Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dacoits Attack Braj Parikrama

Dacoits thrash, loot devotees on Braj Mandal Parikrama

Govardhan, 2014.09.13 (VT): Hundreds of devotees on Vraja Mandal parikrama were allegedly brutally beaten and looted by over a dozen dacoits. Reportedly the dacoits were armed with the guns, country-made pistols and knives attacked the yatris in their sleep on Thursday night.

When chowkidar Pohap Singh saw the dacoits, he caught hold of one of them. But he was shot at from point-blank range and was killed. The dacoits fled away after looting the deities and their jewelry made of gold and silver. The devotees dialed the police helpline to seek help, but it was not attended. The devotees were in fear after the incident and were in a fix on how to continue the yatra. The DGP office has taken cognizance of the incident and sought a report from the police.

The group of the pada yatris from Junagarh, Gujarat began their yatra from Vishram Ghat, Mathura. Two thousand people were on this pilgrimage tour under the guidance of Pankaj Baba. On Thursday night the Vraja Yatra camped at Jatipura Parikrama marg. The Vraja yatris were sleeping in canvas tents. The dacoits, around 10-12 in number, attacked the camp at around 2 a.m and started beating the pada yatris to loot them.

The chowkidar Pohap Singh aged around 40 years, a resident of Raya, tried to stop them but was killed when a bullet hit him. The dacoits looted the deities and jewelry from NRIs from Baroda Kanta Ben, Amila Ben and Rama Ben, Ila Ben. They took away cash more than Rupees fifty thousand.

After hearing the sound of the gun, the yatris staying in the other tents woke up and came to help the victims with the aid of the laborers who were employed to help during the yatra. Seeing the people coming towards them, the dacoits fled away.

Pohap Singh’s brother said that he dialed the one zero zero number of the police helpline but no one received the phone. He also informed the Govardhan Police station, but the police did not reach the site where the incident took place. They only took action when a large number of people went to the police station to register the case.

Later the Govardhan Police, SP city Manoj Sonkar, CO Sadar Preeti Priyadarshini and SSP Manjil Saini reached the site of the crime. The SSP said that a four police team has been deputed to nab the people involved in the crime. She promised that the culprits will be quickly brought to the justice.

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