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Mayapura Meetings News Blackout?

[Position Paper to Establish the Acharya of ISKCON?]

Supposedly, the GBC meetings in Mayapur have been going on for 6 days now, but there seems to be a complete news blackout. Weird.

[UPDATE: Ravindra Svarupa, his wife and disciple Sraddha devi were thrown out of the Philadelphia Temple on Februrary 8th. They left on completely bad terms and burned all bridges and are not really even welcome to even visit again. The final insult was RSD's last chance grab out the door, having Sraddha devi post a link on facebook begging everyone to monetarily assist in their move out of the Temple and sponsor a "retirement" fund in his honor. All three skipped town and moved to Maryland, he is rumored to be extremely worried about possible legal issues. Once they all moved to Maryland, Sraddha and Ravindra packed up and headed to Mayapura and Ravindra's wife alledgedly stayed behind to unpack I guess. Ravindra and Sraddha have been seen hanging out everywhere together on the periphery of the Mayapura festival to the absolute disgust and disbelief of everyone. Even for the hardcore hyprocrites of ISKCON leadership this has been too much to handle. The final insult to the victims and ... ]


PADA: Yes, the only news we heard so far is that the GBC has re-coronated Ravindra Swarupa as "the most intelligent writer in ISKCON," and they handed out copies of his paper "Srila Prabhupada." Normally we hear reports: (A) Day one, Strategic World Management Committee (SWMC) for burying dead homosexual pedophiles in the holy dham commenced meeting. (B) Day two, SWMC committee to declare acharyas as debauchees, drug addicts and whore mongers commences meeting. Beedi smoking is optional. (C) Day three, SWMC declares Shasta Advisor Committee (SAC) for SWMC as bogus since they want to make women as gurus -- who might object to the policy of burying dead pedophiles in the holy dham. Watching football on your cell phone optional. (D) Day four, SWMC declares feet washing ceremony for their lawyers who are suing  the Prabhupadanugas. Counting your Swiss Bank accounts assets day optional.

This year, ooops, nothing to report?

The problem is that most of the people in Philadelphia cannot stand Ravindra Swarupa, they do not want to hear one word he has to say, and they want to have him banished from the temple for his numerous abuses and deviations. He is in the process of being booted out of the Philadelphia temple AS WE SPEAK for all these abuses and deviations. In sum, he has no credibility. This is the only rabbit the GBC has to pull out of their hat, lets revive Ravindra as our hero writer?

The paper he wrote goes into extensive detail how we should not become like the Gaudiya Matha, except that Ravindra Swarupa's program has all along promoted folks like: Sridhara Maharaja; Gopi-bhava club wanna-be leader Narayana Maharaja; BV and BP Puri; Fakir Mohan; various Radha Kunda babajis and many similar others. Some of these Gaudiya Matha people (ok and Naryana Maharaja) were the people who objected to Srila Prabhupada using the title of "Prabhupada."

So Ravindra writes a paper saying we should not support the people who go to the Gaudiya Matha, but Ravindra's GBC has been at the feet of the Gaudiya Matha leaders ever since 1977. Ravindra says we should not follow the Gaudiya Matha (and make false gurus), we need to have a GBC instead, but he is the leader of the bogus guru's program which has dismantled the GBC.

Meanwhile people seem to forget that Ravindra had been the main person writing "position papers" defending the worship of Kirtanananda as the acharya of ISKCON, basically saying that Srila Prabhupada cannot be the current acharya -- since we NOW have Ravindra's homosexual and criminal deviants to take his place. Apparently, no one remembers those writings? No one also seems to recall that Ravindra has been the biggest cheer leader of Satsvarupa and his whack-doodle art and writings.

In 1986 Ravindra said that me and Sulochana are offenders to a great  pure devotee like Kirtananada, which lead to the death of Sulochana. Ravindra said we were wrong to oppose the molester messiahs program, and so thousands of children were victimized, and so on and so forth. This is their plan to save the world, lets revive Ravindra as our main hero? The same guy who drove ISKCON off the cliff into the worship of homosexual pedophiles as messiahs, is now the main speaker for this group? Well that's good news for us, that means they cannot find another spokesman, nobody wants to come forward to defend this mob.

Last week at Sridama Mayapur, during the ISKCON Leadership Sanga of over 1000 ISKCON leaders from around the world, the GBC Foundational Document titled "Srila Prabhupada - Founder-Acarya of ISKCON" was released. It is being distributed as a free book and also in PDF.


  1. The new book says: "There will be many consequences when Srila Prabhupada’s position as Founder-Acarya is realized. Among them: 1) Generation after generation will be enabled to receive the special mercy offered by Srila Prabhupada. The path back to Godhead he opened will become ever-increasingly travelled. 2) By taking full shelter of Srila Prabhupada as siksa guru in his vani manifestation, all teachers in ISKCON, on various levels of advancement, will be able to authentically convey Srila Prabhupada’s real teaching, thus giving proper guidance, shelter, and protection to all. 3) Srila Prabhupada’s active presence will secure the unity and integrity of ISKCON. 4) ISKCON’s teachings will remain consistent over space and time. 5) Srila Prabhupada’s realized knowledge—endowing him with the specific potency to spread Krishna consciousness— will not only be preserved but also developed. 6) His books will remain central to us, for they contain insights and directions that await future development to be realized. 7) Srila Prabhupada’s eyes will always remain the lens through which all future generations see our predecessor acaryas."

    So they figure that now this is the final conclusion that will bring ISKCON back on track?

  2. Already I smell a rat. "4) ISKCON’s teachings will remain consistent over space and time." Srila Prabhupada always spoke of preaching according to time place and circumstances. Why the change to space and time? Is there some reason part of the equation he gave us for success is being changed or left out? Why the change all of a sudden? Just when you think they finally got Ravindra Svarupa out they reel him back in! You know why? Because he probably has a disciple or two left who will donate their lives to him in the form of temple service, inheritences, money from jobs, telling their children to take initiation from him and preaching to the unfortunate new devotees who join in his "zone" to accept him and do the same.

  3. Are they serious? The new book says when Srila Prabhupada's position is realized his realized knowledge will be developed? By who, the GBC? Developed or manufactured?

    That was in 5). Then in 6) it says his books contain insights that await future developments to be realized. So what are they claiming, that the insights in his books are not realized now? That the only way to realize them is to establish his position as Founder-Acarya?

    When was he not realized to be the founder-acarya? Didn't any of the GBC notice that Prabhupada was the founder-acarya before? Haven't they looked at the covers of any of Srila Prabhupada's books? Because they all say it. What kind of cheating is going on here?

    It seems to me that what they are trying to do is blame everything that happened on the fact that Srila Prabhupada was never realized to be the founder-acarya of ISKCON! When are they going to realize this?

  4. Right, it says they just realized that Prabhupada is founder acarya. This is of course outlandish and even sarcasm. On the other hand they have no right to write books. Having produced meanwhile 45 failing gurus with thousands of traumatized disciples who ran off to unknown location why they figure to present a new book?

    So this is all impudence, presumptuousness, overconfidence. Prabhupada says you can write a book when you are a pure devotee. Not that any conditioned control freak can sit down and put his mental ideas down on paper in the name of publishing genuine Vaishnava literature?

    Meanwhile the Prabhupadanugas should wake up and put ISKCON's preaching performance under the surgeon's knife.

    What are these folks actually preaching to 7 billion earthlings? When looking more close they don't address anything of current issues. When Sulocan pr was shot the very next day things got worse.

    They started all kind of crazy industries in US. Researchers have discovered that today a staggering 30 per cent of all internet traffic is pornography.
    The biggest porn site on the web receives 4.4 billion page views (average duration of stay 15-20 min) and 350 million unique visits per month, according to a report on the ExtremeTech website.

    ISKCON comment: "Actually we keep silent, probably our own men are among those visitors". Prabhupadanugas: We are confident that SKCON is doing all the preaching to uplift suffering humanity. They hijacked Prabhupada's movement after poisoning him so they are responsible to actually do all the preaching. We only preach that the pure devotee, Srila Prabupada, wasn't protected by Krishna and thus they could poison him to death. Of course we are aware that conditioned souls figure that everybody gets what he deserves but what can be done, Prabhupada was poisoned and we have no other message for all those karmis out there...

    And so on and so forth.
    Now figure what kind of kali-yuga is going to happen out there?

    That's some fine preaching work there, Lou!

    1. I have noticed a pattern each year coming out from the Great Big Choot meetings. They really put out a load of chit! Why is that? Because they know that while they make up a big pile of stool and some outrageous statements trying to keep the masses satisfied temporarily, once it is discovered how bogus their newest Great Big Choot statements are they will simply deny it was meant to be interpreted that way, or they will even flatly deny such a paper was written, or they will say they will correct the statement THE NEXT YEAR AT MAYAPUR!

      This is like the cheating so called scientific community giving us a post dated check! Every year Ravindra or Badrinarayana or some other so called devotee comes up with a statement supposed to placate us. This year Ravindra is a problem, so they ask him to come up with a new statement, only the statement is LUDICROUS! But no matter, it helps the devotees to forget the real issue, that Ravi is running around with two wives now, one married old coot, and one unmarried young choot. What ever happened to addressing THAT particular issue? "Oh, we are still working on it. But right now it is more important to work on the paper Ravindra wrote. We think he has really got something there. We never realized Srila Prabhupada was the founder/acharya of ISKCON. Ravindra has some deep realizations and is fully covered with chit.".

  5. Ravindra Svarupa has been accused of assaulting a women, manipulating her statements and testimonies and intimidating various people not to go to the proper authorites. Not only is he accused of these crimes, but the North America GBC is implicated because they, through ISKCONResolve, helped cover up the incident of him kicking his disciple Ghandharvika dasi. The members of ISKCON Philadelphia are taking all these allegations very seriously and are working with the proper authorities to bring about justice since kicking him out of the Temple. He has done many other terrible things in his 4 decade absolute reign in Philadelphia and has left the place a physical and financial wreck. Bed bugs, rats, roaches, you name it the Philadelphia ISKCON Temple has got it. The only reason he has any remaining support from the GBC is because he has all the dirt on everyone. He has been the middle of every crisis for decades. He has supposedly threatened to spill the beans on everyone if they turn on him. These ISKCON leaders are nothing but scheming conniving criminals with no loyalty to anyone including each other. Now its time to take back these ISKCON Temples from these degenerates, one by one, just like they did in Philadelphia. I think that Hari Vilas in Vancouver is the next to go from what I hear. It is good to finally see Ravindra get taken down. People will now begin to see that his hand has been in almost every deviation of ISKCON leadership, especially philosophical deviations. The amount of offenses committed is scary indeed but it necessary for devotees to see what happens when you play Guru and hurt a lot of nice people. Really sad situation though.

    1. Ravindra Svarupa has all the dirt on everyone. Reminds me of when Tamal Krishna was kicked out in 1980 by the GBC for his nefarious activities. At that time, in order to enact revenge, he gave a speech at Topanga Canyon at a God brother's house stating the gurus were never appointed as such by Srila Prabhupada. Then he was let back in.

      Had it been someone with lesser knowledge of the workings of the GBC of ISKCON at the time who knows what would have happened to them instead? I guess Hot Tamale was powerful enough materially in his own right to get things done, not for the good of anyone spiritually, but just so he could get his position back of living high on the hog.

      There can only be one reason why Ravindra is allowed to travel to the holy dham with his bff Sraddha Devi, and that is because others of his status have girlfriends of their own. What to speak of one girlfriend, some of them have harems! And what better way to keep your harem going on the sly than to have Ravindra to point out as an example if anyone complains about yours? You can always say, "At least I don't flaunt my girlfriend around like Ravindra does!".

      Looks like as long as there are women and money to spread around among the leaders they will continue to utilize them for their own sense gratification until they run out. They really don't seem to care what happens to the movement or the devotees at all. There is only one word for this kind of leadership, and that word is DEMONCRAZY!

  6. Philadelphia congregation needs to have all the past 35 years of financial bookeeping audited, if there is any evidence of use of charity funds for personal use, that is criminal fraud. Have Ravindra charged with fraud, at the very least. ys pd

  7. Ravindra got 1 mio from Germany, where did this money go? Basically he declared all his zones in Europe as indebted and threatened to sell their temples.
    "Now its time to take back these ISKCON Temples from these degenerates, one by one, just like they did in Philadelphia." Right, Puranjana pr has a temple with 500 devotees and everybody should follow this example. Agreed!

    So this makes sense that GBC "cooperates" on the basis of blackmailing to expose other's mischief? As Prabhupada put it, to divide the loot honestly. And Ravindra has all the "knowledge" about his comrades, what they all did for monkey business to gain control? Thats why he never travels to Mayapur or Vrindavan, he doesnt want to return in a body bag?

    On the other hand, hats off, admitted, their system is efficient. These folks could manage to keep all those ex-ISKCONites aloof and even have them splitting into dozens of hostile groups. Thousands felt so horrified they even joined GM.

    Their main instructor seems still Harikes, he introduced all these psychological games of sending devotees here and there till they collapse and leave. Harikes also introduced standard of legally living in a Florida villa with car pool and everything after having blooped. No harassment by police, no inquiry from department of public prosecution, no revenue authorities knocking at his door. Nothing of this sort this man is genius. Although his coup to leave with who knows how many millions while officiating as monk of a non-profit-making monastery is rather misuse of authority, criminal.

    So people naturally try to follow his example and having everything "perfectly organized" - to expertly cover all the tracks and giving headhunters no chance to capture the culprit. "Philadelphia congregation needs to have all the past 35 years of financial bookeeping audited" this is a nice try, Ravindra's villa in Hawaii Kapolei is rather firm as a rock.

  8. There are a lot of devotees around the world really disgusted by the way Ravindra Svarupa has been acting and quite frankly, he is not welcome in many temples. Towards the end in Philadelphia he would give Sunday Feast lectures and the temple would clear out, nobody wanted to hear him. Women devotees everywhere, especially, have been completely disgusted by this whole set of events with Ravindra assaulting Ghandharvika and the following cover up. Point is, if you are a jerk to enough people, no one is going to like you. You cant engineer faith or love or respect, these things naturally occur of their own merit. This guy has lost the respect of all decent people in ISKCON, no matter what camp. I believe that the GBC's endorsing of his paper as a "foundational document" is a colossal foolish political move because you just aligned your self with one of the most despised leaders in ISKCON, hands down. There is literally not a shred of spiritual credibility in anything Ravindra says and there is not ONE devotee, whether Ritvik, Gaudiya Math, radha kund babaji or ISKCON card carrying member who would argue that. It may be the worst single Public Relations disaster ever in ISKCON. These 'leaders" obviously have no intelligence at all and its just embarrassing how out of touch they are with the views of everyone else. I believe they have totally lost the battle, its just a matter of time. Literally nobody has any faith or trust in any of them, what total failures.

  9. Ravindra has a home in Hawaii now? What does he think, like Prabhupada said, that he will live in this palatial home forever? One time Ravindra, back when he had a zone, threatened to sell one of the temples that finally got paid off after all these years. When devotees would join Philadelphia, they would be offered a big stack of porn to play with themselves so they would stay a little longer before leaving. Another time, this devotee at Gita Nagari built a house and Ravindra kicked him out just as soon as the house was finished, and kept it for the farm! In the meantime the gurukuli teachers were having illicit sex with the children. How can we prosecute someone who claims they were a "guru" and thus were allowed to suck their disciples dry of every penny they owned? One so called "guru" even claimed Lord Krishna would personally speak to him right off the altar when the time came for him to move all the devotees to the farm project he had going

  10. Yeah it's true, Ravindra Svarupa left the iskcon Philadelphia community in shambles. As a recovering ex disciple I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the long twisted journey of this disaster first hand. The Philadelphia iskcon community has already hired a forensic accountant to sort out the financial mess and see if their is fraud. And from what i understand, the district attorney's office is already investing the situation. People have to remember that iskcon Philadelphia food for life has been investigated for years. They have made the front page of the Philadelphia inquire multiple times, just look it up. So this is the GBC's philosophical figure head? The blind following the blind, thats all, right into a ditch. Its beyond insulting.

  11. What runs to run like a common thread through all ISKCON crimes is that they all look like injustice that cries out to heaven, but still, all those involved escape prosecution.

    Never ever you'll find anybody brought to justice.
    At the same time those devotees who got victimized, they have to carry this load of back-breaking injustice. Take Radhanatha swami, they make now a Hollywood movie with Radhanatha swami as supporting actor.

    Harikesa's fancy multimillion mega music studio is used by dozens of ISKCON gurus to make their recordings. And so on and so forth.

    Those who go public pointing out this blatant wrongfulness are localized and stigmatized for the rest of live.

    In sum, Prabhupada was right. Because even fallen Vaishnava leaders follow certain rules they are superior to karmi executive authority and never get caught.

    Therefore Prabhupada did not waste one second to muck out GM's corrupt network. Deviant Vaishnavas are most dangerous elements. Better to not allow your energy being sucked off by all day investigating their mischief.

    Krishna takes care of those gangsters. We haven't to worry. Better to concentrate on substantial work and be successful in your own field.

    We simply waste energy and time trying to reform rascals. Result will be when trying to reform culprits, your live is spoiled, people in general reject you and the culprits aren't changed either.

    So better hands off before its to late. Live is short and Prabhupada showed us what to do.

  12. I think having the belief that somehow these leaders of Iskcon have some kind of mystical protection from criminal prosecution is totally false. District attorney's across the country take down religious leaders all the time way bigger than these upstarts. People forget that kirtanananda was taken down and sent to jail, as well as others. I really believe Ravindra is in serious legal trouble.

    The big news in the Mayayupa meetings is the absolute outrage and protest coming from the conservative end of the leadership, lead by Trivikaram Swami and others, denouncing the recoronation of Ravindra as their literary Acharya. They having been fighting tooth and nail to remove Ravindra from power for a while and have succeeded. They forced him to "resign" from all managerial posts and forced him out of the Philadelphia Temple.These guys have actually been really fighting Ravindra for a while do to thr many obvious deviations and abuses coming from his direction. They believe that having his name on an official philosophical document is a disgrace and it has caused a major meltdown at the meetings. Compounding all this, Ravindra is simultaneously traipsing around the dham with his Girlfriend Sraddha thumbing his nose to all. Yeah, they are trying to have a media blackout alright. This is how bad things have really gotten with these guys.

  13. @"kirtanananda was taken down and sent to jail, as well as others."

    Kirtanananda was cleared of incitement for murder charges. He went to jail for lapidary economic crime. Drescher went to jail because of manslaughter, to act in the heat of the moment. He wasnt convicted for murder. Therefore meanwhile he's out of prison and started a new life with all this money he got for protecting the brains behind the operation. Besides these two nobody went to jail or was convicted.
    Since 12 years Ravindra is GBC of countries he never visited and one of these countries has all temples closed since 10 years. Still, Ravindra is re-elected as GBC every year. When he actually was removed from Philadelphia this means only one thing, he got something better in exchange. If it should happen that Ravindra is outside of ISKCON then take it for granted that like Harikes he has his inviolable Swiss bank accounts and lives happily in Harikes's neighborhood. So much to "criminal prosecution" of ISKCON leaders.

  14. Every time they see a "guru" falling down they give them chance after chance to rectify themselves, and all the guru does in most cases is figure out the best way to fool his disciples to come with him when he bloops, or figures out how to come back before he leaves with an opening so he can come back after he has spent all the money, or any one of a number of things.

    They did good to limit Ravindra to only one temple, now it seems he was removed by them. But why did they allow him to have even one temple? Even one female disciple is too many for him apparently as he is shamelessly running around the world with the one he has. And setting up a fund for him to retire with? Why?!

    Satsvarupa and now Ravindra both seem to be following the same pattern. Steal all you can before you die from "your" disciples, who just happened to join in the zone you were in charge of on behalf of Srila Prabhupada. They aren't YOUR disciples to suck dry they are Krishna's devotees, and when someone bloops they should understand that if they misuse the laxmi they are taking from them then both the "guru" and the disciples go to hell. This is what Prabhupada said. If a person misuses the money they are claiming to collect on behalf of Lord Krishna then both the person collecting the money and the person who donated it go to hell. And who are the persons authorizing all this? The GBC.

    Why would the GBC authorize someone to steal Krishna's laxmi away from the society? Maybe just so they can get a few crumbs as they fall off the table after the real food has been eaten by the so called gurus. In that case they would be dogs.

  15. You say the GBC are the guru's dogs? Hasn't it been that way since the takeover of 1978? 11 out of 13 GBC's that year were the new gurus, who announced their guru dominion - ship over all the world in one fell swoop. So who are the lap dawgs who get to eat the crumbs? First the other GBC's of course, they got to keep their positions so long as they kept silent. Then the temple presidents. Pretend we are uttama adhikaris and you get to keep your positions, and we will have the grand disciples support you while you won't have to lift a finger. Then the temple commander, scamkirtan leader, women's leaders, most of the women, just go along with the program and you won't have to work, if you even know about the hypocrisy at all by this stage. And if you did, and you spoke out, you were out yourself. Finally the new men that wanted to join were the last to get the crumbs. The crumby positions that were left. The toilet bowl cleaners, dish washers, floor moppers, the ones who cleaned up after ...

  16. This is a COMPLETELY OVERT DEMONIAC MOVE BY THE GBC to offcially endorse a philosophical paper by Ravindra Svarupa who is a known abuser of God's devotees. I believe that this is like making a pact with the Devil and I am certain that this will seal the fate of the GBC's imminent destruction. All anyone has to do is Google search "Raindra Svarupa dasa" to find out what is going on with this guy and this is the person the GBC is going to let represent the official philosophy of the movement? It is TERRIBLE PREACHING and also a terrible offence to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. They are going to get SMASHED for this! Just see, no one is gonna fall for this, especially Krishna.

  17. HAHAHAHA Just do and google image search of "Ravindra Svarupa dasa" and see what comes up! Its a mock Mad Magazine cover with Ravindra and his poor long suffering disciple Ghandharvika dasi LOL! I guess a lot of people like that cover! Ravindras reputation is certainly rightly ruined for good. Good job PADA!


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