Monday, January 9, 2012

Entire GBC supported deviant as acharya

[PADA: Right, the entire GBC knew that Prabhavishnu was having problems with illicit sex, but they kept him on as another one of their messiahs anyway, ... having his feet washed like Jesus and so forth. Old news! The entire GBC immediately after 1978 kept Jayatirtha as a guru even after he was reported having illicit sex and taking drugs, so the good news is that MORE AND MORE people are waking up: The whole thing is corrupt, agreed. Again! Good news is, more people are waking up. Goody! ys pd]   

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  1. Well, another of Rocana's "a guru has to physically present", "ritviks are poison" crusade collapsed like a house of cards. But notice how Rocana avoids to address this point. Instead he presents, I knew it all, how can you.., bad boy...
    In sum, Rocana is also accomplice of making Prabhupada's movement look like a nuthouse by supporting this tamas that Prabhupada is dead, we require a living guru. But the rascal always tries to sneak out of his responsibilty to admit that Prabhupada only appointed ritviks.


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