Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Little More Courage Please

Krishna Kirtan das comments:


Nanda Kumar Prabhu's sharing was quite nice and it seemed quite heartfelt as well, although he would appear at times to be holding back a bit, perhaps he wanted to say more (but couldn't?). Due to the fact that he is sitting right inside the ISKCON of Dallas temple room, was invited to speak there, he ends up giving too much credit and credibility where it doesn't deserve.

I think I could go on pointing out somethings I liked and disliked about this, but instead I will try to sum up my overall impression and take on this.

For instance, if he was Srila Prabhupada's body guard, specially when Srila Prabhupada needed the most, while in his bed and in the presence of Kali's agents (as he himself points out), Nanda Kumar admits he decided to leave the battlefield and did not come through with his duty. Certainly the situation at the time may have been such, and so difficult to overcome, that he may not have had much power to do much anyway to stop any agents of Kali. He points out their presence and their mentality around Srila Prabhupada, but he stops short of elaborating any further.

So as far what he is saying here is concerned, we are all left with the question: who were these people he was talking about? Could he give us names please?

With all due respect to Nanda Kumar Prabhu, why isn't he brave enough (today) to simply state the name(s) of those who he found to be agents of Kali, after all that has already been said-done-exposed-etc by others in countless other ways outside the context of that temple room speech? At one point in the video he says there was someone laughing around Srila Prabhupada's bed, which he found inappropriate, and from that he could tell that person was an agent of Kali.

So anyway, Nanda Kumar Prabhu, why don't you just tell the world who that person(s) was? Why hold anything back? Obviously sharing the important details with all of us would not need to happen in that temple room, or in a video like this, but is there anyone courageous enough out there to come out boldly and simply SPEAK OUT and be a little more direct and thoroughly truthful? Everyone is waiting.

So for anyone reading this, these would be some of the things to think about a little more and consider.

Krishna Kirtan

13 September 2014

RE: Is this related to the poison issue? We think yes! ys pd 

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