Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Devotee in Distress

[PADA: While the GBC wastes millions on lawsuits ... This devotee in need is named Swarup Hebel. I actually like Swarup Hebel, really honest! But he and his pals like Bhakta das just seem to not comprehend why PADA protests the GBC's guru regime the way we do? Well OK, its in part because we do not think devotees like Swarup Hebel should be treated this way, to be living like peons -- while the big gurus drive around in Town Cars.

Swarup says his health is bad from living in stress of being so poor, and thus he has been moving around looking for a cheap place to live. And yet meanwhile the GBC gurus are living like kings in ISKCON, which is Swarup's house. They kicked Swarup out of his own house, so they can live like kings, and some of us have to live like homeless beggars, and try to get some money together for rent on a cheap place to live. Why should we not protest that?

Swarup's pal Sruta Srava eventually went off to the Gaudiya Matha, and I think he died a few years back, and in my opinion, because of the severe oppression he endured. This is not what Srila Prabhupada wanted for his disciples and followers. We should not allow a pack of false messiahs to take over our guru's house, that's pretty much our opinion. I have no idea why our fellow victims do not seem to think our protesting plan is a good idea. If we were kicked out of our father's house by a liar brother who changed the will -- so he would inherit the whole house -- and we would inherit nothing, would we not protest that? I have no idea why they do not see the need to protest this? ys pd]

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