Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RE Bangalore v Bombay lawsuit / by Niscala dd


PADA: Incidentally, GBC leader Basu Ghosha said that when "ISKCON is trying to prove that ISKCON is fraudulent," one result might be -- that the Indian government will take over ALL the temples and properties. This has happened many times in India, when an organization is considered as corrupt, the government may seize the whole thing and appoint its own administration. Some folks have said this in fact may be Radhanatha swami's actual plan, because all of his INDIA property is not in the name of ISKCON. So if ISKCON is taken over as Basu Ghosha has warned is possible, Radhanatha will emerge as the main program in India. In any case, Basu Ghosha is correct, "proving" that the leadership of ISKCON are fradulent in public is not going to help ISKCON. As for Madhu Pandit having forged documents, the entire claim that Srila Prabhupada "appointed guru successors" (whereby the properties were taken over by the alleged successors) has no documentation whatsoever. We offered a $108,000 reward in all the UP Vrndavana newspapers for anyone to show one shred of document that he had appointed successors, not one single person came forward to claim the reward. Hansadutta also detailed the whole appointment was basically a means of taking over the properties, and he would know, he was one of them. In any case, spending $4,000,000 from each side means: Millions of children were not fed, devotee retirement centers were not made, Prithu das reported that ISKCON cows had to be sold for slaughter because no one was there to care for them, in other words money that should have been spent on useful items has instead gone into the pockets of expensive lawyers, this is exactly what Srila Prabhupada told us not to do, to become another Gaudiya Matha and spend all the matha money on lawyers. There is another related court case coming up today in Calcutta, the suicide death of one of the ritviks because a false charge of rape was made against him and he commited suicide in jail. 10 leaders of Calcutta and Mayapura have been named as the suspects. This was also all over the media of India and was required as part of the counter to the Delhi case. I am not sure why people think all this is helpful to the good name of ISKCON? Then again Bangalore has hundreds of devotees, and as we see repeatedly, as soon as the GBC "takes over" like they did here in the USA, there is almost no one left. Boston temple for example has almost no manpower and thus has rats in the basement who come on the altars at night and pass rat stools there, I am not sure why emptying out temples is a good program either? Two of the wives of my friends from Boston say they will not set foot in the temple because they are afraid of the rats, is this what we want to have going on in Bangalore too? ys pd    

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