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Mahatma Das on GBC's "Mental Disorders"

Key Points:

Prabhupada wanted devotees to take inspiration from Krishna and use their intelligence.

[PADA: Hee hee, ok when it comes to "mental disorders," almost no one is more "disordered" than folks like Mahatma das. He says his pals are "parampara acharyas," i.e. as pure as God, as pure as Jesus etc. Thus Mahatma's "pure devotees from heaven" can absorb sins like Jesus; They can have their feet washed like Jesus; They can be worshiped as "Jesus - like" saints, never mind they are often found to be -- debauchees. Then again the Mahatma program says that a number of their gurus have simply suffered from mental break downs and mental disorders, which makes us wonder what kind of people he is selecting for his gurus? 

Yep! Only fools (mental patients?) like Mahatma juxtapose the status of Jesus with debauchees, which is of course -- also done by some of the residents of Bellvue hospital! And -- demons! Mahatma dasa is "head quartered in Mayapura," where his program has promoted illicit sex acharyas all along since 1977.  

Of course notice, Mahatma das is actually inviting people to be banned, exiled, beat, sued and assassinated, because he says we should use our intelligence -- and intelligent people will reject his illicit sex messiahs. Meanwhile, Mahatma das knows full well that anyone who does reject his illicit sex pooja program will be treated viciously by Mahatma's illicit sex messiah's program. Yep, Mahatma is actually inviting people to be banned, beaten, sued -- or worse. Then again Mahatma's program is spending $20m suing the devotees who rejected his illicit sex pooja program. Yep, use your intelligence, then you will be banned, beaten, sued, or -- assassinated by the Mahatma guru program. Thanks for the invite pal!  

The only good news for the Mahatma das debauchee messiah's program is -- that it kills off everyone equally. His guru program does not discriminate friends from foe! (A) The dissenters to his illicit sex messiahs are often banned, sued, or sometimes beaten and killed, and meanwhile -- (B) His illicit sex messiahs themselves are often dropping like flies in scandals, sickness and untimely deaths from "taking the karma of their disciples." 

Mahatma's guru program customers are suffering and dying?

A bunch of Mahatma's messiahs ALREADY fell down in scandals, a bunch of them are crazy, a bunch of them are sick, a bunch of them are already dead, and its not looking like this process is going to improve anytime soon, rather its going downhill more every day. 

Same thing happened in the post-1936 Gaudiya Matha, dissenters died untimely, the false acharyas died untimely, yep, everyone gets a chance to die here! And so Mahatma's program copies the bogus 1936 acharya's program, thus it spares no one, the bogus messiahs die untimely, those who dissent the bogus messiahs die untimely, which is apparently Mahatma's program's actual agenda, to have people die untimely! Of course the bogus post-1936 Gaudiya Matha also has homosexual acharyas, and how did you guess, Mahatma's program also has homosexual acharyas. The bogus Gaudiya Matha has giant lawsuits, and Mahatma's hokey pokey messiah's program also has giant lawsuits, ad infinitum.   

"Are We Dead Yet Jim"? Hellish "art" made by Mahatma's messiah SDG 

As a bonus -- Mahatma das program gets to kill off Krishna's and ISKCON's good name and reputation by his program's advertising that Krishna's acharyas are often -- taking drugs, falling down in all sorts of spectacular tailspins, taking percodans, having their heads chopped off for having sex with people's wives, shooting at occupied buildings, and who knows what else. 

Then Mahatma's ilk are very happy because various people die, the institution dies, the image of Krishna looks quite terrible to the public (which is what demons always wanted). Nowadays more and more people ask us this question all the time, "Was this all part of Mahatma's plan all along? Is he all along a 'sinister movement' infiltrator whose whole purpose all along was -- to destroy the religion of Krishna"? This is the question we get regularly, was ISKCON infiltrated by people who all along wanted to see illicit sex being worshiped as God's messiahs -- because they hate God (they are demons)? 

Is this why Jesus says the Pharisees are not going to heaven, and their main program on earth is to block others from going there as well? Is Mahatma a current day representative of the Pharisee program? And what happens in the next life to people whose main program is to stop others from going to God and to His heaven? Well we could venture a guess ... but they are telling us themselves, this is a photo from the Mahatma program's web site ....

Join us in hell!

Anyway! Everyone gets to die prematurely in the Mahatma das program, friends and foes alike, and his program also kills off the name of ISKCON too! There are no winners here, except that Mahatma's plan ruins ISKCON, and it ruins both the bogus gurus and the dissenters at the same time, and it turns people away from God en masse, which is what demons have always wanted all along since time (in the material world) began. The main objective here seems to be the same as the Pharisees at the time of Jesus, i.e. stopping others from entering the kingdom of God. 

What amazes a lot of us is -- that after waiting for a million years to get a human birth, someone would then dedicate their entire human lives to stopping others from going to heaven, and they would literally stop all their other activities and just sit on a religion to make that religion die off into terrible deterioration.  

Then again, this is not so amazing really, since in the story of King Puranjan it says that is exactly what will happen when the acharya departs, all sorts of hideous exploiters will try to latch on to the religion and take advantage of the situation. And they will make bogus swamis, yogis, avatars to create chaos. Yep, this was predicted, that the demons would exploit the situation. 

That deterioration process seems to be the only thing that works out for sure in Mahatma's plan? The rank and file have to leave, and they have to suffer by being exiled for not worshiping Mahatma's illicit sex messiahs, and then Mahatma's false messiahs also have to suffer -- if not die prematurely as well. A bonus for the Mahatma program appears to be -- eliminating the worship of Krishna from the planet, the temples are empty. the reputation of Krishna is shot, and the only people who are happy about all this are -- the founder fathers and cheer leaders of this illicit sex pooja program -- ok the Mahatma types. 

Mahatma's messiahs producing "art from the hellish planets." 

This process is described clearly in the Sri Isopanisad, where Mahatma's program's folks are called "the killers of the soul (atma hana)" -- all of which -- "leads to a birth in darkness and ignorance": 

"Such materialistic asuras sometimes make a show of religion, but their ultimate aim is material prosperity. The Bhagavad-gita (16.17-18) rebukes such men by calling them atma-sambhavita, meaning that they are considered great only on the strength of deception and are empowered by the votes of the ignorant and by their own material wealth. Such asuras, devoid of self-realization and knowledge of isavasya, the Lord's universal proprietorship, are certain to enter into the darkest regions." Yikes! And there are thousands of such hellish planets! 

And all we have to do is look at the art of Mahatma's messiahs to see what those hellish places look like. Yes, and in another verse the Sri Isopanisad furthermore CONFIRMS that Mahatma's false acharyas and their supporters, ok guys like Mahatma das, must enter the most obnoxious places in the universe -- for promoting such false acharyas. 

So those of us who read the shastra -- know their future destination. Yep, its that simple, all we need do is to look at the hellish art produced by Mahatma's messiahs, then we can easily see they are already living in the darkest regions of hell, its just not official yet. Then again Srila Prabhupada says anyone who insults the acharyas by saying they are falling down conditioned souls is already a resident of hell -- gurusuh narah matih narkah sah. That means Mahatma's program is already in hell, narakah sah, already residents of hell. 

MD: Prabhupada always condemned being overly dependent because if you're too dependent, then it's like you've been given knowledge but then you don't use it.

[PADA: So why is Mahatma a dependent lackey / cheer leader of the GBC's foolish false messiah's program? As Sulochana used to say, no one is allowed to even speak shastra without being banned, exiled, if not physically attacked, or killed. What kind of program is this? We should be dependent on shastra, however anyone who repeats shastra, is banned, sued, beat or killed?]

Look at all these happy faces in illicit sex pooja land!

MD: Prabhupada said you should approach Guru thinking yourself a fool but don't act like a fool.
If a person can't make their own decision, if they are overly dependent on others to make decisions for them, then this is actually a mental disorder.

[PADA: OK but what happens when Mahatma gives us his illicit sex, drugs and fools for our gurus?]

MD: If devotees doubt their intuition and they are afraid to use their own intelligence, then they're not creative and inspired in Krishna consciousness because they are afraid to go out of bounds.
Sometimes we have the sense that something is wrong but afraid to speak it.

[PADA: Afraid of what? Right! Afraid for good reason, anyone who does not think acharyas are mostly debauchees will be banned, beaten and maybe shot in the head by the Mahatma das debauchee guru program. This begs the question, why are people afraid of the vicious Mahatma guru regime in the first place? Because anyone who protests his debauchee messiahs project will be severely harassed or worse.] 

MD: One who sincerely tries to do the right thing will never be misled because Krishna will always guide him to do the right thing.

[PADA: Correct, as soon as Krishna guides a person to understand that His ACTUAL acharyas and messiahs are not debauchees, then the Mahatma's program will have that person banned, beaten and maybe killed, because Mahatma's program does not want anyone to agree with Krishna. Good point! Agreeing with Krishna is however ALWAYS forbidden by the demons since time began! As soon as anyone (like us) says, "God and His successors are not debauchees," then Mahatma's program has us banned, beat and maybe killed, because agreeing with God is forbidden in the kingdom of the demons!] 

MD: We need to have faith in our own sincerity. That's the most important thing. We will make imperfect decisions and do the wrong things. That's normal. If a devotee is sincere, gradually he or she will come to understand that he or she is wrong. ... Krishna guides sincere devotee and provides intelligence, always and at every stage.

[PADA: Correct, Sulochana was guided by Krishna to understand that Kirtanananda is bogus, and so the Mahatma program had him assassinated. A devotee who did 20 years of service was just recently kicked out because he asked why Mahatma's gurus are falling down, so as soon as Krishna gives people the correct idea they are banished and removed.] 

MD: One thing that is obvious when Krishna says, “I give intelligence how to come to me” and then the idea that when you are ready you meet a guru (and when you’re not ready you won’t) – there is an aspect of this conversation in which we see that even a neophyte or a new person is getting a guidance from Krishna on how to progress in devotional service.

[PADA: Of course even the karmis know that Mahatma's illicit sex messiah program is bogus, one does not even require any Vedic knowledge to know -- their worship of illicit sex program if wrong, and its against everything God teaches all over the universe. In sum, worship of illicit sex is considered as demoniac all over the world, which is why just about everyone thinks these Mahatma people are demoniac for promoting their illicit sex messiahs. Krishna says worship of illicit sex will take one down to the lowest regions, and He also says the Mahatma supporters of the worship of illicit sex will have to go down there for promoting same. Of course even dogs and Turkeys do not worship illicit sex, they are way more advanced than the Mahatma program probably ever will be.]

MD: In the world of psychology – they diagnosed this as a mental disorder (maybe not exactly this) – but they diagnosed that if a person can’t make their own decision, if they are dependent on others to make decisions for them, then this is actually a mental disorder. And you may know people like that, “What do I do? I don’t know what to do.” And they’re always asking for guidance; and they can’t make any of their own decisions. So there is a sense that it is healthy, and a sense that being over dependent is unhealthy.

[PADA: The independent minded devotees are always being weeded out ... and the fools who think JPS is another Jesus are kept. And Mahatma's program also wants JPS to be worshiped as the next messiah, because JPS's taking karma without qualification is even killing -- JPS himself -- that is the apparent plan, the dissenters are being weeded out if not killed, the gurus are taking too much karma -- and they are dying untimely and being killed, apparently that is what Mahatma's program is all about in the end, there are empty temples and dead bodies all over the place.]

MD: In some cases devotees may see a person doing something wrong, and in their minds they may have to somehow or other conceive that it's actually transcendental.

[PADA: Right, when Jayatirtha was taking drugs and having illicit sex, Jayapataka came to England and told us this sometimes happens with acharyas. Transcendence and illusion are one and the same? This is madness on steroids.] 

MD: Or, if they see something – and this is an even more sensitive issue – if they see something that is wrong in the movement or they see someone who is doing something wrong then they can sometimes become afflicted, and in some cases they may see the wrong as right because the person they are seeing doing the wrong shouldn’t be doing anything wrong.

[PADA: So why does Mahatma keep telling people his false acharyas are still acharyas, when he knows they are doing wrong? He is the person creating this conflict, confusion and madness.]

MD: So in their minds they may have to somehow or other conceive that it’s actually transcendental. So they’re going against what they’re actually seeing and they’re going against what they actually know as wrong, or going against what is right in them, and they don’t see it. And if they feel that it is wrong, then they start feeling, “I have to feel bad because I’m feeling such a wrong because it couldn’t be wrong.”

[PADA: Right, normal people can see that Mahatma's emperor has no clothes, but no one is allowed to point this out ... and that is because Mahatma's program will kick jack boots down on your head like a bag of hammers as soon as you point out that his emperor has no clothes. For example Bhakti chaitanya swami (aka Raghubhir) just kicked out a devotee who was doing service for 20 years, because that devotee was asking questions about  -- the (GBC guru project's) emperor having no clothes ... no one is allowed this freedom to think ... because Mahatma's program will kick the legs out from under a person who "questions the guru" and they take the doubting person out the door maybe to be beaten with shoes, in typical Mafia style.]

MD: In normal circumstance, in normal life (life outside of Krishna consciousness), often it’s a little more black and white. If something is wrong, if the President of the United States did something wrong then it’s obviously wrong, and there is no doubt that it’s wrong. Everyone says it’s wrong; what you do about it is another thing. It’s more black and white. There is less at stake for us. But in Krishna consciousness we are always afraid we’ll make offenses to another devotee. It could be damaging to our spiritual life. So we are very cautious, always afraid that perhaps we don’t understand the philosophy correctly. Fear that intelligence may misdirect and lead to make an offense can alienate us from using our intelligence.

[PADA: And Mahatma is a prime person creating this artificial fear ...]

MD: Sometimes we have the sense that something is wrong but afraid to speak it. Or sometimes we’re even afraid to think it because we may think that it’s offensive or it’s just wrong and we’ll be misled. It’s important to understand two things: Krishna says in the Gita, “One who does good will never be overcome by evil.”

[PADA: Fantastic quote, this proves that Mahatma and his gurus are evil, because they are constantly being overcome by illusion, they are not being protected by Krishna from illusion.]

MD: What Krishna means is that a devotee who is sincere will aways be properly directed. If we’re not properly directed, if we end up somewhere other than Krishna’s lotus feet or the lotus feet of Prabhupada, then we can say that based on this verse that we did something bad or – good being more accurately translated in this verse is sincere.

[PADA: Anyone who takes shelter of Srila Prabhupada is branded as a demon ritvik and is beaten with shoes, or killed. No one is allowed to take shelter of Srila Prabhupada, and Mahatma's program is spending $20,000,000 suing the devotees in India to stop them from worshiping the pure devotee, they want people to worship Mahatma's illicit sex acharya program, or else you will be banned, and sued.] 

MD: One who sincerely tries to do the right thing will never be misled because Krishna will aways guide him to do the right thing. Sincere person does not need a bogus guru. For an insincere person, there are many bogus gurus lined up waiting for their money.

[PADA: But Mahatma is the person cramming his bogus debauchee gurus program down people's throats? And Mahatma also crammed his child abuse program down the throats of ISKCON's children, and had us banned for protesting, and even killed for protesting. Now he is blaming his victims, he says they wanted to be cheated by Mahatma, no they wanted the real thing and he gives them the false thing. He is cheating them out of worship of a pure devotee, and when they are cheated, he blames his victims? This is like blaming a rape victim for her own rape?]

MD: We are not perfect.

[PADA: But you claimed your messiahs are parampara pure acharyas?]

MD: We will make imperfect decisions and do the wrong things. If a devotee is sincere, gradually he or she will come to understand that he or she is wrong. They may not understand it for ten years, but they will understand it at some point. We need to have faith in our own sincerity. That’s the most important thing. My brain may not always work well. I may not be able to understand everything.

I may not have sufficient knowledge to understand everything. I may not understand everything my Guru tells me. At certain levels of advancement of Krishna consciousness you will not be able to understand things as deeply as you would on another stage. So we have limitations. Everything is not going to be perfect. You might say, “Sounds like what you’re saying is that you shouldn’t worry because everything will work out.” I am saying that, but it may take time to work out. Sincerity is the most important thing in making decisions which we feel are correct but may not know are correct.

[PADA: Any sincere person who wants to worship the pure devotee will be banned, beat, sued, and maybe shot to death.]

MD: Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow guru, sadhu, and sastra. I don’t mean, “Just be sincere. You don’t need books.” In a sense, you could say that. “You just need a Guru, the Holy Name, and sincerity and everything will be there.” But even though I could say that, I’m not saying that because that’s not really the way Prabhupada taught us entirely. He did teach that, but not entirely. So you have books. You have sastra. You have guidance: guru, sadhu and sastra. But we’ll still make mistakes. We have to base decisions on what we believe to be correct based on what we’ve learned from Prabhupada and what we’ve learned from sastra.

[PADA: Where does Srila Prabhupada tell us to follow Mahatma's program of worship of illicit sex?] 

MD: And I’m not going to say it’s ok to make mistakes – because we shouldn’t – but what I mean by saying that it’s ok to make mistakes is that we will make mistakes and that’s normal. As Krishna says, if a devotee is sincere then he will be guided and eventually he will understand the mistake and be guided properly. You might be thinking, “I’m afraid to fully use my intelligence because I don’t trust it. I don’t think I have it” or, “If I’m a fool before my Guru then how can I make so many decisions?” But we have to make decisions.

Don’t be afraid that, “Oh I don’t know what to do! I don’t know how to act! I have these feelings that I think are right but I’m bewildered! Is it really right!? I mean, am I that smart that I could make all these decisions? Am I really that advanced that Krishna is giving me this insight or intuition!?” That kind of thinking does not make sense because if you’re actually following Krishna consciousness then Krishna says that that’s exactly what He does. He gives you all of that. So you can’t back that up sastricly to think you’re not getting it. Does that makes sense? It makes sense to me, you know?

[PADA: Wow, does Mahatma think his promoting the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children is "God's intuition"? Sounds like Satan's intuition?]

MD: Praphupada wrote to a lot of people who had only been devotees for a few years, saying that Krishna will give intelligence.

[PADA: Krishna is giving intelligence, most of the devotees and 99999.9999 percent of the public are barfing at Mahatma's illicit sex pooja program. Even dogs do not worship illicit sex, which means it will take many lifetimes for Mahatma even to get a dog body.]

MD: Often I see the problem of devotees getting confused. Krishna is inspiring them but they don’t always realize it. They’re not always connected with it. At the same time, it’s true that sometimes maya bewilders us. I’m not saying that that’s not going to happen. The point I’m making is that if you’re following Krishna consciousness process then Krishna promises, “I’ll give you intelligence. I’ll guide you.” You shouldn’t be in a position to doubt that “I’m getting this inspiration. I getting this idea. Is it really maya or is it really Krishna?” If you’re in Krishna consciousness, generally it’s going to be Krishna. If you’re in maya, generally it’s going to be maya because maya is going to direct you towards sense gratification. So, if you’re getting an idea that has basis in guru, sadhu, and sastra then why should you doubt it? And if you’re not sure if it has basis in sadhu, guru and sastra, then you should ask somebody. But don’t be disconnected and don’t turn your intelligence off – that’s my point.


[PADA: Mahatma wants us to use our intelligence and reject his bogus illicit sex guru program, so we will be banned, sued, beaten and killed. Wonderful! There is no guru, no sadhu and no shastra that tells people they need to worship Mahatma's illicit sex messiahs to go back to God. Its his mental disorder. ys pd]

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