Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today Starts Autumn (Gauridas Pandit das)

From Gauridas Pandit Das:

Happy Amavasya (New Moon) and Autumn! 

Srila Prabhupada writes in Krsna Book C.20 The Descrition of Autumn this nectar: "Vrndavana forest improved from the rains and was replete with ripened dates, mangoes, blackberries and other fruits. Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and His boy friends and Lord Balarama, entered the forest to enjoy the new seasonal atmosphere. The cows, being fed by new grasses, became very healthy, and their milk bags were all very full. When Lord Krsna called them by name, they immediately came to Him out of affection, and in their joyful condition the milk flowed from their bags. 

Lord Krsna was very pleased when passing through the Vrndavana forest by the side of Govardhana Hill. On the bank of the Yamuna He saw all the trees decorated with beehives pouring honey. There were many waterfalls on Govardhana Hill, and their flowing made a nice sound. Krsna heard them as He looked into the caves of the hill. When the rainy season was not ended completely but was gradually turning to autumn, sometimes, especially when there was rainfall within the forest, Krsna and His companions would sit under a tree or within the caves of Govardhana Hill and enjoy eating the ripened fruits and talking with great pleasure. 

When Krsna and Balarama were in the forest all day, mother Yasoda used to send Them some rice mixed with yogurt, fruits and sweetmeats. Krsna would take them and sit on a slab of stone on the bank of the Yamuna. While Krsna and Balarama and Their friends were eating, they watched the cows, calves and bulls. The cows appeared to be tired from standing with their heavy milk bags. 

By sitting and chewing grass, they became happy, and Krsna was pleased to see them. He was proud to see the beauty of the forest, which was nothing but the manifestation of His own energy."
What a way to start the day and season by remembering our wonderful Krsna! \o/

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