Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why I am leaving ISKCON by Payonidhi dasa

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  1. So once more - example of Payonidhi - difficult situation to reconcile, thats why we find PADA not further commenting on it.

    These devotees see no other option than to leave ISKCON. They dont leave ISKCON because they reject Prabhupada, they leave because of present deviant ISKCON management.

    Since there are hardly any Prabhupada temples in the West (Prabhupadanugas are not a parallel movement) they join Narayana Swami because this is a parallel movement with many temples.

    When having joined Narayana Swami's camp they still consider Prabhupada as their guru, but that they were forced to leave his movement by deviant ISKCON leaders.

    Now something happens what hurts. PADA is telling them, listen folks, Narayana Swami is Prabhupada offender par excellence, an envious snake.

    Their reply, but we left ISKCON because PADA says, present ISKCON leadership is deviant.
    And joined Narayana Swami as makeshift because there are no other temples...where else should we go?
    PADA: No, you are now under custody of the biggest Prabhupada aparadhi.

    In other words, PADA says, live outside on your own, dont join anywhere, wait until the cows come home and ISKCON is reformed.
    That is when? 30 years, 50 years? 100 years?

    So in case anyone wonders why there is no communication between PADA and kicked out ISKCONites like Payonidhi who against their will presently live in exile at the Narayana Swami camp, thats why.

    They were pushed out of ISKCON against their will, they couldnt manage to live in karmi society after so many years of temple live.

    And because of seeing no other option than to join GM are blown off by PADA like the worst demons.

    So there has to be empathy, to see things in context, intuition. Not that we unnecessarily create camps, slam doors, offend sensibilities. Behave like ruffian.

    If you ask any of these devotees they all tell you the same, we surrendered to Prabhupada, he made us into devotees in the first place, and we would have liked nothing more than to be in Prabhupada's original movement.


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