Friday, February 14, 2014

Hindu Book / Aindra / Non-devotee? / Kuli letter


Yep, a small group of people (who apparently cannot spell English at all) shut down a book on Hinduism they did not like from being sold in India. A small group with signs and public protest shut the whole thing down. Of course, we never see any small group of people protesting the molester messiahs program, anywhere? We could have shut them down a long time ago with such protests.



PADA: Some Aindra folks told our associates, they are convinced Aindra was "taken out." Aindra had said -- if I publish my book criticizing the GBC's gurus the "powers that be" could "burn me at the stake." And rather prophetically, he died from being burnt to death. The bad news is, Aindra is no longer with us. The good news is, many of his supporters feel that his death was "not an accident." Hmmm, sounds like they are thinking more along the lines of PADA folks. Yep, despite people may or may not like PADA, they end up agreeing with us on major issues. Strange that!



A devotee wrote to say -- they have no way to know who is actually a "devotee" and who is a "non-devotee" these days, because the so-called devotees often behave -- much worse -- than the ordinary man or non-devotees. Correct. That is the main reason we have had to "take shelter" of the so-called non-devotees, even to get a basic facilities to live, to get protection from their police, and so on and so forth. We could not get any such basic facility, what to speak of basic protection from being beaten and maybe assassinated, without getting that help from the "non-devotees."

A group of our critics say we are "living in the past" by thinking devotees need to be protected by "the non-devotees police and so on." Really? Aindra's departure was not that long ago, sorry, we still need protection by the non-devotees, that's still something we need to keep in mind.

And this was the problem with Aindra's program. He was living on the GBC property, where he could not expect them to give him any protection, and apparently they wanted to kick him out of the property. No facility, no protection, no nothing. We need to be off their property -- and on and independent property protected by the karmi police and so on, that is the best way to address this, and survive.



You are right, these leaders are very sick people, and so are the people who cover up for them, enable them etc. Our real problem is simple ignorance, most people just do not know what you know, and most do not want to know. That is why me and Sulochana had such a hard time, people just did not believe us. Then he was murdered, and at least some people believed us then. 

We are dealing with people who are for the most part, living in high levels of denial. Cult mentality. They just cannot face the fact that the leaders they have been worshiping are evil. We are fighting ignorance, and then a wall of silence and denial of the ignorance, and if that does not work, harassing and oppressing anyone who does not conform. That is why a lawsuit is sometimes the only way to wake these people up, it forces them to look at the society they are supporting. 

Anyway I get your suffering, I understand it because, they would kill me for even advocating for your suffering, they want to suppress you and anyone who advocates for you, yes you are right to say they are evil demons. So I know who they are, and that inspires me to go after them. I also have plenty of evidence they poisoned Srila Prabhupada. He was a victim of these evil people as well. Anyway, I am here to help, let me know what I can do. ys pd

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