Friday, January 20, 2012

Guru by hook and crook / Narayana Maharaja

"Dumb and dumber" gurus by Rocana dasa

Beg, borrow or steal to remain guru by Mahasrngha dasa

Narayana Maharaja admits he supports cheaters as gurus:

Prema-prayjona dasa: Gurudeva, you said that a partial guru has controlled the six urges like vaco-vegam, manasa, krodha-vegam, etc. Such gurus, even with that partial quality, will not fall?

Srila Gurudeva:  They will not fall down, but they are not perfect gurus. Those who are serving Srimati Radhika personally are gurus of the highest caliber.

Prema-prayjona dasa: Regarding the ones who have fallen down, they're not even partial gurus?

Srila Gurudeva:  No. They are not even devotees, what to speak of being gurus. They are not only cheating others, but they are cheating themselves.

[PADA: Right Narayana Maharaja now admits that his support of the GBC as gurus means he is supporting cheaters as gurus. ys pd]

Bangalore temple vehicle advertising Rathayatra

PADA: Dear James, OK, the bottom line is that not many of us are working within the institutional structure of ISKCON, nor is it likely many of us will be there anytime soon, so we might as well agree to encourage each other's preaching independently. I am trying to help those who no longer are able to hang on to the institution, and the main customers I deal with have already left the mother ship of ISKCON and are not coming back, and as such we are having some success. I'd say we have saved at least some folks because they have reported that, and we get constant correspondence from others all the time who want to join our process. And many others have joined our exodus and have abandoned the corporate ISKCON process and they are preaching independent like James and so is GH, so we ought to try to agree with the Bible that -- the harvest is big, the harvestors, ok, not so much. We have developed a specific type of medicine for our specific patients, if others can save other types of patients, thats great. The more independent preaching the better in my opinion. We may not all be giving the same type of medicine, but if people are being saved, that's all that matters, ys pd


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  1. hari bol

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THE DIVINE NAME OF MY SPIRITUAL MASTER YOUR HOLINESS Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami, in these matters. Where is the link of matter in which Srila Gurudeva speaks SUCH THINGS, PLEASE MATERIA Delta is infused, THIS is your mind. My Gurudeva IA NEVER AGREE WITH FALSE GURU PLEASE READ THE LESSONS Srila Gurudeva.

    ji please delete it post , this matter and his lie , please . thanks radhe radhe ,


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