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Letter to Prahlad / Mukunda from Mahesh Raja

Mukunda das:It is sad for me to see you distorting the truth about peoples personal lives in a similar manner to PADA.

Mahesh: Mukunda Prabhu are YOU any better then him? YOU have BATTERED your EX wife Indira and DIVORCED her and you gave a lot of Srila Prabhupada’s quotes to JUSTIFY how a WIFE should be subservient to her husband. There was NOT even a SINGLE QUOTE that you gave to your EX wife on HOW a HUSBAND should PROTECT the wife. AT THE LAST RESORT SHE WENT TO POLICE FOR PROTECTION AGAINST YOU. As her husband WHERE WAS YOUR PROTECTION FOR YOUR WIFE?

You want to give me a lecture on HYPOCRISY? Just look at YOUR HYPOCRISY. Where does Srila Prabhupada say get DIVORCED? Husbands PROTECTION is to DIVORCE the wife? To BATTER the wife is PROTECTION? You ILL-TREATED wife SO BADLY and you want to lecture me on Puranjana?

S.B 4.26.17 P King Puranjana Goes to the Forest to Hunt, and His Queen Becomes Angry


When you took your children to the Vrindavan. They were in the NEXT ROOM and you were HAVING (illicit) SEX with some woman you met there. And you want to give ME lecture on HYPOCRISY?


And you do NOT do this THEN what is the VALUE of your PROMISE? You have plenty of time on computer telling the world about Puranjana but no time for completing 16 rounds that you PROMISED Srila Prabhupada at initation. Hypocrisy or WHAT?

SB 5.4.8 The Characteristics of Rsabhadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has said that in order to preach, one must live a practical life and show people how to do things. Apani acari’ bhakti sikhaimu sabare. ONE CANNOT TEACH OTHERS UNLESS HE BEHAVES THE SAME WAY HIMSELF.

[PADA: Thanks Mahesh, You are right, these people should spend their time doing something better. On Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa pooja day these folks wrote a giant complaint about Madhu Pandit das and posted online, and on Srimate Radha's appearance day they wrote a huge complaint about me. Apparently they are thinking about us and not Krishna? It seems they are more interested in muck raking than in worship of Srila Prabhupada and worship of Srimate Radharani?

One of my friends also told me he spoke with Mukunda's wife some years ago when she was afraid for her physical safety from Mukunda, whom she thought had extreme violent tendencies towards women. He does. Ooops, and unfortunately, this is what many members of the pro-homosexual, molester and abuser bogus GBC guru's project have done, they have viciously mistreated women. 

Perhaps this is the reason all these misogyny folks oppose PADA in unison? Prahlad for his part is an enabler of these "men" who beat women, and worse, big tough men who beat little defenseless women devotees of Krishna no less, then he wonders why he cannot convince me he is on the right side of this thing? Then Prahlad says he is against our plan to save children who are being beaten and abused. Ditto heads of a feather. 

We simply do not accept their idea that they are authorized to be cruel and abusive to women and (molested) children. That is not our standard, or even the standard of the karmis. The karmis just removed one football player for his cruel acts on a woman, they do not want these type of people to be acting as their representatives and spokesmen. These people keep saying we should not have saved the ISKCON children, ok that is their plan, do not help people in distress. Rather lets cause people distress.  

Its a pattern. 

In sum, they are bullies and they pick on women, children and people who cannot defend themselves, ok like defenseless women, and then they pick on me because I am opposing their entire misogyny agenda in ISKCON. Needless to say, these misogyny people alienate masses of women from surrendering to Krishna, which is in our opinion very sinful. This abusive mood towards children also alienated most of the children. This was not the mood, tone and tenor of the preaching of Srila Prabhupada who was always very kind, tolerant, respectful, appreciative and encouraging of women. Moreover this medieval anti-women agenda has been alienating women from ISKCON as soon as Srila Prabhupada departed, its a severe deviation. 

We should moreover not be blocking any spirit soul from surrendering to Krishna, just because they have a woman's body or any other body. Everyone is part of Krishna and we should be helping them surrender and not physically attacking any vaishnava. As we see in the painting of a person beating upon the body of a Vaishnava in the Srimad Bhagavatam, ... his next unfortunate life is to be placed in the stone rollers in Yama's planet and punished for attacking a Vaishnava with violence. This is totally unaccepted behavior for Vaishnavas. 

This violence on the body of a Vaishnava is described in shastra as the most sinful activity, perhaps there is nothing worse than this. Of course, these same people who will beat up vaishnavas physically will verbally beat upon any other vaishnava verbally, that is their standard for acceptable behavior. Mukunda's wife had to go to the police for help, and we also have to go to the police for help from these aggressive bullies. Its a pattern. Mukunda's pals certainly knows that Mukunda is a misogyny promoter and yet they promote Mukunda knowingly. Why are they and the GBC promoting this misogyny agenda? How will this help spread Lord Chaitanya's mission if we eliminate 50 percent of the population, i.e. the women, from participating?  

And we see this misogyny as a major problem in our society overall. Radhanath was marrying off 13 years old girls to much older men, according to some of them who told me their horror stories. Those young women were being abused, Radhanatha would not help them when they came and told him their horror stories ... why are they citing his cheer leaders like Bhakta das? Of course, the same people who mistreat women often mistreat the vaishnavas, its a pattern. They mistreat women, they mistreat me, its a pattern. 

And this Mukunda is having illicit sex in Vrndavana, ooops, another major problem prominent with the GBC's guru program i.e. "illicit sex in the holy dham"? This is another exploitation of women as a class, same identical pattern as the GBC guru process. Why is this person being cited as an authority by anyone? Srila Prabhupada says illicit sex in Vrndavana is the most serious of aparadhas there. Its forbidden. And I am the person having a meltdown here? No, anyone who would go to Vrndavana to have illicit sex with "someone they just met there," and behave like this in the holy land, has already been in a meltdown phase for a long time. They have never even understood the basic ABC of the religion.

Yep, not too surprising, this same pattern exists in bogus ISKCON -- misogyny, anti-women, and many of the leaders mistreat women -- as many of the ex-ISKCON women themselves have reported on various "women's complaints" sites. Its an epidemic almost. Sulochana called this program: the anti-women, anti-children, anti-family and pro-homosexuals and molesters agenda. This is a pattern from some of these leaders, and its strange indeed that all of these anti-women / children / family / anti-vaishnava folks all attack PADA? Or is this clearly yet another pattern? Of course we should expect that.   

I also said all along that Mukunda is using photos of Srila Prabhupada for his Illuminati DVD business, and he is. Its shocking to me that almost no one seems to understand we cannot mix a photo of the acharya with beef eating speculators, making it look like he endorses all this? Christians would be offended if someone mis-used a photo of Jesus in this way, whereas our people say almost nothing. People should be helping me convince others that this program should be stopped, instead they are encouraging him and attacking us?  

Anyway, you are right, the HKC Jaipur and Prahlad program are citing and supporting people like Bhakta das, a cheer leader of the Gaudiya Math and "saint" Radhanath swami. They are also quoting Urdhva ketu, a supporter of anti-ritviks like Rocana; Also citing Bhakti Ananda, who is against me for allegedly making propaganda against homosexuals (?) and he is against the ritviks; And they even cite the Australia site that is offending Srila Prabhupada. Thanks for pointing this out! You and me Mahesh were the original people to use the Prabhupadanuga title in the 1980s, now the so-called Prabhupadanugas want to hi-jack our title and remove us?

Why are they quoting these offenders to Srila Prabhupada people, when all of these folks are against Srila Prabhupada being established as the acharya? You are also correct, they only write about me all the time and not more important other topics. How did I become the whole important issue for these folks to be so obsessed with me all the time, for years and years together? Perhaps because we exposed their misogyny agenda? You are correct, they think demonizing me will help things, well that is what the GBC thought all along? Did that help them?  

And yes, they have lots of dirt in their own closets, for example Bhakta das has a boat load of dirt in his, and thus they should not be making holier than thou propaganda against others. Instead of constantly correcting me, why didn't they correct Mukunda from his anti-women program in all this time? Why don't they curb some of their group's members like Bhakta das, and help their own members out first of all? This guy's closet is chock full of dirt. Why not convince Bhakta to renounce the Gaudiya Matha, instead they work with him to attack us?

I think that now that they have come out supporting Bhakta das, that shows they have nothing really genuine to say, he is against the ritviks and his people threatened to kill me in the past. Bhakta's pal Radhanath is alleged to have helped get Sulochana offed, are these the people we need to cite and work with? Of course, they say the Windle Turley case is all bad. 

OK, well it was all bad, true enough, because things should not have come to this state in the first place. Mukunda's idea at the time was that all of the children should "die in a blood bath in Dallas," he thinks if he could have all these kids die, this would have been good publicity for Krishna. 1,000 dead children is his better publicity plan?

The fact that children were dying of suicide was the first problem here, and we already admit that the case was the best of a bad bargain, we had to save people's lives and we did. So this is another pattern, the same people who bully down on women also bully down on these poor victimized children. As Sulochana said, anti-women, anti-children, anti-family and pro-homosexual molesters. That is the pattern we are dealing with here. 

And in 1997 we got several hundred innocent kids pulled out of these schools, and our opponents, ok the GBC and Mukunda das, are upset that happened. Some of these kids wrote and told me I saved them from the slaughterhouse, and of course the GBC and Mukunda did not like that. Why are they not happy we saved children's lives and saved them from abuse? Of course. if their program is abusive and exploitative towards women, then what? The abusers watch each other's backs, that is what some of these ex-children have told me at least.   

These folks are not someone the ritviks should be promoting as their authority. My meltdown does not include citing the Radhanath groupies as my authorities. My meltdown does not include beating women and having illicit sex to exploit women in Vrndavana. Mukunda's pal Sanat has also had a bunch of run-ins if not severe confrontations with his neighbors and the Angelica police, and he has made Hare Krishnas look like fools over there. My friend who lives there says he regrets helping him move there "biggest mistake of my life was helping Sanat." These people are not making a better program, plain and simple.

Anyway, lets see if they can start to find another topic. I am sorry but after they began to cite Radhanath's supporters like Bhakta das, we had to make at least some reply. You are right, we should move on, we all have dirt in our closet, and if all we do is point out each other's dirt, we will not engage in the process of removing it. 

Thanks for all your help over the years, you are counted as one of my true friends. We have lots of nice Prabhupadanuga devotees here in the San Francisco area and our program is increasing, that is what we need to focus on. Bangalore is trying to establish the legal acharya of ISKCON to be Srila Prabhupada, that is something that we all would benefit from, and we should all hope that happens for our sake, for ISKCON's sake, and for Srila Prabhupada's sake. Lets combine to go after the evil "Illuminati" GBC gurus and move Srila Prabhupada back into the ISKCON Vysasa seat. Lets do something positive. ys pd]    

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