Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grigoriy from Russia writes:

Grigoriy says: 

Though Prabhavishnu Dasa declared he is no longer an initiating guru still many disciples refuse to accept. They behaving like they are in shock. They talk about him as still being their gurudeva no matter if he refuse them.

My wife speak like this to me now she wont talk to me her husband about this matter. I was his disciple to and I understand that for many years he was cheating us making us his disciples think he is pure devotee of Krishna but even us his disciples did not know he was going to prostitute in Bangkok for many years back all the time we were keep high spiritual standard he could not maintain. How much money did I give to him I do not want to count and now I am to think that when I asked for his help with my life problems it made him drained of energy and he says I am to blame.

This makes me understand that we do not worship the man but the post of guru. The man can be fallen and drunkard or prostitute going so long as he has or had post of guru it does not concern us. This must be stopped this is foolish idea for disciples to have. First Harikesa now Prabhavishnu now who? I am not taking another guru. What do I do now with no guru? There is much illusion in Russian community.

I think time will calm this craziness down and I pray that Krishna will open their eyes.

Please pray for us all you good souls for fast recovery to our problems.

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  1. Problem is that Russian devotees hardly understand any English and have no clue what happened so far.
    They better read it in their own language,


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