Monday, January 23, 2012

ISKCON guru's "maha" -- spreads disease?

Enver: I pity those poor naive souls who eat the “maha prasadam” from this poor wretch Prabhavisnu das or Thai mayadevi dasi. Unfortunately I also used to eat “maha” from my former, “as good as God gurudeva” Prithu dasa. On one occasion he even forced me to eat his leftovers. When I found out that he had the hepatitis C for years I was enraged.

He also admitted to having sex with men before he joined “just for fun” and he was trying to convince me that he is not a fagot. Now that I remember him going to Thailand regularly for his “colonic irrigation” I don’t need to guess what he was doing there any more. Hepatitis C Virus is highly contagious and causes serious and permanent damage to the liver.There is no cure for it.

Besides spreading all sorts of philosophical misconceptions, robbing and cheating people, impersonating renunciates and Vaishnava gurus, these damn bastards are even spreading (deadly) diseases among us.
To make things even more ironic, when they get sick we pay for their expensive medical treatments.

If we continue worshiping these lowlifes we are really stupid indeed. They must be forcibly removed. There must be a revolution.This is a truly revolting situation. If however you still feel the insatiable need to eat the leftovers from those fake Fiskcon gurus, and go to hell with them, at least be decent enough and don’t share the diseases with your children. 

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  1. Before Prithu joined he had a severe heroin addiction and was locked up in a closed clinic. Some of his friends were dead and he figured that he somehow cheated death. So his basis of becoming a Vaishnava was bitter hardships.
    He should have remained humble and not pretend of having joined Vaishnavism because he was searching for God like a mahatma.


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