Saturday, September 17, 2016

Prithu Das Sauces Krishna West

[PADA: OK so Prithu das was "voted in" as guru by the recoronators of a known sexual predator "acharya," and now he is complaining about others? Why has he been promoting sexual predators as God's successors and acharyas in the first place? Why has he been promoting that gurus are voted in, and worse, that gurus are "voted in" by the same people who re-certify known sexual predators as their acharyas?

Prithu cites a letter from Srila Prabhupada criticizing Kirtanananda, but then Prithu was among those who said Kirtanananda is the acharya. That means Prithu has been promoting people as acharyas, knowing in advance they are prone to be deviating from the orders of Srila Prabhupada. Prithu knows in advance that Kirtanananda is prone to deviate, and he was still promoting KS as the acharya?

Of course the biggest problem with Prithu's program is that his regime had been creating a huge molesting infrastructure, and then his regime was banning and removing those of us who complained about this odious mess. Why has Prithu been supporting a regime that bans people for protesting molesting and other crimes?

Isn't this a much bigger deviation than changing the dress? He is very worried about the mode of dress, self-evidently not very worried about the plight of the children and the vulnerable devotees in his society. Which is of course why his society had to be sued for this gross negligence.

He is complaining about changing the mode of dress, while his program has defended sexual predator acaryas, whom were having illicit sex left, right and center. And didn't Prithu forget something else? The acharya he is now criticizing, aka His Divine Grace Srila Hrdayananda Das Goswami Acharyapada, was made an acharya -- by the Prithu program!

Prithu is creating these bogus acharyas, and Srila Prabhupada says -- do not make a guru manufacturing business like they have in India. Then Prithu us saying, we should criticize the acharyas he makes by his own foolish rubber stamping. That means Prithu is establishing that he is authorized to make bogus acharyas, and that acharyas are deviants, and these acharyas should be criticized in public.

Why does Prithu dislike the acharyas so much so, he is always trying to link his acharyas to illicit sex, drugs, crimes and deviated behavior? Why does he not know that he has no authority to rubber stamp these fools as acharyas in the first place? The Sri Isopnanisad says that these deviated people who will make unauthorized acharyas will go to far worse hells than the ordinary man, because the ordinary man would never dream of rubber stamping illicit sex deviants as God's acharyas. Only people like Prithu will make illicit sex and deviants into his acharyas, and unfortunately Srila Prabhupada says false gurus (and their promoters like Prithu) are never forgiven by the Lord, nor any agents of the Lord. ys pd]  


  1. Right, Prithu's party is saying: (A) Hrdayananda is an acharya, (B) He is a deviant, therefore (C) acharyas are often deviants. So they are attacking the entire authority of the Vedic culture by saying not only are acharyas deviants, but we should train people to publicly criticize the acharyas. That is attacking the root of Vedic culture, which rests on the authority of the acharyas. ys pd

  2. Correct: Prithu is actually saying that we should openly and publicly criticize Krishna's successors and acharyas, and make Krishna's acharyas appear as fools and deviants.

    So he wants to make the whole Vaishnava sampradaya appear as a ship of fools. And he is doing a great job, the Krishna religion has lost almost all credibility all over the planet thanks to guys like Prithu preach that acharyas are fools, deviants, debauchees and criminals. So this is actually their "not too secret" hidden agenda, to discredit the whole religion by saying its acharyas are bogus.

    Srila Prabhupada: Don’t be allured by cheap disciples. Go on steadfastly to render service first. If you immediately become guru, then the service activities will be stopped; and as there are so many cheap gurus and cheap disciples, without any substantial knowledge, and manufacturing new sampradayas, and with service activities stopped, and all spiritual progress choked up. (SPL (VI 1987) 68.8.17)


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