Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gaurahari dasa update

Dear Gaurahari: OK, you are correct in one sense, the Uttama Addhikary sees that everyone, actually every single living entity, is engaged in devotional service. He does not distinguish that this one is serving nicely, and that one is serving badly, or indeed that some are not serving Krishna at all but are serving maya. 

OK good, but the uttama is not preaching from that platform. Therefore, for the purpose of preaching, the uttama has to start to make distinctions, he has to preach from the Madhyam platform, i.e. there are people serving correctly and others who are not. Otherwise, if he sees that everyone is serving perfectly, how can he preach? So for the purposes of preaching, all the acharyas come to the Madhyama platform, where they make great distinctions, here is how to serve properly, and here is called deviation. 

Srila Saraswati was famous for his "chopping technique" where he attacked all kinds of false guru things, and indeed people wanted to have him killed for this. Jesus was in fact killed for criticizing the Pharisees. So the acharyas make distinctions: This is bona fide guru, and this is not bona fide guru, and so -- this is why Srila Prabhupada said the Gaudiya Matha has deviated by making false gurus, and he also assailed the sahajiyas, the babajis, the smartas, the caste system, the Papal vote system, and everything else that he criticized, because he wanted us to serve in a particular way, and he wanted us to make these distinctions. 

So many of my God brothers said "we should not criticize," that was the first thing many of them told me in 1978, and the result was and is, ISKCON went down the tubes into scandals and bankruptcy because no one wanted to correct the wrongs. So the idea that we can allow things to go on that were criticized by the acharyas, it does not seem to be working. And ISKCON is a prime example of what happens when people compromise with deviations, it becomes a place of cheating and exploiting. In any case, there are thousands of my brothers who say what you are saying, do not criticize, and if we notice, they are not making any Prabhupadanugas, they are not helping pick up the pieces of the heart broken devotees whose gurus fell down, and they harassed me for making a lawsuit for the children, and so on ad infinitum, in sum, they are not being effective in changing the situation because of this artificial idea that its all one and lets not criticize. 

So I wish all of you well, and go ahead with that idea, as for me, I am going to follow the acharya's process, Srila Prabhupada criticized all day long, he did not want us to fall into what ISKCON has become today. As for Lord Gauranga lila, He rejected false sannyasa wholesale, He had the sahajiyas chopped up with choppers, He assailed the smartas, and He never would have tolerated any of the current illicit sex and other goings on in these false guru sabhas for one second. ys pd


First of all, most of the current devotees live outside of ISKCON and they do not follow a GBC guru at all, indeed almost nobody lives inside official ISKCON at present. OK, there are a few thousand people in their temples worldwide, well we have at least a few thousand ritviks outside their temples ourselves, in fact here in San Francisco there are hundreds of devotees living outside and maybe ten inside the official ISKCON, so most of us are outside, and overall we are growing even around here while they are diminishing. Our new Sunnyvale temple has more visitors than their temples and some of their former big important guests are now coming to our program. Their temples are mostly empty because most people already rejected that system. OK, maybe a few percentage of my readers are there. So I am more worried about the people who have already left official ISKCON and they need shelter of a bona fide guru now. I am not too worried about official ISKCON, it has almost nobody in their temples at the moment. Its not that relevant to what I am doing personally. Once the Prabhavishnu people leave, and many of them wll, then we can present things to them, and we are doing that already. We are not as worried about the official institution as you are, we are independent of all these institutional concerns. ys pd

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