process, and thus the Founder-Acarya's mission is devolving.

[PADA: Right, Rocana's living Pope idea is bogus religiousity. Agreed.]

ROCANA: On the other side of the equation is the fact that in India, even with its multitude of various religions and cults of different philosophical bent, the religions for the most part are based on the leader / guru having their asrama and followers. And of course, that's the way the Gaudiya Math devolved into what Srila Prabhupada was very critical of. Each guru had their little math, and they were not cooperating together to push on Krsna consciousness, for obvious reasons. So the whole guru / disciple aspect is also a form of religion. It's not some great solution for avoiding the devolution into religiosity.

[PADA: Very good, Rocana's bogus living guru idea is exactly what happened in the Gaudiya Matha.]

ROCANA: The fact is that initiation, on the highest and purest platform, means connecting the individual follower to the sampradaya. You are being initiated into the sampradaya, not into ISKCON, not into some particular unqualified swami / guru's interpretation of sastra.

[PADA: OK that is the ritvik idea, Rocana is finally being forced to admit our idea is correct, the real process is to connect people to the vani of the pure devotee, and that connects them to the sampradaya.] 

ROCANA: In our case, we are incredibly fortunate to have available to us the teachings of the most recent Sampradaya Acarya. Even though the institution that he originally set-up has made unnecessary changes to his literatures, still, the original books are there.

[PADA: OK, Rocana is going more and more ritvik here, he is saying what we are saying, take shelter of the vani of the pure devotee through his books. He is finally agreeing with us, probably because his stinky bag of stools pooja idea is collapsing.]

ROCANA: The message itself hasn't been altered to such a degree that it's not possible to understand the meaning. Srila Prabhupada's audio is also available – or at least some of it. There is the serious problem of original audio tapes that have never been released, because the GBC hasn't put any emphasis or resources into making available all of Srila Prabhupada's audio.

[PADA: OK, what the ritviks have said for 35 years, Rocana is waking up finally. Partially!!!]

ROCANA: But regardless of their attempts to change and cover over and smother the true message, it's still available. Srila Prabhupada's mission and mood can be understood and can be appreciated and realized by anyone who applies themselves sincerely to understanding who is Srila Prabhupada, who is the Sampradaya Acarya, distinguishing him from all the others who, although they may be honest representatives, must admit their very much lower status of spiritual advancement.

[PADA: OK, lower status, that means they are at best ritviks, Rocana is now supporting the ritvik idea.]

ROCANA: Then there are the others, the most dangerous actors in this circumstance -- the ones who are pretending to be on a much higher level than they actually are.

[PADA: Like Rocana, he says he is better than the acharyas, saying that worship of the acharyas is the post-samadhi, posthumous, church deviation, that means he thinks he is better than the acharyas, he can say the acharyas are posthumous dead guys and their worship is mundane church operation. He is saying what the GBC has been saying. Is Rocana the GBC's new spokesman?] 

ROCANA: But instead, the members of the ISKCON society, and the GBC as they stand today, just want to put Srila Prabhupada on a big pedestal. They want to elevate him to a Jesus-like position, but they don't really want to understand who Srila Prabhupada is.

[PADA: No, the GBC are not placing Prabhupada in the post of Jesus, they say that Jesus is the posthumous dead guy, just like Rocana says. Rocana hates Jesus and he is always attacking Jesus every time he writes anything. The GBC also says that worship of the acharya is like worship of Jesus, they are birds of a feather.]

ROCANA: To this day, the GBC still haven't assigned a proper philosophical designation to His Divine Grace. In other words, they aren't able to make a clear philosophical statement about just who this exalted personality, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, is. And of course, they haven't recognized him as a Sampradaya Acarya – as the most recent member of a rarified group of only 32 Sampradaya Acaryas going back to the time of Lord Brahma.

[PADA: And neither has Rocana, Rocana says that worship of Srila Prahbupada is the bogus posthumous church idea, he hates to see Srila Prabhupada elevated to the status of eternal guru.] 

ROCANA: In the tendency towards religiosity, one of the symptoms or traits is an over-emphasis on diksa as being the only means for entering the sampradaya, but that is a very ceremonial and religious approach. At the same time, many of these challengers de-emphasize siksa and vartma-pradarsika. They only have eyes for diksa, although ours is primarily a siksa line.

[PADA: OK we are a shiksha line, that is what the ritviks said all along. Rocana over-emphasizes artificial diksha with his idea that we need to worship a living bag of manure.]

ROCANA: Ideally yes, the diksa guru should be perfect and pure, but even if by dint of circumstance, all you had was the teachings through Srila Prabhupada's books, then you could still be a member of the Sampradaya, and essentially be initiated. Not diksa initiated, but initiated into the Sampradaya through siksa.

[PADA: OK now Rocana says the books are not giving divyam jnanam which destroys sins (diksha). We need to worship Rocana's bag of manure live persons, that is the way forward, because the books are not giving diksha? A bag of manure is?] 

ROCANA: Take what Krsna gives you. He's given you Srila Prabhupada's books, he's given you many opportunities to hear from Srila Prabhupada, through his audio recordings, through his books, and of course, through sincere followers of the Sampradaya Acarya who are willing to help you and share with you. But you have to know what the goal is. You have to know what initiation is. And you cannot take the easy way out, the lazy way out, or you'll never get to the goal.

[PADA: OK, well that is the ritvik idea again. ys pd]


  1. Over at they are getting tons, see excerpt below, of hate mail attacks by Saksi Gopal and others of his ilk. Garbage collection in continuous operation. Gives you a glimpse of present so called Vaishnavas IQ...
    Shakshi gopal at "Letter from Prabhavishnu explained"

    @rohini dasi your ignorance of guru-tattva is obvious in your derisive words re the Gaudiya math, simply reeking of the very sectarian exclusivism Srila Prabhupada warned against in his famous gurupuja offering to his own divine master Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Srila Prabhupada. To think you think that Vaisnava acaryas of the Gaudiya maths or any other mission “hover ’round (sic) ISKCON picking off disillusioned refugees” is the biggest load of speculative tripe I’ve heard in a long long time, and is more laughable than anything as you rattle off gibberish that only reinforces your own ignorance. If a “gaudiya math” guru never falls down, then he never falls down, trying to discredit a “never fallen-down guru” means either your envy of Bhagavan and His devotees is palpable, or you as I suspect haven’t got a clue about guru-tattva. As if your understanding of what organisation a person needs to be in in order to attain eternal life matters… need a bona-fide guru, fast, before your offensive mentality devours you.

    Keshav Raj Paneru at "Bogus Guru Maha Visnu Swami exposes false Iskcon gurus":

    Yam Raj will tests you when you fools die just wait and you will know who is bogus.A Vaishnav never sees faults in other.I think Yamaraja should really think so deeply how to punish such rascles headed by stool-filled brained so called Madhu Panditanuragis.
    You so called the herds of rascles,rogues and thieves who falsely claim authorised successor of Prabhupada go directly to hell because you have very disgustedly offended the disciples of Prabhupada who are the life and souls of the present sankirtan movement.You fools even dont know that the most fallen also can be pure devotees by devotional service.It seems that you rascals have no other duty that finding faults in ISKCON’s soldiers.You better make your Vajans and shot your dog like mouth,it will be mere beneficial to you nonsenses.


  2. Mohnish at "Official Letter From Prabhavishnu Dasa (former Prabhavishnu Swami)":
    Wish this website be named as “Mayanugas” who are simply offenders and “fault finders” with nothing better to do… Simply frog croaking…

    There is a critic and then there is envy. This website is full of envy/ malice. O Krishnnnaaaa!!!!

    The Ritviks who are infamous for senseless arguements and baseless (merciless/ unintelligent/ demoniac/non-devotion) comments MAY create thousands of websites, forums etc. and befooled/misguide/misinformed people/devotees BUT they have NO TIME for developing pure qualities of Vaisnavas. O Krishnaaaa!!!

    There may be many Kanishta Adhikaris in the bonafide ISKCON (reg Mum) but there many Madhyam as well as Uttama Adhikaris too. And so far in the Ritviks’ founded (not SP) so-called ISKCON is full of ONLY Kanistha Adhikaris. O Krishnnaaa!!!

    I am sure that the ritvik who would be reading this is getting boiled with anger (tamo-guna) to reply instantaneously by “defeating” with the stupid/nonsense aruguments here, as they are famous for. keeping upto their name. Please do. Let you curse me for it. I am ready- not on my own strength but on the mercy of protection of the Vaisnavas and ofcourse our Srila Prabhupada. O Krishnnnaaa!!!

    You all found it weird! Sorry… What can be done… I am a demon trying to become a devotee… It’s not an easy task to be one… As you know simply wearing kanthi-mala, keeping shikha, and devotional attire will not make us pure devotees. Its a great fight with Maya to catch the Lotus Divine lotus feet of Lord Shyamasundar.

    Though you must be wondering about how “demon” can say truth. I assure you that atleast at this point of time (now), I am blessed to be in “mode of goodness”. Ah! “Thanx Krsna! You helped me write the above truth though in an unpleasant way just to help those who may not misled by these “ritviks” infamous websites contaminating the viewers eyes with tonnes of “aparadh”" O Krishnaaaaaa!!!!

    Tamoharadasa (ACBSP) at "Letter from Prabhavishnu explained":

    Devotees please note; Prabhupada news is becoming every bit as big a brainwash and con job as Sampradaya Sun. They are now re-tailorring the truth to suit themselves, not strictly such as to please Srila Prabhupada. They have changed, their humbleness is lost, now they seek to be the new anti-GBC sampradaya, locking the devotees into their new control structures by insisting that their initiations are the only bonafide ones, thus politically attempting to discredit and disenfranchise all others of Prabhupada’s disciples They are very much afraid that the devotees will take the leagcy and start their own programs, as they are pushing exclusively Madhu Pandit as the next acarya, wishing to disenfranchise all Prabhupada’s original Westerner disciples in favor of the Hindu-Jayapataka lineage. Shame!

  3. A good friend of mine wrote the following :

    ".....I just read Rocanas latest article blaming the whole fall down on religiosity and an overemphasis on diksha initiation in ISKCON
    To me this is a total speculation and shows that when we don´t accept all of Srila Prabhupadas instructions and follow our own mind we start deviating from sastra and real knowledge

    The problem is not overemphasis on diksa initiation otherwise why did Prabhupoada not just give siksa? Why did he emphasise diksa, first and second for all his disciples giving very specific instructions as to the qualifications of initiator and initiatee?

    The problem lies rather with emphasising diksa initiatiion by unqualified upstarts who should have acted as per july 9th as humble representatives and siksa gurus
    The problem lies in not allowing Srila Prabhupada to be diksa guru and usurping his position as world acarya by stealing his disciples

    Yet Rocana believes, blinded by caste consciousness and false pride, that it is our bad karma that we juniors are not presented with a qualified diksa guru in ISKCON

    he writes;

    Ideally, the whole program has been set-up by the mercy of Sri Krsna. Through the vehicle of his pure devotee Spiritual Master Sampradaya Acarya, we have temples, and a program arranged to do what it was doing during his lila period. But if you didn't have that -- if you didn't have a totally pure, highly qualified diksa guru and you didn't have all the things that could be there (and would be there in ISKCON today, if the leaders of the institution hadn't devolved it into a religion) -- you can't demand it. You can't insist on having something that simply is not available. You can't demand of Krsna, "I want a diksa guru, and I want him to be an uttama-adhikari. And I want him now." What gives you the right to do that? What qualifies you to get such a person for a Spiritual Master? What kind of karma do you have that qualifies you in this way?

    Please note how he says:¨You can't insist on having something that simply is not available.¨
    In other words to him Srila Prabhupada is simply not available as diksa guru..Bas

    He also says: what kind of karma do you have that qualifies you in this way?

    But the connection between the guru and disciples is not based on karma but on causeless mercy and bhakti otherwise it is a material mundane process
    I dont have a sastric quote on this so correct me if i am wrong but it does not make sense to me that we meet our guru because of´s causeless mercy or Bhaktidevis favor on us
    Anyway how can karma qualifie you to meet a guru?
    Srila Prabhupada writes in a vyasa puja offering to his guru that according to Madurya kadambini the bhakti lata bija is given to the jiva only through the mercy of the devotees

    I heard another devotee (ACBSP)say that you have to be qualified like Prahlad maharaj to get Narada muni as your guru....

    This begs the question: what about Mrgari?

    Is it really by qualification? who is qualified materially to get a pure devotee as his guru
    No one
    But the caste goswamis and smartas think in terms of their own exagerated material qualifications, don´t they?

    By stubbornly fighting against Srila Prabhupada specific instruction to be the Diksa guru and deliverer acarya in ISKCON through siksa representatives, Rocana is doing the greatest harm to our society and allowing for the perennial tragedies a la Prabhavisnu and co. (and disciples)

    Yfs Bh X

  4. Rocana is the same like Narayana Swami who de facto wanted to destroy Prabhupada's movement.
    The people know that Vaishnavism with bogus gurus renders the whole thing useless.
    Prabhupada never wanted fallen people. As soon someone was fallen, change your asram.
    Prabhupada: "If there are so many fallen brahmanas in India and I am making brahmana in the Western countries, if they are still fallen, then what is this attempt? My attempt is futile. So kindly be responsible, those who are second initiated. If you fall down, then the whole movement becomes false."

    The whole movement becomes false, this is happening. Fallen gurus, fallen sannyasis, pseudo brahmins who wont climb down and follow prabhupada's varnasram directions.
    Therefore Rocana is pushing living gurus, he knows that these are fallen folks who render Prabhupada's movement useless. Thats his only ambition.

  5. HARE KRSNA--Prabhu,you are SO correct.Rocana dasa's site is really eye catching and informative,but upon closer inspection it looks to me that his purpose is to direct the reader towards worshiping him---Oh Rocana Prabhu,will you be my Guru?I could be wrong.


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