Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Varsana Swami in Distress


[PADA: Varsana swami was in New Vrdnavana for a long time, and was loyal to the GBC guru program. He needs apparently a ton of money for all sorts of multiple ailments. It is amazing how the GBC does not seem to care even for the loyal members of their program. I saw another "fund me" for a woman who is a long time servant of ISKCON -- and who is still seeming to be serving in ISKCON, yet she needs $10,000 for her teeth and other medical issues. Why is it that the only thing the GBC apparently funds properly, are their lawyers so they can sue us? Varsana swami was born in 1950, he is younger than many of our contemporaries, yet he has major physical issues. This seems to be a pattern. ys pd]  

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