Monday, September 19, 2016

We Follow the Prabhupadacarya System

[PADA: The GBC guru system is basically crumbling, and its pretty much self evident. The GBC has made "resolutions" that their acharyas are -- voted in, voted out, monitored for illicit sex, suspended, censured, removed, excommunicated, and worse -- maybe put in jail for crimes. What kind of acharyas are "suspended for not chanting their rounds and engaging in illicit sex"?

This is a total concoction, and Madhu Pandit is right, its the priests (ritviks) who are managed by a governing board. A friend of mine told me he is friends with some of these gurus, and they are so bewildered by the countless comlpex resolutions they have made regarding regulating their acharyas, its like talking to a mad man to even begin to untangled all these complex rules and regulations for acharyas they have created, even they have no idea where all this started and how to untangled from it. And so now, they are relying on their Shastra Advisory Committee to write even more rules for their acharyas, instead of admitting acharyas are transcendent to all these types of rules.

At the same time, despite all these rules, their many mavericks like Hrdayananda, Satsvarupa, Mahanidhi, Radhanath and others -- just do what they want to anyway, whether the overall GBC agrees or not, so their rules are a waste of time since there is no enforcement for their rules to control messiahs. So its all collapsing, plain and simple. ys pd]  

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