Saturday, January 28, 2012

PADA to Mahasrnga das 01/28/12

Mahasrnga dasa: Was the order given? GBC say yes, Ritviks and Sun say NO, fence sitters are still thinking.

[PADA: We offered a $108,000 reward in the Vrndavana UP newspapers for anyone who could prove that 11 people were "ordered" to be gurus, no one ever accepted the challenge. OK there was no order.

Rocana does not agree with the ritviks, he says there is an order, he told me that we were "ordered" to "follow the tradition of having a living guru," so keeps saying there is an order to have a living guru.

So when we met in 1997 I told him, I got my car keys here, lets go drive over and meet your live guru and I will wash his feet, and Rocana stormed out of the room yelling, because he was exposed, he has no living guru, he has no order that this living guru was supposed to be worshipped, and when we called his bluff and told him to show us the live guru, he started yelling at me and he has done that ever since 1997. He has no live guru at all, its a bluff and so we have said to Rocana all along -- show us your live guru and we will then see if he is bona fide, he has none, its all bluff.]

MD: The zonals kicked out anyone who questioned or spoke up about this issue and the GBC refuse to discuss.

[PADA: Rocana keeps saying there is a GBC? No there are a bunch of ersatz messiahs, none of them thinks they are a GBC, they think they are the next Jesus of Nazareth and they can absorb sins because they are diksha gurus. This is another false idea of Rocana, he thinks there is a GBC, there is none, there is an "acharya board" that is what they called themselves in 1978 and that is what they still are, there is no GBC, an acharya board is not a GBC, it is a bunch of people who think they are the divine sons of the heavenly father who can absorb sins because they are messiahs. That is not a GBC.]

MD: It’s time we came back, organized and took back our ISKCON.

[PADA: OK, well as long as we say the acharya board is a GBC, we cannot leverage them out, we have to say there is no GBC, there is a bogus messiah board, and that was never authorized. ys pd]



    Rocana DOES have a living diksha guru who can save the world. In fact he has three.

    It's him - Rocana! And his sidekicks, George A. Smith and Kailash Candra (the Maynard G. Krebbs look-alike).

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. We must all WAKE UP of our own volition and drink the understanding that these three stooges are here to save the world. They're just waiting for us to recognize their true stature so they can begin the urgent mission of "freely distributing the mercy of the Sampradaya Acarya(s)".

  2. But are these boys ready to absorb all those karmas of their followers?
    Meanwhile people know how these "gurus" are able to accept money, tons of money, but having a hard time to digest all those karmas. Rocana touching high voltage current guess we soon have another pile of ashes? May God rest his soul! Amen!


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