Monday, January 30, 2012

Gaura Govinda maharaja's "tradition"

PADA: Gaura Govinda maharaja specifically challenged me for my saying to him that -- I am promoting Srila Prabhupada as the guru. He said my idea is the bogus ritvik concoction because "there is no living person" in my preaching program.

Apparently GGM thought I was dead already?

I said, I am preaching, yet He told me, there is no live person in my preaching idea? Hmmm, except I am alive right now, he is not? It now seems like he is the dead guy and I am the live guy here?

If "being alive" is all we need to have to be bona fide, all the ritiks are alive and GGM is dead? Is this the way someone should greet his God brother, "You are already dead and I am not"? Where does he get this foolishness from, ... you are dead and I am not? Worse, GGM said to me he "follows the tradition."

GGM is the star cheer leader of "the tradition" of being voted in at the re-coronation of a known homosexual pedophile posing as Vishnupada in 1986, as GGM is.

GGM is in "the tradition" of the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children. Where is this tradition found?

No wonder then -- most of GGM followers ran off to Narayana Maharaja, whose 1997 "guru tattva" book says "there was nothing wrong" with their 1936 homosexual guru who had dissenters banned, beaten and killed and this was giving their matha bad newspaper media. There is nothing wrong with whacking off devotees,... murder is not wrong even? What tradition is this?

This guru later died by drinking cyanide. His child was murdered by his wife to save the reputation of the matha since the child was going to expose that the wife was a prostitute, and so the guru drank the same poison and died.

Narayana Maharaja sees "nothing wrong" with homosexuals posing as gurus, children being killed with poison, and acharyas killing themselves with cyanide and so forth? There is nothing wrong with banning, beating and assassinating devotees?

There is nothing wrong with homosexuals posing as acharyas and having dissenters murdered? No wonder this all happened in ISKCON, these people do not even think any of this is wrong, rather they claim this is "the tradition." ys pd


  1. I love this article, so straightforward true satyam. Thank you.

  2. ISKCON intelligentsia, when a Vaishnava dies, he's dead,

  3. krishna1008 has left a new comment on your post "Rasamanjari dd RE: Prabhavishnu's falldown":

    Dear Gauragovinda sevak prabhu, I cannot print your swearing and cursing words and so on. Its just not my style. I you have an intelligent point, you are not making it.

    Lets deal with a few issues, GGM did not help me on the molesting issue. He helped keep the molester messiahs program going:

    I also met with GGM, and he admitted to me that he is working with the bogus GBC gurus:

    Answer these points please, then we can procede from there. ys pd


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