Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He is guru, ooops he's not, ooop is, isn't, is, isn't, etc.


PADA: Look at the confusion the GBC is creating! 


  1. Poor soul..he looks completely confused. His last look says to me..."Um...I think"?

  2. Thanks PADA, progress! After 35 years of banging their head against a massive concrete wall, PADA is for the first time coming to realize what is the level of realization among ISKCON's rank&file devotees:

    "I'm this body, my guru is also his body. When my guru is dead, I need another living body as guru. When a guru is dead, like Prabhupada, he cant initiate anymore. He is gone"

    PADA figures now this devotee is a singular case. So it will take another 35 years to find out that this is all ISKCON devotees who are de facto on this level?

    Basic rule when you preach, you first of all have to check to whom you are preaching, i.e. are people able to understand what I'm saying?

    When having made one point a) only get to the next point b) when a) is fully understood. Like that.

    So it is clear that ISKCONites require living gurus, just like a dog requires a living master. Humans who are more advanced, like Christians, they understand that Christ is fully present. ISKCONites havent this IQ.

    Therefore Krishna allowed all this to happen, conditioned souls sitting on the vyasasana and posing as fully enlightened, liberated paramahamsa.

    If ritviks would have managed those neophyte devotees by linking them with Prabhupada, all those present ISKCONites would have blooped instantly, mass exodus.

    Hopefully after 35 years, PADA comes to realize who is who and finds the right words to uplift those bewildered devotees.

  3. OK, you are not reading the other letters we recently from ISKCON people who are waking up. For example an ISKCON devotee confiscated his guru's porno magazine and he is going to check it for fingerprints and go to court to prove his guru is a fraud. OK this is an ISKCON devotee. He says he is going to worship Prabhupada, so he is now a ritvik. Or how about the ISKCON young devotee people who we just now posted today -- challenged Harivilas, ok that we just today posted, you are only reading the pick and choose letters you want to, not reading them all.

    We also reported recently that some of the ISKCON Prabhavishnu folks are going to now worship Prabhupada, posted just days ago, these people are total ISKCON people, and yes they are understanding what we are saying, we picked up ISKCON people way back since at least 1984 and have made more of them into Prabhupada devotees ever since, there are now thousands, where have you been? You have to read all the stuff here and not cherry pick a few items to make a skewed point. PADA has realized for the past 35 years that we are making more Prabhupadanugas all the time, and this has been since -- the early 1980s, and now we are simply making more all the time, where have you been? And these people will make more people and so forth, why have you not done what we have been doing? That is the real question. ys pd


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