Thursday, February 20, 2014

ISKCON Preaching -- Prabhupadanuga's idea?

Hare Krishna Puranjana,

Do you have the inside story from the 'New Bhakta Training Program' which the GBC have recently devised for new bhaktas? We have been told -- the bhaktas are to be instructed that any current GBC guru can not take away their karma and cannot take them Back to Godhead. They can only take them as far as the feet of Srila Prabhupada and then he will do everything else. I have had this much confirmed by one devotee who was asked to review the whole program.


PADA: We have not heard the details of this, but basically it seems the only logical step forward the GBC can take, admitting they are not realized souls. Its the ritvik idea through the back door, and its the only logical conclusion they can eventually come to, after they finally run out of all the thousands of other rabbits they have been pulling out of their hat 

Yes, (A) Their gurus keep falling, which means (B) They are conditioned souls, which means -- (C) They cannot take the karma of another conditioned soul, and thus (D) They cannot take one to Krishna, since many of their "diksha gurus" cannot make it past the basic bhakta standards in many cases. 

That is what we said in 1978. Its finally catching on! Yes, they are merely "representatives" of the acharya aka ritviks, and they can only take people to the feet of a pure devotee, they are not themselves pure. That's what we said all along, and its amazing it has taken this long for them to even partially admit this, despite their falling down left, right and center, and banning, beating and assassinating us dissenters to their false guru platform. They tried very hard to make their "big lie" stick, but its not going to fly over the long haul. 

Anyway, we will keep and eye out and see what happens, if any readers have any details, please let us know. Of course just about everyone else already knows these emporer's have no clothes, its just that now they are being forced to admit they are not diksha gurus, because of all the pressure we have applied to their bogus program. This is another sign we are winning-- ! thanks ys pd

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