Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pancali dd Debates Prahlad das

[PADA: "Little Krishna" Video -- 3,500,000 hits for part 1: http://youtu.be/67S2RDPqoOU]

Prahlad: The IRM does not agree with the "Krishna cartoons" made with the help of ISKCON Bangalore.

Pancali Devi Dasi Acbsp: Are you really kidding me. Are you actually going to condemn these devotees? I absolutely love little Krishna. I have all the dvds and my daughter Lalita Sri Vishakha devi dasi gets ecstatic when she watches them. She says Krsna's name probably more than you do in a day Prabhu. There is no harm. Personally I think Prabhupada would think it was great for the kids. Its tasteful and delightful. Sita lila and Kaunteya das when they first saw they could actually relate to what we try to teach them. You are picking at straws. As for Dalai Lama speaking against varnasrama dharm has ISKCON Bangalore taking on his philosophy and preaching it in their temple? No! Why don't you bring up all the good they have done? Anyway like I said I am not going to debate with my own Godbrother I just expressed an opinion and as I said take it or leave it. Use your fault finding propensity for where it is needed. No offense Prabhu.

[PADA: Right on Pancali dd! Correct. The "Little Krishna" cartoons are being seen in huge numbers of children all over India on TV, where most of the viewers are maybe 3 -10 years old. Many of these little children would otherwise have NO access to ANY children's version of the "Krishna Leela" story -- if these Leelas had not been made into cartoons. Unfortunately Prahlad das has no idea that small children like to watch cartoons, and they will watch cartoons no matter what, because that is what small children do these days. 

Prahlad is apparently angry these children are not watching cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and the Road runner? Why shouldn't we introduce Krishna leela to these children, who would otherwise be watching mundane cartoons? Why does Prahlad want children to watch Bugs Bunny -- and not Krishna Leela? 

This is the whole problem with the Prahlad and the IRM program (and for that matter people like Wyatt), they just want to shut down what we are doing, but they have nothing better to offer? Just go back home, back to Bugs Bunny, that is their whole plan? They are envious that we are preaching to so many children, while they are NOT doing diddley squat for children, nor could they do anything even if they wanted to, since they have no potency to preach to children. 

In short, they have no recognized program for children going on anywhere, what to speak of having something that is watched by thousands of children on TV, and on DVDs and so on. Pancali is quite correct, these cartoons are made for children -- who are thus learning to love Krishna via these cartoons. Easy to figure this out, children are delighted and happy to see Krishna. The only persons who are not happy to see these children taking delight in seeing Krishna, are these IRM grinches. One thing Srila Prabhupada did say, and often, is that SOME Krishna is better than NO Krishna!

Prahlad and the IRM have zero preaching program for children going on, none that we can see at least. They would rather see NO Krishna than SOME Krishna, and evidently they want children to love Bugs Bunny and not Krishna. That is what the GBC does every day, they shut down programs, and then there is no program. Scorched earth policy. They want Bugs Bunny to win and Krishna to fail, clearly shows what side they are on.]

Prahlad Das: "In our original BTP article we simply presented Srila Prabhupada’s statements verbatim as they applied to Little Krishna. And here we have simply presented Bangalore Devotee’s admissions verbatim confirming every point made in our original article. Thus, with even those behind the LK project themselves agreeing, there can be no dispute over the conclusion of the original BTP article: that LK constituted a “non-Prabhupada presentation of Lord Krishna and His pastimes”."

ISKCON Bangalore have no shortage of money and manpower but where are their self-sufficient farm communities? goshallas? gurukuls? hari-nama sankirtans? book distribution programs? (as Prabhupada instructed). They have only created an army of neophytes to collect donations for their Akshay Patra business.

[PADA: Prahlad has simply described himself and his IRM, they have no self-sufficient farms, no goshallas, no gurukulis, no hari-nama, no book distribution, no nothing. Empty suits. Worse, Krishna Kanta wants to stop others from preaching about Krishna to children, so the children will be watching Bugs Bunny. GBC's scorched earth policy pt. II. In 1997 Krishna Kanta sabotaged the whole Bangalore vs Mumbhai court case, KK said he wanted us all to "work with" Hrdayananda, Jayapataka, Ravindra swarupa et al. and "make them ritviks." KK said PADA has to drop the poison issue, molesting issue, and STOP THE BOOK CHANGES LAWSUIT which we were putting together at that time. In sum, Krishna Kanta wanted to compromise with the founder fathers of the molester messiah's club. 

Now Prahlad finally admits he is with the IRM, who wanted the molester messiah's project's leaders to still be in charge, and to have their bogus revised versions of the books and not the originals. AND he wants to defend the poisoners by joining the IRM in silencing us. Prahlad admits herein to being with the people who tried to stop us from getting original books. Krishna Kanta told us repeatedly, he wanted to make a compromise deal with the GBC gurus, and he told us to "go to a Carribbean Island and shut up." Why do these people always want to act as help-mates for the poisoners of pure devotees -- by suppressing our forwarding that issue? Sorry, licking the boots of Judas and Pointius Pilate is not going to help much in the next life.

Krishna Kanta convinced Bangalore NOT to bring forward the CRIMINAL aspect of the GBC gurus, ok like their criminal history, the molesting issue, poison issue etc. And as a result of Krishna Kanta's sympathy for the Devil, he helped water down the Bangalore lawsuit. As a result, Bangalore has had to rely on its Askhaya Patra division to give them more support from the India media, government leaders etc. It has become an important part of their public profile, which Bangalore needed (thanks to KK watering down the original complaint) to combat the GBC guru attack.

This attack was aided and abetted by KK watering down the case because of his desire to "work with" the GBC's gurus. KK also attacked PADA when we said the molestation victims are suffering and sometimes dying, he said (and still says) he did not want us to address that issue the way we had to -- clearly because -- he wanted the children to suffer and die, as does his top child oppressing disciple Prahlad. The Prahlad folks were (and still are) infuriated as soon as we said the suicides were going down, they wanted these children to suffer and even die. So at every step, they want to oppress children. Bugs Bunny ki-jaya!]

Narada-kunda Dasi they have to do what their investors tell them to

[PADA: These Bangalore folks are all worshiping Srila Prabhupada. Why does the IRM, and their GBC brothers, object to that? At least Bangalore has investors, who is supporting the IRM? No one sees the IRM doing any public kirtanas, book distribution, home programs, where is their program? Prahlad is not even helping KK start a home program process in UK, they are not doing anything of notice. Its a giant bluff.]

Bhakta Peter sadhus naturally have no taste to see politicians.

[PADA: At least the Dalai Lama has heard about their programs, while no one knows about the IRM. Srila Prabhupada visited with important dignitaries all the time, and Bangalore is simply following that example. Now the IRM is saying Srila Prabhupada's program of inviting important dignitaries is bogus, what else is new? Meanwhile, the only visitors to the IRM cheif's headquarters are -- the neighbor's cats? Who is visiting the IRM? At all?]

Lenny Sislac @"Are you really kidding me" Pancali Devi Dasi Acbsp Don't get fooled by a bunch of loners. It has become a fashion to pretend on cyberspace to be right in the middle of the world's control room and to show others the ropes. Whereas in fact this is all facade. Nobody listens to these folks in the real world.

Prahlad Das Lenny trolling again.

Lenny Sislac @"an army of neophytes to collect donations for their Akshaya Patra business" When having no details you better be quiet. This is all wrong information.

Prahlad Das Who says I've got no details? Prove that the information is wrong.

[PADA: We have already proven in spades that Prahlad wanted the post 1990s suicides to continue and get worse, he admits again herein he is siding with -- and even quoting from -- the people who told us not to help that issue. We said Prahlad wants to drink the blood of these victimized children, and now we find out -- he also wants to have children watch Bugs Bunny rather than Krishna, he has just proven that herein. He is a jack - booted child oppressor, just as we said. Of course he is also defending the neo-Nazi Illuminati folks web sites folks too. He thinks we need to worry about the serpent people running our lives, instead of teaching people to depend on Krishna.]

Lenny Sislac Prahlad Das again hallucinating?

Prahlad Das Troll on Leonard...

Pancali Devi Dasi Acbsp The problem with IRM is they cheat. They give part of a quote to make out that Prabhupada is saying something else when in fact if one reads the whole quote they will see that it isn't how IRM promoted it to mean. Second IRM lies in their BTP magazines. For example in one of there issues they showed the devotees "writing into them" saying how wonderful they are, but when I kept reading the comments -- hello my husband had written to them...LOL...But he hadn't even written but they used his name. Now that's pretty sad wouldn't you say Prahlad Das Prabhu? So even in your own backyard the cheating is going on. It also would be good for you to prove....an army of neophytes to collect donations for their Akshaya Patra business" so this way what you are saying can be taken as honest.

[PADA: Right, at least we have an army of neophytes, the IRM has no army of any rank. The IRM made a big mistake when they said that they had "quotes of evidence" that the ritvik system would continue for 10,000 years. As a result, they made the GBC and Rocana tear up the IRM's documents, which have no quotes to back up that claim. KK has messed up the ritvik program by making these types of false arguments -- with no quotes to back them up. 

KK also messed up our program in China by attacking some of our people there, the same people who were paying to print books. He is trying to mess up China book printing, so that he can attack others, just like he wanted to mess us up to get original books, which helps the bogus books. Books are not important, KK is? Anyway, good job Pancali dd, we are impressed with your standing up for the right thing here. Nice work. 

Yep, even adults are experiencing lots of joy watching these Krishna Leela DVDs, that's better than having them watch football or who knows what, yes, we need more Krishna and not less. Good! Lets face it, these KK, Prahlad, Rocana,Kailash chandra types -- and similar others -- they are simply anarchists who do not want to see any working program, they are like the Gaudiya Matha folks -- whom Srila Prabhupada said were envious and so they wanted to sabotage anyone else's preaching effort, meanwhile they could not accomplish squat themselves. Prahlad, go back to UK and get KK to do some home preaching programs, rent a hall etc. and try to help others for a change. And quit rooting for the evil doers. ys pd]


  1. Prahlad and others like him, they all claim to be Prabhupadanugas, our own men, yet they use alias when discussing with other Prabhupadanugas. They come up with their Illuminati and Hitler stuff which Srila Prabhupada never approves. This is getting to be yet another major annoyance which distracts from our real work to put Prabhupada back in the center of ISKCON. Meanwhile ISKCON gurus proclaim having reached the uttama platform. http://iskconscarborough.blogspot.co.at/2012/02/uttama-bhakti-seminar-saturday-march_14.html Bhakta Peters answer: PAPER MONEY: HOW WE ARE CHEATING OURSELVES IN THE NAME OF DEVELOPMENT In other words, these folks simply want us to end up in jail by making us look like nazis, and divert others from the real issues with all sorts of world banking Zionist "Illuminati conspiracies" which makes a smokescreen so the GBC gurus can carry on.

  2. Srila Prabhupada did not want the overly stylish modern Indian art, ok where the ladies are dressed a bit im-modest and Srila Prabhupada said this art is "lusty," nor simplistic cartoonish art -- for his philosophical books. However, a cartoon show for children is another issue, as are puppet shows for children. Various "Krishna puppet shows" were going on in the 1970s, and everyone understood (A) puppet shows for children and (B) art for the Srimad Bhagavatam -- are not the same item, ok except a few morons. The puppets in the shows for children did not have super realistic proportions, -- and so on and so forth, ok, just like regular karmi puppets shows where the puppets proportions are somewhat exaggerated. No one expects realism in puppet shows because THIS IS FOR CHILDREN. Its not the same as art for a serious philosophical book, I am not sure why people do not understand that? Entertainment for small children is different from art meant for solid siddhanta books. Meanwhile, the IRM has made no entertainment work of any type for either adults or children. They are not doing anything except harassing others. Lets see their entertainment attempts, then we can see what they are making. And no wonder the IRM opposes Akshaya Patra, the only good publicity for Krishna in the past 35 years. ys pd

  3. Dear PADA: Who is Prahlad?

    PADA: Not really sure. Apparently he is hiding out in Vrndavana, not doing any actual preaching in the West, while whacking away at anyone who does preach in the West. This is why Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Swaraswai said that shallow and hollow men will take up residence in Vrndavan for some cheap glory.

    And now Prahlad is citing the IRM as his authority, which is a slight improvement from his defending Mukunda's serpent people neo-Nazis program. Not sure if the IRM lists him as one of their speakers, but he basically borrows from anyone who is attacking Prabhupadanugas / preaching, -- while he does none, and he follows the shallow and hollow men who reside in Vrndavana for some cheap glory.

    The LK movie pt. 1 has been seen 3.5 millions times just on youtube alone, and many times that on India TV. Meanwhile Prahlad cannot make 3.5 people watch any Krishna leela. He is trying to shut down the preaching of others, while not doing any himself, typical of the shallow and hollow men who invade Vrndavana.

    He recently said he'd like to assist the GBC goondas to have some of us Prabhupada devotees assassinated. So he not only wants to stop the preaching of the Prabhupadanugas, he wants them to be assassinated. This is also why Srila Prabhupada said, some of the people residing in Vrndavana are dangerous demons and we need to beware of them. Stopping the preaching, trying to have vaishnavas assassinated, he is Tamal's best disciple. ys pd


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