Sunday, January 15, 2012

Child abuse issue mis-handled

Wayne Haridas Kleysen · Manitoba Iinstitute of Technology I have stated I'm not into politics...but this is incredible ...the last time I ever had anything to do with the subject was back in 95-96. One Hrdyananda with phd in B S...chaired an Istagoshi at Saranagati farm in B C, Canada. Even tho (I was) 53 years of age and I was new kid on the block... lucky eh... I didn't have any knowledge of this tragedy before I experienced the outrage exhibited by the 100 or so devotee parents present. His lordship (Hrdayananda) pacified them...somewhat...with promises of it never happening again because guys like him would make sure of it. I was the last to speak before he gave his closing thesis. I asked him what and where is the accountability?? That in my previous life style of the business Karmi world, we had means of dealing with such persons. And it would not be throwing them out of Kuleshekar prabhus one story temple balcony. (A devotee was injured badly after being thrown out of a 1st floor window for questioning the gurus). Not ten stories higher either... but at least four... so they would be only half dead for the rest of their lives... which was similar to what was done to these kids... leaving them worse than half dead. He didn't understand a word I said ... but his servant told him the general gist when I closed with a simple statement... 'I wouldn't want to be in his shoes if he didn't live up to his promises'. I find it so hard to believe what I have just read. That this is the kind of bull shit these unaccountable leaders get away with... from the likes of ''money hungry corporate whore's''... ya sure, but from leaders of Prabhupada's movement... is this the legacy that any self aware disciple wants for Prabhupada??? ...kick the buggers... right in the crotch at least they can't propagate any more than they have already done...sickos all of them. My God, Krsna I pray for them...

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  1. Harinam Madrid, after kicking out all the senior rank&file, ISKCON manages to always have young folks to move up. Kind of a lemming syndrome. They see what happened with all those pioneers, but still they join. Irreproducible. Must be Krishna's plan...


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