Saturday, September 10, 2016

George A Smith / Windle Turley / and ... the Jewish Bankers?

PADA: Thanks very much for sending me a copy of the letter from George A. Smith regarding how he disapproved of the Windle Turley child molesting lawsuit. And you are telling us that recently members of the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur crew are circulating this older letter from George. Without publishing this whole letter -- and a lot of rambling, lets just cut to the chase and get to the essence of his message (of course I am not sure if this is what George currently believes).

This letter is typical of many GBC sympathetic devotees from that era (the 1980s - 1990s) because it fails to mention the actual problems the children experienced. Worse, actually fails to even state what these problems are? In fact the letter appears to have little recognition of the victimization at all, which is fairly typical of many folks from that era. Many folks just did not seem to empathize with the victims. Worse, a lot of people did not seem to understand that victimization was going on, or care etc. The letter also offers no solution to the problems that had been going on, simply more pushing the issue under the carpet. No solution is even proposed. Nor has George or his pals subsequently offered any real time solution to these problems.  

In that era there were ONGOING problems of -- suicides, abuse -- because many kids were still in the GBC's "schools," and even an ongoing problem of young women being married off to older men (as was happening in New Vrdavana) -- and so on and so forth. Lets also not forget that people like Sanat were big supporters of the GBC's regime at the time.

Anyway! The lawsuit convinced probably hundreds of parents to withdraw their children from these GBC managed schools and communities, which helped and even saved hundreds of these kids. And thus, numerous parents who had their kids involved in those "schools" have thanked the lawsuit for helping them see the problem, which alerted them to remove their children from this program. Numerous ex-children have also thanked the lawsuit for getting them out of neglectful or abusive conditions.

A few grown women who were teen aged girls at that time said to us -- the lawsuit saved them from getting MARRIED OFF to a much older man, because their parents FLED the community and took them out of there. So this group of guys who did not want the lawsuit means, they wanted more abuse to continue, they wanted more victims to commit suicide, and they wanted more young females to be married off to much older men AGAINST THEIR WISHES. Why do they always want Srila Prabhupada's children to be victimized, and doesn't that put them in the same camp as the victimizers? This is amazing, they claim to be Srila Prabhupada defenders, as they toss his children into the hands of the victimizing regime.

They never really answer the question, why do they want SRILA PRABHUPADA's children to be victimized? 

And lets face it, the main reason that many of the parents; folks like George A. Smith; the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur team; the GBC; and many other bewildered folks et al. -- ever even mentioned the child molesting issue AT ALL is -- because the lawsuit put it on the map. Otherwise no one was dealing with the issue, nor has anyone made a subsequent lawsuit because they really do not care about this issue enough to take action. Even Bhakta Peter said, how come it took all the way until 1997 before people even began to address all this?

Now what did George A. Smith think was a major problem issue in his letter that you forwarded? Yep, how did you guess, its THE MONEY! He is apparently worried the GBC will have less shekels! He also claims we personally made some money, nope. This was not about money AT ALL, it was about removing kids from situations where they could be victimized, and it worked to a large extent.

OK, read: these folks think that children should be tossed under a bus and crushed to death so we can save a few of the GBC's stolen shekels. I could not have summed it up better than this letter itself does, there is no apparent concern for children's welfare whatever, there is self evidently a lot of concern with keeping shekels in the GBC's pockets. 

What is more amazing is that while the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks complain about -- the Jewish bankers -- those who do not care for others and only care about money -- they have simply proved that they are the same type people -- concerned about money -- by their forwarding this letter out to others. No mention of the actual kid's problems are detailed in this letter, nor does this group ever explain why these kids should continue to have this victimization.

Well goody, now we know who ISKCON's actual Jewish bankers are, its themselves! They discuss money and not people, they are the Monsanto / Jewish Bankers / Draco demons -- they complain about! Worse, George complains that these children now have a bad attitude towards Krishna, well no kidding, because they see that these types of guys are mainly interested in counting shekels and not in taking care of children, while posing as devotees. 

Hee hee, one ex-kuli told me, these guys always thinking about Jewish bankers has made them shekel counting bankers themselves. Of course the actual Jewish bankers are NOT in favor of child abuse, and they would put children ahead of their money. Its sort of an insult to Jewish bankers to compare this lot to these bankers. We mention Jewish banker mentality only because these guys did first. 

No wonder the children are upset with Krishna, the money grubbing corrupt banker cabal are making pretend they are devotees -- but they are not, so they are giving devotees a bad name. 

We could of course apply this point to almost any issue really. 

As soon as we said the women collecting party is exploiting women, well yes but prabhu -- we need the money! We need to get rid of Kirtanananda, well yep prabhu but, when he bloops and takes all his disciples we won't have his MONEY. We cannot allow devotees like Jayatirtha to take drugs and sit in Vyasa seats, well yep -- but prabhu, we cannot kick him out because when he bloops we lose all of his followers and their MONEY. OK fine, but if you worship money, you are the corrupt bankers program you formerly criticized.

At the same time, if any of these folks including George A Smith has had a big change of heart and would like to write a comment on this topic, we'd like to hear from them. In any case, we are glad these guys finally came out and just admitted that they are with the shekel counter's club, and Srila Prabhupada's children should be victimized and exploited so these guys and their masters can save a few bucks. As one kuli said, we were like peons in North Korea, we get to eat dirt while the big leaders eat feasts. Why are these guys defending this behavior? To sum, child abuse is a crisis that needs to be addressed yesterday, not waiting for the next kalpa. ys pd]


  1. Right, there was not a conspiracy of silence, the GBC and their allies vociferously opposed fixing the molesting program. ys pd

  2. Yep, thanks prabhu, so there was a forum discussing the video of the conspiracy of silence, and Prahlad jumped in and went way off topic, and started a big argument about yogamaya and mahamaya, totally changed up the topic so that the whole gurukula program troubles got swept away, again. Yep, its amazing, these guys are always acting as janitors sweeping up for the GBC. Controlled opposition. Agreed. What about the kulis? Change the topic, this is what these guys have done for decades. ys pd

  3. Right George Smith never actually helped solve even one single problem going on in ISKCON. At least we do not know of any. Yes. So how did he become the big authority for these guys? Hee hee, yep. I like your idea, they find the people who have done little of no active work in fixing anything, and they have presented no solution -- and they want us to follow those people, yep you got it. ys pd

  4. Yes, the George A Smith letter says that the Windle Turley lawsuit destroyed the children's perception of the real process. Except! Their perception at the time was that the leaders and many parents were compromised with the molesting program. George A Smith was apparently simply another one of that compromised group.

    The children's perception at the time was -- that most of the adults were compromised with the molesting program, and George A Smith simply cemented in and verified that perception. So George's program is worried, that by stopping molesting this will give the children a bad perception of the religion. So this is the problems with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur guys, they think that when children are saved from being molested its going to give them a bad perception of things. That means they think that by allowing molesting to go on, this is giving these kids a good perception of things. Molesting is giving children a good perception of the religion? OK ask them why that is their idea ... ys pd

  5. Thanks prabhu, yes this all started in 1997 when we wanted to sue the GBC for the rights to original books. Krishna Kanta and Mukunda das (UK) both advised me against it, and Mukunda even wrote to me that lawyers are all nonsense, because he does not think Srila Prabhupada's original books should even have legal rights.

    So this was the first problem, these guys wanted Jayadvaita to have the only legal books and not Srila Prabhupada.

    Then we said that legal action is required to stop the child abuse process, and again both of these fellows were against that. Of course they were never going to make any legal action to stop the abuse, which means under their scheme the abuse would continue.

    Then later Bangalore started using all the Prabhupada documents we posted in the 1980s for their lawsuit, and the HKC Jaipur and Mukunda crew said that Bangalore is bogus. In short, anyone who actually takes on the GBC in any court anywhere over any issue -- then these guys come out as attack dogs to stop us from attacking the GBC.

    Then Mukunda and Prahlad (HKC Jaipur crew) came out and said they want us to all listen to GBC defenders like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri, which places them smack in the seat of the molester messiah program.

    You are however right, under their idea, many children always have to suffer. The first and last part of their plan is to make others suffer, that is correct. And that is also their complaint about Bangalore, why are they feeding children? Same thing, children need to suffer and be starved. Its a pattern. ys pd


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