Friday, January 6, 2012

PADA to Gaurahari prabhu

Dear Gaurahari prabhu, OK, well the GBC are making people cry every day like this, and we are at least trying to come in to rescue these poor people by giving them the worship of Srila Prabhupada. At least we have some plan to help them and we are. We have rescued many from Bangalore and other places with the Prabhupadanuga idea, and at this time we have many ritviks all over the globe who follow our idea, we even have a ritvik temple nearby in Sunnyvale, and a number of ritviks here in Berkeley. So our preaching is appreciated by some at least, but if someone else can make more Prabhupadanugas than we are, by devising a better process, they should do that, bravo, and show all of us by example the way how its done better. Our process is at least working to some extent and its making a worldwide alliance, so -- if someone else can make more people and more centers and so on, then go for it. And if their process works better, others will adopt it no doubt. Whatever works better, I am for it. So far, our process works, and now we are going to get some of these Prabhavishnu people on our side, and indeed we already have some of them on our side, because we are giving them something they need at their hour of crises. If someone else has a better scheme of how to do things, show us how it works and we will adopt it if it works better, example is better than precept. ys pd

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