Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Medical Fund (Laxmimoni dd)

Mother Laxmimoni (ACBSP) needs hip replacement surgery asap. She is in a lot of pain and can barely walk. We have found a competent doctor in India with a first-class procedure and very short recovery time and need your help to pay for it. The cost is $8000 for the complete procedure, which is a fraction of what it would cost in the US, where she has no medical coverage. Mother Laxmimoni has been struggling for two years with this condition, and it is hindering her service to Srila Prabhupada. Please contribute and help spread the word, so we can help her. Your servant, Akuti dasi.


[PADA: Yup. Meanwhile, the GBC has $20,000,000 ($20m) to spend on lawyers to sue the Prabhupada devotees. Their priority is -- to spend money on lawyers, and let "the devotees" struggle and suffer. This devotee has been "in a lot of pain" "struggling for two years" but who cares, the ash-trays in the GBC's lawyer's Mercedes got full of Marlboro butts, so the GBC needs to buy him another Mercedes with fresh ash trays. Even the lowest sudras treat their elderly better than this lot. ys pd]   


  1. What about Laxmimoney's ashram she sold some time back and I heard was allowed to keep the money? Almost $70,000 US. Isn't that enough to keep her in horse feed for the rest of her life while she goes out to pasture? In the same way as Ravindra Svarup is worth giving a large amount of cash to just to get him out of ISKCON it is my opinion Laxmi should take her money and run, and be satisfied just to get the hell out. Who actually likes the old biddie anyway? I wouldn't give her a single dime.

  2. Agreed. Nasty bitch to the girls (gurukulis). No wonder Jagadisha COULDN"T STAND HER as a "wife".

  3. Laxmi money has never given a damn about any devotee who was in pain or physically compromised situation. She would look down on such devotees with intense distain. She's abused so many devotees under her 'care' from younger to older.

    The woman has money to travel all over the world, so many times in a year here and there including several times a year going to India. These rich people have full facility (including money) while the poor honest devotees are suffering with no one to help them.

    It's deplorable that such rich folks either ask directly or have their friends doing so for them.

    Talk about witches/bitches... Laxmi Money fits the bill. Too bad stupid fools are going to end up paying for this bill because we know that people in positions in Iskcon get what they want, while the poor devotees cant even get what they need.

    Laxmi money ki yuck!!!

  4. Does anyone out there remember the scandal involving mother Laxmimoni and Purusartha das in the NY 55th st temple somewhere by the end of the 70's? He was the head of the bhakta program there, and she was in charge of the bhaktims program. She was the wife of Jagadisha Prabhu who was the minister of education back then. No offense or ill motive intended against HG Laxmimoni dd. Lets pray she gets well so she may joyfully continue to render her selfless and loving service to Iskcon's self-appointed "Gurus" and GBC members post Srila Prabhupada's departure. Jai, Sri-Sri Radha-Govinda! Hare Krsna!

  5. Laxmimoni was in white by the end of the 70s but as lusty as ever. Her eye was on Adikeshava Swami and was doing tantric rituals to fulfill her objective.

    She was also into women and got involved sexually with different female devotees who were her peers.

    ISKCON leaders including Laxmimoni have created such a fear atmosphere within ISKCON so people who are Laxmimoni's peers as well as gurukulis who suffered under Laxmimoni are afraid to come forward with the facts to expose her. (Laxmimoni for sure exposed herself in more ways than one to enough gurukulis and others.)

    What a movement people like laxmimoni turned ISKCON into.


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