Saturday, January 7, 2012

Numbers of ISKCON followers

From ISKCON.ORG: As of November 2011 there were approximately 16,108 initiated members, 100,000 Life Members, and an estimated 500,000 other followers of IsKcon.

PADA: Wow, that means we Prabhupadanugas are doing way better than expected. We have at least several thousand Prabhupadanuga devotees worldwide, and at least several thousand life member supporters. And we have millions of hits per month on our collective web sites, way more than official ISKCON does. We also have more and more Prabhupadanuga web sites opening up all the time. 

They only have 16,000 followers? That's really not much -- considering they had 35 years to build this up, and since they inherited 10,000 people in 1977.  Well maybe at best they have a few thousand somewhere, but most of the temples in the USA and Europe are nearly empty. I think this 16,000 figure is false advertising. Nor does it explain: where the 10,000 went to?

They are probably closer to having maybe at best 2 - 3,000 in house temple devotees around the world, ok at best. Berkeley temple had several hundred devotees just by itself in 1977, now there is maybe at most 10. We should conduct our own survey and see what everyone thinks, this 16,000 is false that is for sure. Anyway, this is still bad even if their figure is correct, they inherited 10,000 people and they could not make much more progress from there? Where did everyone go? ys pd      

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