Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vaishnava search and rescue mission

PADA: OK well this is great. One thing I wanted to clear up: we are not waiting for the next guru to fail as our main point of emphasis. These gurus are not the main focus of what we are doing at all. Rather, we are on a vaishnava rescue mission. We are rescuing their ex-followers. All we have to do us wait and it never fails, some of the ex-followers of that failed guru will contact members of our program, so they can move onto the next stage, that is our main point of focus. And the good news is, we always get some of their ex-followers every time one of these gurus fails. We are thus mainly a rescue mission for their followers, we rarely if ever rescue the guru himself, they general do not accept our process. Thus: Most of the hundreds of people we got in Bangalore are ex-ISKCON, most of the hundreds of people we go in Malaysia are ex-ISKCON, Most of the 200 people we got in Bombay are ex-ISKCON, our big temple program in Jaipura is headed by ex-ISKCON folks, and so on, we are thus basically a rescue mission. So when a guru falls we are seeing this as helpful to our program because it means: we will now start the search and rescue part of the equation. And now some of our people are doing a search and rescue in the Prabhavishnu program, and some of them are coming into our rescue boat. We are a vaishnava search and rescue program mainly. And we are getting more people into the rescue boat every single day. ys pd

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  1. Reason why ex-ISKCONites all over Europe joined/are joining Gaudiya-matha, GM became a parallel movement with almost 2000 devotees and of course all facilities of having the devotees feel well cared for.

    So far PADA is not a parallel movement but a reform movement, to get Prabhupada's movement back on track.

    And not like the Protetants who originally wanted to reform the Catholics, ended up with a new church.

    And were told, since you started your own church, attend your affairs, stop trying to reform us.

    In sum, for many ex-ISKCONites in the West the reform process seemed to not work out. Year after year after year passed by. They lost their patience and took shelter where lots of folks were already waiting for them, GM.

    Thats the main reason why IRM did not start initiating new devotees, they want first of all reform present ISKCON and not to canvass, "we started a parallel movement".

    Ok, in India it worked out, lots of Prabhupada temples, lots of facilities for Prabhupada devotees. In the West things are different, after 20 years many lost hope if ISKCON would change to become again loyal to Prabhupada.

    Instead in the West we see Prabhupada's movement more and more turned into Hindu temples and those new staff members getting paid for their work, fight for it like mad since it became their livelihood, means of existence.

    Just like materialists who fight for their job, a soon it is about earning money people fight like mad.

    Especially, no offense intended, those Indians known as selfish, money-grubbing bastards.

    In order to reform this situation it requires quite a radical reversal process.

    Many who watched how things are going in Western ISKCON temples, cannot see that this will ever happen in near future.
    To have a clue, visit Bhaktivedanta Manor with its 100,000 Hindus congregation. And, according Prabhupada, this is supposed to be the European headquarter.

    Time ran away, sometimes things cannot be reversed anymore. The Prabhupadanugas simply were too much easygoing, let it all happen for 25 years.

    One solution is that ISKCON Bangalore starts Prabhupada temples at hotspots in the West. But then again, it easily could turn into a parallel movement, reform process would stop. Lets see what Krishna will do....Any ideas? Thanks!


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