Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tirtha dasa (Kirtanananda's hitman)



  1. So it seems Tirtha was a soldier in Vietnam.
    Prabhupada: "In a war, when the commander orders a man to attack, the obedient soldier who kills the enemy will get a medal."

    After a life sentence conviction the judge or jury has the opportunity of fixing the sentence at a minimum of 20 years. In other words, Tirtha might be released soon. As usual, PADA comes up with populistic headlines, "It had become apparent that Tirtha was a Mass-Murderer", while this so called "mass-murderer" is seen drinking lassi at the next Mayapur-festival.

  2. Well we at least took on the Kirtanananda cult and made some effort to contain him, no one else did. In fact most everyone else gave us hell for "offending the pure devotees." ys pd

  3. Sorry, forgot, he's a maharaja, HH Tirtha Swami.


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