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Are there any "Reasonable" GBC Members? (from Australia)


Dear Readers:

Right now in Australia, there is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Allegations of Sexual Abuse. Evidence from sex abuse victims has caused the reputation of the Catholic Church to be dragged through the mud. George Pell, a prominent Church leader, was known to have been aware of many instances of child sexual abuse and failed to do anything to protect victims. 

Indeed he protected known pedophiles and shuffled them around to other dioceses. This is all documented fact. He refused to resign and the Church authorities refused to remove him. Thus the reputation of the Catholic Church has been demolished by the testimony of those aware of the true history. The media reports of the shocking abuse suffered at the hands of "leaders" within the Catholic Church and the criminal negligence of others in bringing these perpetrators to justice, has horrified and outraged members of the Australian public.

In the same way, the senior GBC man in Australia, for the last 30 years or more, is known by sworn testimony of victims of sex abuse by ISKCON officers, to have protected pedophiles and shuffled them around to other temples. Many of these victims have now gone to report their stories to the Royal Commission who, as we speak, are collating the evidence against those ISKCON leaders who have failed to respond appropriately when instances of sexual abuse were reported to them.

If this behavior happened 30 years ago but was now rectified and past mistakes corrected by sincere apologies and restitution to victims, I would not need to be writing this article.

But earlier this year, the complicity of the Adelaide Temple President in ignoring pleas for help from young women who were subject to prolonged and traumatizing sexual harassment and assault from the Acting Temple President, (who happened to be the son of the Temple President), were revealed.

No member of the EC has had the time or inclination to speak to the victims to offer them support or empathy of any kind. All the congregation of sincere initiated devotees have told the representatives of the EC that they will not work under the current Temple President.

And yet the EC stubbornly, and with great determination, and now threatening to ban anyone who opposes them, insist on propping up this man as the Temple President albeit with a co president who lives interstate.

And they are doing this in full knowledge that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Allegations of Sexual Abuse is currently collecting stories. In this way, for the sake of one 70 year old man who is desperate to hold onto his position, even though despised by the majority of the devotees for an encyclopedia of reasons, they are showing their reckless disregard for the reputation of Srila Prabhupada's movement.

They are showing their arrogance in refusing to abide by Australian law and take their responsibilities seriously in protecting young people from abuse. Indeed, the top men have pressured victims to drop police charges. This is even against ISKCON policy. WHY would they sacrifice the interests, well being and devotional service of so many, the entire rank and file Temple devotees, for one man?

All attempts to discuss this matter with members of the EC have been made by many, many concerned devotees. All have had their efforts rebuffed, ignored and stonewalled.

On behalf of many Australian devotees, who will not stop until this matter has been dealt with comprehensively and with justice for the long suffering, mistreated victims of sexual abuse, I now request that this be seen as an international matter. Our two local GBC men have abandoned the welfare of devotees in Australia. They do nothing to help. Indeed they create obstacles for attempts at straightforward communication.

I personally cannot think of who to send this article to, who, concerned for Australian devotees and the reputation of ISKCON in this, the 50th Anniversary year, will actually take some positive action.

Therefore, I am requesting the readers of this article to forward it to anyone you think may have the strength and inclination to address these deep and most profound concerns.

I can be reached at

I look forward to hearing from even one person before this matter escalates exponentially as it surely will without proper intervention.

Thank you.

I hope this meets you all in good health and spirits.

Your servant
Subhalaksmi devi dasi.


Ramai Swami is the over riding influence when it comes to supporting pedophiles and abusers of all kinds and making life difficult for the victims of abuse. He has others to support him who also use heavying and bullying techniques to silence those who speak up for victims of abuse as well, of course, the victims themselves.

A full, comprehensive report of his activities in supporting not only pedophiles but also those who beat and sexually assault women is currently being prepared by those who have all the details. This will be helpful for communicating with police and eventually going to court..

There are some good people on the National Council of ISKCON AUSTRALIA but unfortunately their attempts to do the right thing when they hear the distressing reports of various traumatized victims never come to anything because of Ramai Swamis unnatural ability to intimidate and over rule all other voices.


[PADA: Good luck but this raises the real question, are there any actual "reasonable members of the GBC" in existence currently? What we see all the time is a pattern, that one crisis after the next unfolds, and then there does not seem to be anyone at the helm of the ship to fix the crisis? Or worse, the people who are addressing the crisis are shunned, banned and removed? 

The ISKCON ship simply hits one iceberg, bounces of that and hits one underwater rock, then hits another ship, then goes in the direction of the storm instead of away, and so forth, while the captains of the ship, the so-called leaders, appear to be watching football, playing canasta, and drinking beer in the under deck. And the guy on the deck who was yelling, "iceberg ahead" is ridiculed, demonized and -- tossed off the ship. Then they wonder why the ship hits the iceberg? Then they wonder why everyone jumped off the ship being shocked at the bad steering program?

One of the highly recommended "very sane and moderate" GBC gurus told a friend of ours very recently -- that the reason the GBC does not prosecute child molesters in India is, child molesting is legal in India. Really? So this is from the "moderate" group? This is at best criminal neglect -- on steroids, or aiding and abetting criminals -- at worst perspective. This handily blames India for alleged bad laws -- instead of blaming the GBC for not taking action, of course India does have laws against sexual predators, and its foolish and offensive to say they have none. Its a cop out to explain away the GBC's criminal neglect of these issues.

It seems like the GBC goes to their meetings, sees a Tsunami of complaints against their mal-administration, and then they retreat to: -- Hanging out with the babajis; Living in a nice Venice beach condo like the Krishna West boss; Creating big propaganda about their Mayapura TVOP (which is years overdue); Creating artificial propaganda how things are so nice -- despite their ship hit an iceberg and its sinking. 

And in sum, they seem to be diverting the focus to anything they can find -- so they can avoid dealing with the multitude of problems they are generating by direct means, or by their criminal neglect, or worse, by their criminal attacks on the people trying to address the problems. To sum, as more and more people are telling PADA, this is a thoroughly corrupt institution. 

Assuming there is one reasonable person in the GBC group, he could not take over the helm in any case, there are too many fools fighting for the wheel already, and the sane person would never be allowed to grab it and take control of the chaos. Of course criminals love chaos, as Srila Prabhupada explains.

Bhakti Caru swami gave a nice talk about how the Indians were encouraged by the Westerners to take shelter of Krishna, which is great, but then BCS and his pals from India inserted their -- illicit sex with men, women and children gurus into Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa, and then they said we have to worship Bhakti Caru's giant illicit sex guru agenda to attain Krishna. That means Bhakti Caru hates Krishna, no one but a Krishna hater would place sexual predators, drug addicts, beer drinkers, and criminals into the seat of Vyasadeva. The people who are spitting in the face of Vyasa should not be placed as authorities in ISKCON. 

Some people say we have gone too far with the HKC Jaipur people, but they are identical to the GBC: as soon as anyone tries to address the GBC's crimes, the HKC folks vociferously try to stop -- the people trying to stop the GBC group's crimes. Thus they are agents for -- and giant boot lickers of -- the bogus GBC gurus, plain and simple. 

Worse, the HKC folks even think that child abuse should be protected by death threats, which makes them direct clones of Tamal. There is not one iota of difference in these agendas, ask the victims. They are simply another version of the molester guru lovers, as more than a few ex-kulis have told PADA. So this is all part of the same pattern, protecting crimes and criminals in the highest places of the society.

Bhakti Vikas swami is supposed to be the best of this lot, except he supports and hangs out all the time with Jayapataka, Prabha Vishnu, and all the other pillar leaders of all these deviations. Anyway, more people are waking up, and thus its getting better for us all the time, and lets hope more people wake up going forward. ys pd] 

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  1. We kept hearing this over the years: "some of the GBC's gurus are bona fide, at least one of them is a pure devotee, one is authorized, some are authorized," etc. Ok which one or ones?

    This is starting to get a little ritvik-diculous, the GBC and their minions before used to just come out and say "Jayatirtha is the pure devotee," but now they seem to make a vague statement "how do we know Srila Prabhupada did not make a pure devotee somewhere, surely one of them is pure"?

    Yep! There must be someone pure there, etc.

    OK that means they are reluctant to identify who, if any, are pure. And that is because then we might ask, ok who voted your guru into their parampara? And there is no good answer.

    This is a good development, before they used to identify all kinds of pure devotees, now they just say, "well how do we know none of them are pure"? We don't have to know, you are not able to identify any, so you folks are yourself de facto saying there is none, because none can be identified?

    If there is a pure devotee out there in GBC land, someone should point that person out and send his name to, thanks! ys pd


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