Monday, January 30, 2012

GBC guru program is all about money

Analysis of the Cheater


It's always been amazing to me how the cheating propensity is so prominent among ISKCON leadership. Some even mean well but just can't help themselves, while others have a dark evil side that rises to the surface to devour them completely.

The fear factor seems to be influencing these cheaters to the extent of covering over their intelligence. There's no shortage of well read leaders who've studied Srila Prabhupada's books, but when it comes to fairness in dealing with devotees or subordinates they change into a greedy nasty wolf wanting to eat the three little pigs.

They're obviously doing something wrong because they are not receiving the mercy or graces of the Lord. What are the graces of the Lord? It is stated in Srimad Bhagavatam 3.23.7 that the graces of the Lord are abhya, free from fearfulness. In the material world, if someone accumulates a million dollars, he is always full of fear because he is always thinking, what if the money is lost? But the benediction of the Lord, bhagavat-prasada, is never to be lost.

This simple understanding seems to have eluded the ISKCON imitating ‘gurus'. Most know they're not a maha-bhagavat or pure devotee of Srila Prabhupada's caliber, but they still fearfully scoop up the dough and stash it outside of ISKCON's authority. They're not supposed to do this, but the GBC is weak when it comes to enforcement of their own "resolutions". Add to that the fact that many also have hidden bank accounts. Justice amongst thieves is impossible.

The fear of losing their security in the form of liquid cash makes it difficult for sleeping at night. Because most of them will not receive social security and have given most of their life, unsuccessfully, trying to develop their Krsna consciousness, they have little material security to fall back on. Becoming broke in their late 50's or 60's is just too much anxiety, so they continue their deceitful ways, hoping to get past their fear, or they die.

Srila Prabhupada continues: "when one achieves the grace of the Lord, the result is thatsarva-duhkhani, all distresses, are destroyed. When situated in the transcendental position, one is freed from the two kinds of material diseases-hankering and lamentation."

I'm certainly not on the level to actually see the distress of these 100 or so preposterous counterfeit gentlemen. Some like Umapati literally have no shame, but by seeing through shastra, it's easy to see they have not actually received the mercy or grace of the Lord. Otherwise, the ISKCON Srila Prabhupada left us wouldn't be in such a mess.

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  1. Kausaliya Dasi: ...time for Puranjana to rejoin ISKCON. He simply flaps like a fish out of water.

    As soon the Prabhupadanugas conjointly start to rejoin, Krishna quickly helps to have things adjusted according Prabhupada's DOM directive.
    Now the opposite happens, more and more all kind of pseudos pour into ISKCON and water down Prabhupada's regs of purity. And Puranjana still figures to reform those who simply use ISKCON to exploit/make a living.

    Did you notice how lately Puranjana is tossed around by thousands of Radhanatha/BCS disciples on facebook? It is embarrassing to watch how he can get so low? "Listen folks, another case of child abuse...." And no reply. They all push him into isolation.

    Somehow he totally lost dignity of a Prabhupada disciple, but to whom he listens?

    All influential Prabhupada disciples make videos where people actually get a personal message. Puranjana is not doing it, is he still alive?


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